These days, having a bridal style that is totally unique and all your own is the way most brides are going. Whether it be the addition of a custom necklace to a family heirloom to a one-of-a-kind veil, having your own signature look is a key feature when choosing your bridal accessories. With that said, we are pretty sure you’ve seen almost everything out there when it comes to bridal accessories — countless veils, jewelry, shoes, etc., etc. But don’t assure yourself that you’ve seen it all just yet. We’ve got four unique bridal accessories to share with you today that are making us swoon and we know you will too! So sit back and get ready for unstoppable pretty.

The Bridal Cap

The bridal cap has experience off and on popularity over the years, but with the release of the box office remake of “The Great Gatsby” they have risen again on the popularity scale. Reminiscent of the 20s, jazz age style of the film, the bridal cap is all about glamour and femininity. If you are looking for a bridal accessory that is a definite showstopper, you can’t go wrong with a bridal cap.

bridal caps

Bridal Gloves

Although they haven’t been popular for many years, bridal gloves are one of the most unique bridal accessories that are making a comeback. They are perfect for almost any bride because there are so many different styles and options. From vintage to edgy, this bridal accessory is one of our favorites.

bridal gloves

Bridal Socks

One of the most unique ideas we’ve seen in terms of bridal accessories is the idea of wearing socks with your wedding shoes. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean the standard cotton socks you wear on your morning jog, but gorgeous, detailed socks. This look has a retro feel that is just out of this world when paired with vintage shoes and a short wedding dress.

bridal socks

Bridal Cuffs

For a more traditional look with a twist, we recommend incorporating bridal cuffs into your bridal accessories. Not much different from standard bracelets, bridal cuffs are one of those bridal accessories that just has the “WOW!” factor. Wear one bridal cuff for a more traditional style or wear two for a more glam, chic style — either way, the results are beyond pretty!

bridal cuffs


Tell us. Which of these unique bridal accessories is your favorite? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

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