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2[1]“I pictured it a certain way, and it was even BETTER!” ~ Kara & Andrew

Have a rough vision of what you want for your wedding décor, but aren’t quite sure how to pull it into a cohesive design? Then our Creative Design Concept service was developed just for you! Inspiration from photos and Pinterest boards will only take you so far: we’ll visit your actual venue site and create a real, physical representation of what your design could look like. Then, we’ll help you gather up the resources you need to pull it off with vendor recommendations. Please note: this service works best for couples who have already selected their wedding venue.

It Starts With Your Vision

Inspiration can come from anywhere, so we’ll discuss all your creative sources together so we can make sense of your vision. We’ll meet for a half hour phone session to discuss design priorities, and exactly what they’re looking to accomplish (ex. decorate the entrance way, the wall/fireplace, the reception centerpieces, lounge space, etc.)

Prior to our meeting, we’ll study your Pinterest boards, review any inspiring photographs you’ve gathered and even take a look at tangible aids, such as a fabric swatch, paint chip or article of clothing. Wherever your inspiration comes from, we want to see it!

Visiting The Space Together

As a newly engaged couple, you probably have little, if any, experience with event décor and so you simply don’t know what to examine in an event space. With us, you’ll get my expert eyes on the property to ensure that any challenges, obstacles or important features are considered before we go down an impossible design path.

So why is this Creative Design Concept worth the expense, when I can just do this myself off of Pinterest? Because our expert  insight and experience can save you time, money and stress by avoiding costly venue décor mistakes…

We’ll visit your space, scope it out to know exactly what we’re working with. Even if we’ve been to a space before, we still do a site visit, because this allows me to focus the minute details that are specifically relevant to you. 

All of this information not only helps to compile a design concept for you, it is also highly valuable in saving time for the florist, lighting and draping team, which in turn, helps you avoid unexpected issues from arising on your big day.

The Results: A True-to-Life Design Concept

After visiting the site, we’ll begin to develop a tangible design concept for your wedding. To make your wedding vision come to life, you need a physical concept using real life décor and elements. With this service, we’ll craft a cohesive design plan on a tangible inspiration board and translate that concept into a live, visual display that incorporates key components, such as an invitation suite, a tablescape, bar décor, entrance way decor, escort cards, favors, ceremony décor, escort card table, vases, swagging, linens, etc.

This tangible representation of your custom, design concept is based on your vision and the inspiration you pulled together online. It’s exactly what you need to get some organization and direction around how to bring your digital ideas to physical reality.  

Let’s schedule a complimentary consultation to finally get some organization around your scattered design ideas so you can move forward with your fabulous vision


“Christine and Jaime couldn’t have been better, they were so helpful and organized. We had a tight budget that we needed to stay within and they helped us maintain our budget” ~ Jenn D.

Did you know that the biggest driver of your overall wedding budget is the size of your guest list? This is where finances often get out of hand and many couples experience a tremendous amount of stress and pressure when putting together their guest list and budget.

Let us ease your mind, encourage you and help you make the tough decisions by guiding you through the budgeting, guest list and vendor discovery process. We’ll share tips, resources and insider knowledge, to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

This service includes all of the following:

• Budget and guest list consultation (up to 1.5 hours)
• Development of an estimated wedding budget, custom for you, based on our extensive knowledge of costs associated with local services and resources
• Recommendations of vetted and trusted professionals that fit your style and budget; 1-2 options per service category

Contact us to enroll in this service or get answers to any questions you may have


Having wedding planning burnout and just need someone to help you tie up the loose ends on a few extra accommodations? Happy to help! We’ll assist in the researching, planning and scheduling of your choice of three (3) of the following services:

• Transportation – bridal party/parents or other family members
• Golf Tee Times
• Bridal beauty/spa appointment
• Bridal salon/tux-fitting appointment
• Child care, elder care or pet-sitting during wedding or post-wedding/honeymoon
• Meal Reservations  

Contact us to inquire on this service or get answers to any questions you may have


Help your guests feel welcome and taken care of with a host of generous gestures that show how grateful you are to have them at your event while also eliminating some of the obstacles that keep people from attending in the first place.

Our Pampered Guest Package considers every angle of your guests experience before and after your wedding. These are the time-consuming details that drive couples crazy as they attempt to accommodate staggering arrival times and juggle transportation for a different number of people after their event than before it using the same vehicle. It’s enough to make your head spin, which is why we’ll do it for you!

Our Pampered Guest Package includes all of the following:
• Research and coordination of hotel block for guests
• Research and coordination of flights for guests
• Research, booking and coordination of transportation of guests throughout the wedding day, including the bridal party and their dates, if desired
• Research, booking and coordination of activities for out-of-town guests
• Delivery of cozy welcome baskets to the hotel (not inclusive of contents)

Contact us to enroll in this service or get answers to any questions you may have


From picking out save-the-dates and the perfect wedding stationery, to addressing and mailing them out, we have you covered! 

  • Advise/assist with wording of your engagement, save-the-dates, and/or wedding announcement
  • Assist with selection/design and wording of print items (save-the-dates, announcements, invites, programs, place cards, etc.)
  • Assembly and Envelope Stuffing
  • Addressing of the save-the-dates, invitations, and RSVP envelopes (computerized envelope addressing)
  • Sending out of the save-the-dates and invitations through US mail (not inclusive of postage)
  • Guest list management and RSVP tracking
  • Tracking/coordinating of guest accommodations
  • 2 weeks prior to the wedding, contact all guests who have not RSVP’d

 Inquire on how we can assist you with this service

If you need a particular service that you don’t see listed here, or don’t need all of the services provided in the package, let us know—we’re happy to provide a custom quote!

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