C&A Chris-Jaime-Jessica

L to R: Jessica, DTA’s intern, Jaime, associate planner, Groom Ari, Bride Caitlin, Christine, lead planner/stylist.

“Christine and her assistant Jaime were absolutely amazing!! They went above and beyond anything we even imagined a day-of coordinator would do for us. We were very busy and stressed before our wedding wondering how on earth we were going to coordinate everything and my mom found Down The Aisle and we went for it. It was the best decision we made for the wedding. After talking to Chris we immediately felt relief and everything turned out perfect thanks to her careful planning and coordinating! We can’t thank you and Jamie enough!” Caitlin & Ari

We Create Dreamy, Drama-Free Weddings

CT Wedding PlannersI’m Christine, owner of Down the Aisle, and my team and I are here to take that dreamy  wedding vision you have in your mind and make it practical so that the day unfolds just as  you picture it, without all the drama.

We take your scattered Pinterest boards and overwhelming to do lists and turn them into real world timelines, breathtaking décor and amazing guest experiences; all while sticking  to your budget and vision.

We aren’t here to tell you what kind of wedding to have. We’re here to make the wedding  you dream of go off without a hitch.

 My Story – D.I.Y. Gone Awry

Years ago when I was a bride, I discovered (to my dismay) that the best-laid plans in the  world don’t mean squat if you can’t execute them. I was the poster child for the do-it-yourself wedding. Naturally organized, I was certain no one was more fit for the job of planning my wedding than me.

Unfortunately, all that advanced legwork didn’t do me much good when my big day came around because I didn’t know the first thing about event logistics. I had never coordinated an event of this size before in my life, so I simply didn’t know what to expect or what could go wrong.

And so? A lot went wrong.

I spent money in all the wrong places, let critical details fall through the cracks and wound up with some regrets that I’ll have to live with forever.

I Want Your Wedding Experience to Be Better Than Mine

My own wedding experience inspired me to make sure other couples don’t get caught in the same trap. Every couple has the right to control their own wedding vision, and they don’t have to go it alone when it comes to seeing it through. It’s ok to get help turning that vision into a tangible plan and I wish I had realized that when I was getting married.

I personally believe you deserve to have a drama free wedding and that’s why my team and I are here to make that happen. We’ll give you insight, support and resources most couples are missing when they attempt to plan their own wedding.

When Snags Happen, You Won’t Even Know About It

Having us by your side doesn’t mean things won’t go haywire. Sometimes they do and that’s life. Rain happens. People run late. Vendors forget stuff. While we can’t keep all snags from happening, we can minimize them and make sure you never know about it when they do pop up.

How do we do this? Well, planning weddings for over 7 years has taught us a few things and, not only are we incredibly skilled at predicting and preventing potential mishaps, we are also pros at fixing them quickly and quietly too…that’s how we make your big day as stress-free as possible.

“Christine took care of our worries before we even had time to worry about them!” Melissa & Mario

Want to turn your incredible ideas into a practical plan that works in real life? Contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’ll get you started down the right path so your big day happens just as you imagine it.