3 Simple Ways To Make Your Wedding Enjoyable In The Eyes Of A Guest

3 Simple Ways To Make Your Wedding Enjoyable In The Eyes Of A Guest

What Makes A Wedding Enjoyable?

Would you like to know 3 simple ways to make your wedding enjoyable? One of my favorite “ploys” so to speak of being a wedding planner, is often times as I’m coordinating on-site at the wedding, I completely “blend-in” with the guests. I’m dressed like a guest (no, it’s not like hotel staff, we don’t wear name badges or anything), and so guests just assume I am one most of the time. So you’ll never believe the conversations and comments of “wedding-chit-chat” I overhear as I’m moving about. This inspired me to pass along this knowledge so that you’re “in the know” about what makes a wedding enjoyable in the eyes of a guest.



Food is like the weather, it’s there in front of everyone and just begs to be a topic of discussion. Anything that is “ordinary” (fruit and a veggie spread during your cocktail hour) is fine, people will still eat it, and may actually prefer it versus anything that they wouldn’t recognize…but how it’s delivered or arranged can really make an impression; this is especially true if you’re budget conscious. Think fruit skewers instead of a fruit platter, or passed “fruit cones” (think a snow cone, but full of fruit instead, and guests are given fancy toothpicks).

View More: http://gallery.pass.us/andy-and-jill

Photo by Caroline Frost Photography


Trust me, guests will remember (and comment) if they had to pay for their own drinks or not. As a wedding planner, an open-bar is the one thing I always encourage my clients to consider—even on a tight budget—because remember, you are hosting an event in your honor, the same as you would in your home…You wouldn’t ever charge anyone a glass of wine in your home, right? Guests feel pampered when they’re “taken care of”, and one way that’s quite simple to make a wedding enjoyable in the eyes of your guests, is with an open-bar. Even this route, there are many ways to keep the costs down.





Let’s face it, no one likes to wait, whether it’s in line at the post office, waiting for transportation to arrive, or waiting at a traffic light, waiting makes people cranky. And impatient. So a simple way to make your wedding enjoyable, is to try to reduce wait times at any particular area of the day: decrease the number of your attendants in your bridal party, to trim the length of the ceremony (this decreases your costs as well); have only your parents or just your best man and maid of honor in your receiving line so your reception can get underway quicker; do not have a large gap between your ceremony and reception; and lastly, ask those who are giving blessings and toasts to deliver kind words, but skip personal jokes that only you or your spouse would get, and remind them that they don’t have to relive every year since the third grade when you met. And please do yourself a favor and have the speeches done early in the reception—tongues get very “loose” after alcohol, and mixed with nerves from speaking in front of others, this can become an uncomfortable combination for the speaker.

View More: http://gallery.pass.us/andy-and-jill



Whether it’s help on how to make the most impact with your menu, where to scale-back and where to spend, or writing those public speeches, Down The Aisle, LLC  is your prime source to assist in offering ways to make your wedding enjoyable. Contact our team today to learn how we can help.

Holiday Survival Guide For The Bride-To-Be

Holiday Survival Guide For The Bride-To-Be

It starts with Black Friday…The holidays can be a time of wonder and marvel, but then it could also be a true test of our inner strength. Juggling the demands of added pressures from our families or work to “do more” (bring-in festive “healthy” treats for the kids’ school), can easily put us over the edge. The holiday season can surely reconnect us, but the disrupted schedules, travel, cooking, decorating, and last minute shopping stress can bring on stress faster than a sugar rush from a cookie swap indulgence. Hmmm…sounds familiar, right? Because it sounds a lot like wedding planning!

Whether you’re newly engaged this holiday season, months into your planning, or days before your wedding, each level brings its own amount of stress similar to the holidays. We have the Holiday Survival Guide!

001a_Snowflake Invite


Don’t Over Indulge Just Because The Moment Grabs You – The holidays are a time for gathering with friends and loved ones, and with that brings the feeling of “why not just one more…”. Whether that be the extra cookie (or two) you added on your plate, the extra guest (or two) added to your list, or the extra thousand (or two) you just added to your dress budget, all of these can become intensified when you’re feeling spiritual/giving/festive. If you want to stay within your budget, you may want to postpone some of your wedding-planning decisions until after the new year when you’ve passed the temptations and gained insight.


Fill Your Cup To Fill Up Others – Yes, it’s the truth that we’ve all heard many times, but at the holidays, we may get to the gym less, sleep less, and re-connect with ourselves less. Whatever way you feel most relaxed and at ease, be sure to take the time for yourself so that you don’t get burnt out. Chances are if you’re exhausted and you have a mile long to-do list for your wedding tasks, your fiancé will certainly appreciate your calm demeanor when you’ve had some “you” time.


Setting The New Tradition: Where To Spend The Holidays – Deciding on which side of the family to spend the holidays with, is always a tricky subject for newlyweds, however, it’s really not that different for those who are engaged. When the invite to attend Aunt Margaret’s soiree is put out there, set the precedent now by not giving the tried-and-true answer of “let me get back to you, I need to talk with my fiancé first”. This sends the message that you’re a combined team now, and won’t just say “yes” to the first invite. Read more on “How To Decide Where To Spend The Holidays”.


The Holidays Are Everyone Else’s Holiday Too – You’re surrounded by many, and you may want to spend time chit-chatting the latest planning news—the new bridesmaids color you’ve found, or details on the tasting you just went to—just keep in mind that while your family is interested in learning the newest details and they are interested, it’s still the holidays for everyone else. Consider catching everyone up in a “New Year’s” letter/email update.

While the holiday season is the slow time for wedding professionals, it’s yet a busy time in meeting prospective clients. Give us a shout, and we’ll connect you with the best talent, to help you skip the January rush!

Happy Holidays!
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6 Tips To Ensure You’ll Love Your Wedding Gown

6 Tips To Ensure You’ll Love Your Wedding Gown

Well I don’t think my job would be “my job” without a little wedding gown drama now and then. Recently one of our “encore” brides “Paula” (name changed for privacy) decided at her most recent gown fitting—just 3 months before the wedding—didn’t like her dress, and felt down about her body image. Believe it or not, this is not the first time a situation like this has happened in our experience.

In an email sent to me, Paula wanted to be sure I fully understood exactly where she stands about her mishap, because I was going to attempt to work with the gown shop in trying to finagle a way to make this work. Again, this wasn’t a situation where she put a gown on “hold” or placed a “deposit”, this was Paula’s chosen and fully paid wedding gown, which was supposed to be ready for the first round of alterations. In Paula’s words (note: Paula has given me permission to share her email in this blog):

Dress shopping for my first marriage was a breeze.  You try on one fabulous dress, it fits perfect, you have that “feeling” and you move on.

You do what every bride to be does, look at the magazines, look online, watch all those fun TLC shows….you think you know what you want, you certainly know what you don’t want.

Fast forward 12 years and a baby later.  You go into the process thinking you will have the same experience, that magic moment.  What your brain forgot is there’s some body issues going on and stuff is not in the same place.

Paula's gown

Paula’s Original Gown She Chose

Even if it’s not your second wedding or you are not a mom, I’m sure you could relate to Paula’s situation. Did Paula go about it the wrong way or make  some terrible error in the wedding gown selection process? No. Even with our 6 Tips To Ensure You’ll Love Your Wedding Gown  as informative guidance, Paula simply felt that after 9 dress shops and 80 gowns later, she really felt the pressure to pick something.

This story does have a happy ending though. The dress shop’s specialty seamstress has begun working with Paula to redesign the gown (a little trim here, take from here, reattach here) so that she will have a gown that she will love, without sacrificing her payment and needing to start from scratch.

6 Tips To Ensure You’ll Love Your Wedding Gown


1)      What’s NOT to Love. It’s easy to pin/cut-out images of gowns that you like. Do yourself a favor and also have a board/folder for those designs and details that you DON’T like. Sometimes focusing on what not to wear helps your stylist in determining the right shape, silhouette and gown for you

2)      The Top Has All The Glory. Remember it’s the top of your gown that usually gets the most attention, especially in photos, as your mostly captured from the waist-up. Don’t spoil the mood with something “trendy” but doesn’t work for your body type (i.e., modest bosom).

3)      Designer Gowns, CHEAP. If you’re considering a designer gown, find out if the designer does sample sales (yep, running of the brides), or consider second-time bridal stores or even Ebay.

4)      When To Schedule Your Fitting. Try to schedule you’re fitting for the first available morning slot. This tactic usually results in a more energized and focused style consultant.

5)      Don’t Stare At It, Try It On. You know the drill—don’t just stare at it on the hanger, try it on! Really, a dress can look absolutely stunning on the right body frame versus hanging on the hanger.  However trying on more dresses doesn’t necessarily make it easier to find the right one; it might even backfire actually. If you’re at the point of stress, take a break from gown shopping and reconsider numbers 1 and 2 above.

6)      Leave Behind The Drama. Don’t pay attention to the drama or negativity of others. Select the gown that you love, even though it might not be everyone else’s favorite. When I selected my wedding gown but decided to not wed the man I was engaged to at the time, everyone thought I was nuts for choosing that same wedding gown years later when I decided to marry my now husband. Ten years later, I’m still in love with my gown!

Need help finding the perfect gown? Let us help!

DTA Expert Advice: 5 Effortless Ways To Maintain Wedding Etiquette And Tradition

DTA Expert Advice: 5 Effortless Ways To Maintain Wedding Etiquette And Tradition

Although the engagement ring has been a long standing wedding tradition, thee sign of a pledge to marry, it is certainly not necessary to have a ring in order to be engaged. Some forgo the ring altogether and just have a wedding band, while others wait until after their marriage, when they’re more settled to purchase the ring.

This leads me to an area for discussion. One of the most commonly asked questions I get as a CT wedding planner, usually starts with “is it proper to do ___?” or “is it okay to do ___?”. Ahh, the inescapable wedding etiquette question. Funny how in our modern times, somehow brides are still interested in maintaining a bit of tradition….Good for you!

There is actually, a distinction between “Tradition” and “Etiquette”. Traditions evolve and change with the times, etiquette simply holds firm to the notion of how we interact with each other. Sure, maybe someday soon it will become common for brides to send save-the-dates and wedding invitations via Facebook or Instagram (tradition), but publically discussing invitees on social media may be hurtful for some was not invited (poor etiquette).

Below I’ve outlined 5 Effortless Ways To Maintain Wedding Etiquette And Tradition when planning your wedding:

1. The Tradition Of Announcing Your Engagement

You said yes! It’s traditional to inform the bride’s parents first of the engagement, then others. It is proper etiquette that if you have children from a former relationship/marriage, you should share the news with your ex before he/she finds out from someone else.



2. Hosting A Reception

Photo by Jason Loves Maggie

It is traditional to host a post-nuptial celebration (reception) and invite guests. Divvying-up and trimming the guest list are a completely separate discussion, but I can tell you that it is appropriate to be sure to invite these 3 groups of people:

  • The officiant who performs your vows and his/her spouse
  • The parents of your youngest bridal attendants— ring bearers and flower girls
  • The spouse, live-in partner, or fiancé of each invited guest (regardless if you’ve never met them before)



 3. Use The British Spelling For Formal Invitations

A long-standing wedding tradition dictates the British wording and spelling for a formal invitation. When a ceremony is religious or held in a house of worship, the phrase “the honour of your presence” is used. Also keep in mind that your invitation sets the tone for what guests expect, so it is recommended etiquette to be sure all your wedding elements should be consistent (a handwritten invitation would not be suitable for an ultra-formal wedding).


Photo By Kasey Matson Photography

Photo By Kasey Matson Photography

4. The Wedding Toast

It’s so exciting to have so many parties and events to attend in your honor (or is it “honour”?) and one of my favorite traditions at the reception, is the toasting of the bride and groom. Usually the host of the event (bride’s father) is the first person to give the toast, followed by attendants and anyone else wishing to give one. Etiquette suggests that the person giving the toast should welcome the guests, keep it light and courteous, and express their pleasure for the future newlyweds—raunchy humor, attacking rants, or overly-embarrassing details make guests uncomfortable. Oh, and a tip for the bride and groom: since you are the ones being honored, you DON’T take a sip from glass, but simply raise them.



5. The Hand-Written Thank You Note

Flickr Photo By Betsy Weber (CC BY 2.0)

Okay, I hope this last one is obvious, but just in case, always, always, always send a hand-written thank you note to each and every guest who comes to the wedding thanking them for attending and their wedding gift (if you are given cash, it is proper to list how much in the note). And contrary to the wedding tradition rumor that has somehow surfaced in our generation, you don’t “have up until a year” after the wedding to write a thank-you note—just get to it sooner rather than later!



Need more ideas and wedding advice to keep you on the right etiquette path? Reach out, we’d be glad to help!

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Finding A Way To Conquer The Fear Of Wedding Planning

Finding A Way To Conquer The Fear Of Wedding Planning

With most planning couples we work with, there comes a time where there’s a bit of fear—fear that you might be doing “it” wrong…fear that you’ve chosen the wrong style gown, that the centerpieces may not be the right fit, or that the menu you’ve selected should be more formal/less formal/more hors d’oeuvres/less hors d’oeuvres—the list goes on and on.

In our most recent tasting appointment with one of our brides, “Sally” was nervous and was left wondering: what if the tasting-station menu she’s been imagining wasn’t enough for the guests to feel full? What if her future in-laws didn’t like the already-chosen-and-deposited venue? What if the open-seating floor plan arrangement wasn’t accommodating? Sure enough, all of these items made it into the discussion during the tasting and the tour of the venue.


Mmmm! Sampling Tasty Treats.

Mmmm! Sampling Tasty Treats.



Tasty! Sally's Idea Of A Pot Roast Upon Hand Mashed Potatoes Served In A Sundae Glass.

Tasty! Sally’s Idea Of A Pot Roast Upon Hand Mashed Potatoes Served In A Sundae Glass.

But the most common fear I hear from our brides, is that the wedding won’t be the epitome of what they envision in their mind. Despite many books, posts and well-meaning family members who recite “don’t let the true meaning of marriage overshadow the wedding planning”, when there are so many design tasks and logistics to tackle, the fear of wedding planning is inevitable.

Sally Weighing Options In The Dining Area

Sally Weighing Options In The Dining Area

Just as there is no perfect marriage, no two couples plan the same way, and there is no “right” way to plan a wedding—just what works for you. We’ve had one bride who was a newly-promoted school principal who knew the minute she was engaged, that she wouldn’t have a single moment of time to do any of the research, so we did all the legwork for her. We met one bride at a bridal fair who hired us on the spot because she realized she’s a procrastinator (and confided to us that college was stressful because it was full of all-nighters and last minute term papers), so our customized planning timeline and budget sheets were a God-send, which decreased the fear of wedding planning.

Fear Of Wedding Planning Solution: Down The Aisle’s Budget Worksheet


With Mother Nature and People (guests) both playing the unpredictability card at your wedding, it’s best to take the approach that you will not be able to be in control of everything, and this means that not everything may go perfectly; however, nothing trumps preparation, and with this list of top wedding planning tips from the area’s top wedding planners compiled from Liz of Makeup Artistry by Liz—one of our favorite make-up artists—you’ll be rest assured that the fear of planning planning will be minimized.

Overwhelmed with your wedding planning? Have no idea where to get started or how to create that “wow” factor? Down The Aisle can help! What separates us from others is that we have a realistic, systematic approach to creating a customized wedding that’s centered around the joy that brought the two of you together—because of this, our brides experience a stress-free wedding planning experience, which allows them to let loose and relax on the day of. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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I Wish I Knew What To Do For Our Wedding Engagement Photo Shoot

I Wish I Knew What To Do For Our Wedding Engagement Photo Shoot

The wedding photo engagement shoot is your chance to tell the world that “we’re engaged!”

Not only to tell the world, but what a beautiful memory to have photos displayed while wearing only “one” ring – albeit it the ring. Often times, my husband and I will take a moment, and look through some photos, and anytime I can see my hands in the photo, I’ll reminisce and think “aww, we were engaged to be married in this photo”.

I often encourage my clients to have a wedding photo engagement shoot for this reason: you’ll have many, many (did I say many?) wonderful wedding-day pictures that will be all over your walls at home, your desk at work, your parents’/in-laws, maybe on your holiday cards…But not many professional quality photos will be taken of just the two of you after the wedding. Trust me…the kids, pets or other hobbies/interests seem to take central stage after the “i-do’s”. Although for us personally, hubby and I decided to have professional photos done for our 5 year anniversary, this one in front of the church where we were married—that was a lot of fun.

How The Engagement Shoot Helps For The Actual Wedding Day

When considering a photographer for your wedding-day, you may also want to consider if the photographer offers a wedding photo engagement shoot as part of their package. Having a wedding photo engagement shoot is a fabulous way to give your wedding-day photographer a chance at establishing a relationship far before the actual wedding day; a chance at connecting with you, learning your rhythm together, and getting the “jitters” out of what it’s like to be directed to pose, lean, look at one another, etc.

 Romantic fun engagement shoot


Lastly, a great photographer is not only skilled at taking beautiful photography, they’re also skilled at knowing the right locations; however, don’t let them necessarily take the lead on this. A wedding photo engagement shoot can also be exclusively “yours”, meaning whatever is unique to the two of you….Both met while having bagels and cream cheese over coffee? Why not recreate that scene, or better yet, return to the local coffee shop for the “real deal”….You both enjoy tennis? Have your photographer capture you on the court. In other words, it doesn’t have to be a romantic back-drop (i.e., the beach, park, etc.), it can be what touches you, your soul, together as a couple.

We’d be happy to help you explore your individual unique ideas for your very own wedding engagement photo shoot, along with the perfect photographer for your wedding-day.


Ideas From Down The Aisle: 5 Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Dress

Ideas From Down The Aisle: 5 Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Dress

When you finally find the dress, it can understandably be difficult to part with after you spent such a special day wearing it. However, instead of zipping it up in a bag and hanging it in the back of your closet for the rest of your life, why not find a fun and sentimental way to use it again after the wedding day? Because we love the idea of putting that one-of-a-kind dress to good use more than once, we investigated some of the great ways are brides are doing just that — and my oh my are they fabulous. So before you resort to holding on to it as an unwearable memento, check out our top 5 favorite ways to reuse your wedding dress!

1.  Have it turned into a special memento 

Hmmm, can’t bear the thought of spending money to have your gown cleaned, preserved then stuffed into a box to never take it out to look at it again?  Hire a seamstress to recycle pieces of it into different keepsakes, such as bedding for your baby’s crib, a Christmas ornament or tree skirt, curtains, pillows, a cocktail dress, etc. That way every time you see that item you can be reminded of one of the most significant days of your life. Our personal favorite is bra and panty set as this bride featured below did and used it to have a one-year anniversary shoot to surprise her husband.


2. Take pieces from the dress to use around a wooden photo frame 

Preserving a wedding dress long after the big day is a lot of work, especially in certain climates, so we love the idea of taking a portion from the dress to use around a photo frame. Place a wedding photo within this frame and voila–not only is there a picture of you in the gown, but a piece of it sits around the frame! This would also work nicely within a scrapbook.



3. Make it into a necklace 

The idea of reusing your wedding dress to make into a necklace definitely has the creativity and beauty to make us swoon. Whether it is turned into a pendant or a more intricate style like the gorgeous example below that the bride made from rosettes from her gown, you can’t go wrong with refashioning your dress into something you can wear again and again.


Flickr photo via lambsandivydesigns.com (CC BY 2.0)

Flickr photo via lambsandivydesigns.com (CC BY 2.0)

4. Trash it in morning after or anniversary photo shoot 

Trash the dress sessions has become increasingly popular with brides across the world, and for good reason. For starters, they are stunning and make for incredible photos of your and the love of your life. We think a morning after the wedding trash the dress session or a one year anniversary is the best time to get wild and crazy with the dress. You had an amazing time the first time your wore the dress, why not wear it again? Truly a fab way to reuse your wedding dress after the wedding day!


5. Start a new tradition: Try it on every anniversary! 

Can you tell this is my personal favorite? I love the excitement of taking it out every anniversary, and trying it on with my children. I’ve been married over a decade and while I cannot fully zip up the back, I look forward to this annual tradition where I can not only see, but touch a moment of when I became “Mrs”.  



This is owner Christine with her two children.


For more ways that other Connecticut brides have reused their wedding dress, contact us, we’ll give your our insider resources!

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Etiquette 101: Do I Have To Ask My Friend To Be A Bridesmaid In My Wedding If I Was In Hers?

Etiquette 101: Do I Have To Ask My Friend To Be A Bridesmaid In My Wedding If I Was In Hers?

So you and your fiancé  are trying to decide on your wedding party members. You have siblings, many friends—some local and involved—others who are out-of-state but you’d be there in a heartbeat if they needed you, and some…well, some you may have drifted apart from.  This drifting-apart-friend is the source of the nagging question: Do I have to ask my friend to be a bridesmaid in my wedding if I was in hers?

As a wedding planner, I’ve been asked this question a few times, and the simple answer is No. There is no “bridesmaid reciprocation” etiquette rule out there.

But—even though I just gave you the answer—I bet that nagging question still floats in your consciousness.


So now, I have a question for you: If the two of you are not as close as you once were, what’s the reason that you’ve drifted apart in the first place? Is it because you’re both too busy (lazy) to maintain the friendship? Is it because you can’t share conversation together? Or is it that you’re too busy in your new relationship status “Engaged” while she may be still single? Or newly married? Or just welcomed the birth of a baby?

Anytime there is a milestone in one’s life, even a joyous occasion as welcoming a new baby or getting married, it doesn’t come without stress. According to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale (good to see my Psych classes paid off), Marriage is in the top ten of this list, and a New Family Member and Pregnancy both outrank a Child Leaving Home, the Death of a Close Friend, and Foreclosure (even Christmas makes this list!). No wonder…

Okay, back to bridesmaids…My point on bringing this stress scale up, is that if this friend is a newlywed or a new mommy, she may not even being thinking about your wedding (I don’t mean this in a derogatory sense) let alone about being a bridesmaid; she’d probably welcome the opportunity to just be present at the wedding and not be in the wedding.

If it has nothing to do with marriage or babies, then do I have to ask my friend to be a bridesmaid has a different meaning: You wouldn’t be asking this question if you didn’t feel some kind of pressure or obligation. Or, perhaps there’s guilt because you were once really close, and that’s not the case now. If it’s the latter reason, and you do decide to ask this friend, you’ve now decided to use your wedding to mend a fractured friendship—not a wise decision.

In closing, do not base your decision on who did what before, base it on those who mean the most to you now. And if you can’t say “I Do” without this woman by your side, then by all means, ask her. Otherwise you can always ask this “if-y” friend to share a reading, hand-out programs, walk the Eucharist down the aisle, or other special role in your wedding.

~Happy Planning!

I Don’t Need Another Toaster: How Am I Supposed To Know What To Register For?

I Don’t Need Another Toaster: How Am I Supposed To Know What To Register For?

So you’re engaged planning for your wedding, and now you have to think about the bridal registry, too? When should you register? What should you register for? And where? Read below for some key guidelines to help you along:

Photo by jenandjon Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Photo by jenandjon Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


1. When Should I Plan To Register?  Many brides often ask “how early should I register” and I would recommend as early as possible. Some guests may want to have the “top pick” from your registry list. Take our word from one of our interns who works as the manager of her retailer’s wedding registry who suggests 6-9 months prior to the wedding. Anything beyond that, and the registry software may have gone through an update (and you may need to make some additional updates on your end…or worse!), or your taste(s) may change, and you’ll be deleting and adding to the registry, causing yourself more work and angst.


2. How Many Stores Should I Register At? – There are no “correct” amount of stores that you need to register at. Instead of thinking “how many”, think about variety. Your guests will feel more at ease if there are several options within all price ranges, both online and in-store options. Also, some guests go-in as a group when purchasing a gift. Keep in mind if your registry is “up” during the holidays, you may have friends/family who wish to make a selection from your registry.


3. Where Should I Register And What Should I Register For? – You may want to consider specialty stores or national department stores for the widest variety. But you’re not limited there—maybe you want to remodel a certain room in your home, so you may want to register at a home improvement store (that’s what we did!). Or perhaps you do a lot of traveling, and want traveling necessities like luggage, organizers, iPad accessories, etc. Or perhaps you are the “outdoorsy” type and want to register for a tent, grill, umbrella, etc. Can’t make a decision or are you two polar opposites? You can each “part ways” – I know of a bride who loved to read, and wanted to stock their library, and so she registered for books. Or if your fiancé likes to cook, or is concerned about the bar, he can take “that area”. One gem we love, is MyRegistry.com, which syncs all of your registries from different retailers into one location (psss…you can also register for cash! See tip #5 below!).



4. How Do I Let Guests Know Where I Am Registered? – This one is easy. You can let guests know where you are registered in any fashion except in the wedding invitation (shower invitation of course, is fine). So word of mouth, save-the-dates can have info listed, or on your wedding website.
5. Can I Register For Cash? – If you’d like, sure! It’s not just about vases and bed linens anymore. Many couples are choosing to register for cash, honeymoons, or even frequent flyer miles! Just understand that not all guests may be “ready” for this hip, new swanky wedding registry idea (Aunt Matilda may think it’s tacky). Some firms charge a fee above and beyond the amount of the gift (which the bridal couple can elect to pay so the guests don’t have to), so be sure to do your research first. We love HoneyFund for honeymoons,  or www.usairwaysgiftregistry.com.

The point of your bridal registry is to make sure you don’t end up with 10 toasters, or vases, or two closets full of towels that you may not need. Keep it personal, and you may also snag some discounted items from your registry after you’ve been wed, since many registries let you make a purchase from the registry at a reduced price after the wedding date.

Stressed in other areas of the planning? Want more tips like these? Join in on the fun, here!

Featured Wedding: Summer Wedding In Mystic Seaport

Featured Wedding: Summer Wedding In Mystic Seaport

Picturesque Weddings In Connecticut

Of course I’m biased, but I find that Connecticut is quite lovely, especially when it comes to picturesque wedding sites.  For our couple, the demands and travel of their work schedule meant very little time for venue research. Also placing an utmost value on the quality of the food and non-traditional menu of comfort food stations, meant many venue options were “out”. One of the tasks Down The Aisle is most often involved in, is researching and narrowing down venue choices for couples. Full of history, beauty, and of course pop-culture for the film “Mystic Pizza”, we were delighted when the charming Mystic Seaport was the final selection for Beth and Jason’s venue choice.

How They Met

After meeting at a UCONN football game in the fall of 2011, it took more than two months to meet again to finally go on a “date”—their work, both in the insurance industry, take them out of town often. Once they did began to date, things moved pretty quickly, and they were engaged the following year.


Getting Ready

The bride and her bridal party enjoyed each other’s company while getting ready together in adjoining hotel rooms. Hair and make-up were done by Matteo Ambrose, a visionary who has worked with the likes of Adele and celebrity models.

View More: http://jasonlovesmaggie.pass.us/beth-jason

View More: http://jasonlovesmaggie.pass.us/beth-jason

View More: http://jasonlovesmaggie.pass.us/beth-jason


A Perfect Summer Wedding 

The day was a perfect summer celebration in June—not overly hot, no humidity. Encore-bride Beth and Jason married in the scenic town of Mystic, CT. The ceremony was held at Greenmanville Church, on the premises of the Mystic grounds, was an old fashioned New England meetinghouse, built circa 1851. The bride was escorted by her son.

View More: http://jasonlovesmaggie.pass.us/beth-jason

View More: http://jasonlovesmaggie.pass.us/beth-jason

While walking the Mystic Seaport grounds as newlyweds scoping for an area to take portraits, the marina was the perfect spot. With dozens of boats lined up parked along the walkway,it was the perfect romantic spot for portraits before having dinner at sunset.

View More: http://jasonlovesmaggie.pass.us/beth-jason


View More: http://jasonlovesmaggie.pass.us/beth-jason



Beth’s two most memorable parts of the day, was what she refers to as “hyjacking a boat” (randomly, a couple graciously offered their boat to shoot photos) and getting a card from her soon husband-to-be just hours  before the ceremony.

So excited that we were able to be a part of their day!



The Talent:

Ceremony: Greenmanville Church, Mystic
Reception Venue: Latitude 41/Coastal Gourmet Catering
Photography: Jason Loves Maggie Photography
Justice of the Peace/DJ/Emcee: Keith Alan Productions
Florist: Scott’s Flowers
Stationery: Tulaloo 
Wedding Gown (Pronovias) & Tuxes: Bridal Trousseau on Main
Beauty: Mateo Ambrose Beauty
Wedding Planning & Day Of Management:  Down The Aisle