Bridesmaid Drama: She’s Decided To Back Out

Bridesmaid Drama: She’s Decided To Back Out

An email from one of our current brides: I’m having some bridesmaid drama at the moment, and she’s decided to back out before the wedding. I’m really hurt. What do I do?

Like every wedding, emotions and stress run high during the planning process. We’ve got that fact down to a science. But the stress can become personally attached, as we’ve seen when dealing with all things pertaining to the bridal party.

C&A Bridesmaids

But now you’ve asked your friend/relative/colleague to be a part of your wedding party, she accepts, but then has a change of heart. It is heartbreaking. While tradition (wayyy back) dictated that only illness or a death in the family would be the sole reason for reneging on being a bridesmaid, we all know today is much different than days from the past. Someone may relinquish from wanting to be a bridesmaid due to pregnancy, a critical business-trip, school demands or family issues. Or perhaps a jealous maid. Or maybe she only accepted because you were in her wedding. With our current bride’s dilemma, this particular bridesmaid just didn’t understand the financial commitment being a bridesmaid entails.

Our professional on whether or not to replace her or not is this:

If the situation has happened very early-on, then there is no harm in asking another person to step-in, someone who may not have even known they weren’t chosen in the first place.  If the ex-bridesmaid creates more drama or has “let the cat out of the bag”, you could still ask someone else, explain what has happened, and as a nice gesture, offer to absorb the costs associated.

However if the planning is well under way or the bridesmaid backed out last minute, it’s best to carry on without that attendant—you wouldn’t want to offend someone by asking them in the eleventh hour. Just be sure your programs, table seating cards, and processional are all up to par with the change.

Give us a holler, we’d love to help you solve your wedding woes, or get you started on the right path.

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I Don’t Need Another Toaster: How Am I Supposed To Know What To Register For?

I Don’t Need Another Toaster: How Am I Supposed To Know What To Register For?

So you’re engaged planning for your wedding, and now you have to think about the bridal registry, too? When should you register? What should you register for? And where? Read below for some key guidelines to help you along:

Photo by jenandjon Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Photo by jenandjon Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


1. When Should I Plan To Register?  Many brides often ask “how early should I register” and I would recommend as early as possible. Some guests may want to have the “top pick” from your registry list. Take our word from one of our interns who works as the manager of her retailer’s wedding registry who suggests 6-9 months prior to the wedding. Anything beyond that, and the registry software may have gone through an update (and you may need to make some additional updates on your end…or worse!), or your taste(s) may change, and you’ll be deleting and adding to the registry, causing yourself more work and angst.


2. How Many Stores Should I Register At? – There are no “correct” amount of stores that you need to register at. Instead of thinking “how many”, think about variety. Your guests will feel more at ease if there are several options within all price ranges, both online and in-store options. Also, some guests go-in as a group when purchasing a gift. Keep in mind if your registry is “up” during the holidays, you may have friends/family who wish to make a selection from your registry.


3. Where Should I Register And What Should I Register For? – You may want to consider specialty stores or national department stores for the widest variety. But you’re not limited there—maybe you want to remodel a certain room in your home, so you may want to register at a home improvement store (that’s what we did!). Or perhaps you do a lot of traveling, and want traveling necessities like luggage, organizers, iPad accessories, etc. Or perhaps you are the “outdoorsy” type and want to register for a tent, grill, umbrella, etc. Can’t make a decision or are you two polar opposites? You can each “part ways” – I know of a bride who loved to read, and wanted to stock their library, and so she registered for books. Or if your fiancé likes to cook, or is concerned about the bar, he can take “that area”. One gem we love, is, which syncs all of your registries from different retailers into one location (psss…you can also register for cash! See tip #5 below!).



4. How Do I Let Guests Know Where I Am Registered? – This one is easy. You can let guests know where you are registered in any fashion except in the wedding invitation (shower invitation of course, is fine). So word of mouth, save-the-dates can have info listed, or on your wedding website.
5. Can I Register For Cash? – If you’d like, sure! It’s not just about vases and bed linens anymore. Many couples are choosing to register for cash, honeymoons, or even frequent flyer miles! Just understand that not all guests may be “ready” for this hip, new swanky wedding registry idea (Aunt Matilda may think it’s tacky). Some firms charge a fee above and beyond the amount of the gift (which the bridal couple can elect to pay so the guests don’t have to), so be sure to do your research first. We love HoneyFund for honeymoons,  or

The point of your bridal registry is to make sure you don’t end up with 10 toasters, or vases, or two closets full of towels that you may not need. Keep it personal, and you may also snag some discounted items from your registry after you’ve been wed, since many registries let you make a purchase from the registry at a reduced price after the wedding date.

Stressed in other areas of the planning? Want more tips like these? Join in on the fun, here!

Choosing Wedding Flowers: 5 Tips Every Bride Should Know To Keep It Affordable

Choosing Wedding Flowers: 5 Tips Every Bride Should Know To Keep It Affordable

Since the Victorian times, brides have chosen to mark their special day by carrying flowers.  Choosing Wedding Flowers is one of the most exciting yet daunting tasks of the wedding planning experience, as there are hundreds of gorgeous blooms to pick from, which can quickly add up. But if flowers are used sparingly, you can actually save on your Flower tab. We can help in choosing wedding flowers with these 5 tips that every bride should know to keep it affordable:

1) DON’T Use Florals In Your Centerpieces – Sounds counterintuitive, right? But you don’t need to use a main floral display for your centerpiece. Why not instead place individual flowers or a small grouping of flowers in other areas? Add visual interest in non-traditional areas by placing a flower at every guest’s plate,  at empty corners of the room, or at the bar.

Floral Design by The Harwinton Florist

Floral Design Credit: The Harwinton Florist

2. It’s Not The Size Of The Container… Be it a vase, planter, or tea cup, it’s not the size of the container that affects the price when choosing wedding flowers, it’s the size of its opening at the top of the container and the number of flowers needed to fill it. Using a variety of smaller-necked containers (votive candle holders, shot glasses, candle sticks,), your florist can work individual holders into a pattern of densely-grouped flowers for more impact on less of a budget.


3.  Share Your Florals With Another Bride – Is there a ceremony or reception taking place either before or after yours? Why not speak with the site’s coordinator about obtaining the other bride’s contact info, and discuss ways to share the expense. Some of our brides have done this by incorporating the sharing of the florals on areas such as the arches, altars, pews or ceremony chairs, the bars, or other common areas.

Ceremony Arch at The Riverview | Floral Design by The Harwinton Florist

Ceremony Arch at The Riverview | Floral Design by The Harwinton Florist


4. Accessorizing With Flowers In The Hair – Forget expensive veils or headpieces (which will run $100+), opt instead for a few fresh blooms in your hair. This can easily be a DIY project by individually wiring a few flower heads or individual heads onto a comb or bobby-pin clip, and then have your hairdresser pin them in your hair.


5. Something Other Than A Flower   –   Think outside the traditional bouquet, and go for paper flowers, silks, or other design elements such as feathers or ferns!


Gorgeous Peacock Bridal Bouquet | Floral Design by The Harwinton Florist


Whichever way you decide—whether florals will be front and center, or just an accessory—your flowers will be central to your day, and will symbolize hope, love and joy for your future together! Need more help in ways to keep your florals affordable or finding the right florist to work with? We’d love to chat, we have hourly appointments available too! – find out more here.

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The Competitive Side Of Wedding Planning

The Competitive Side Of Wedding Planning

Have you ever been at any “mingling” function, a BBQ cookout, or say, a company party? You know what I mean, those moments when you may not know a soul, and you’re standing there with a drink in hand, eating a pepper-dipped-in-something in the other, and the question comes flying from a passer-by: “so what do you do?”…I always hated this question, because how am I supposed to answer this? I’m self-employed, I work for myself, and I do a lot of things. I care for my two young kids each and every day, I go to Target at least once or twice a week, I’m into Yoga, I read, I bake (I don’t like to cook, so this is as close as it gets), and love crafting. They’re not asking me who I am, they’re asking me what brings me income (right?). So then I guess that response would be “I’m a Mom who runs a business”. I might as well say I juggle while driving.

So it got me thinking…Why do we walk around asking “what do you do?”, anyways? Are they truly interested in you, or is it that sometimes we don’t know what else to say? Or perhaps, they’re trying to gauge our worth in society. Why we feel compelled to pigeonhole people based on one’s occupation is beyond me. Sometimes, this happens with weddings, too.

No one wants to feel like their wedding is a contest, but sometimes we see a variation of this when we work with setting our clients’ budget—it brings out that competitive game of “bridal wars”. All of a sudden you’re mentioning what your sister’s best friend’s maid of honor had at her wedding, or your boss’ daughter who wore couture and had their ceremony blessed by the pope himself.

Let me be honest straight from the horse’s mouth: whether our couples share that they have $15,000 or $150,000 to spend on their wedding, they still don’t feel like it’s enough. They’re often left thinking “if only I had a bit more, I could do ‘X’”. This just becomes a vicious cycle where every decision you just made to feel secure in your wedding planning, can lead to second guessing yourself because of what someone else may or may not have had. And the world of Pinterest, can also lead to these feelings of self-doubt.

So despite the competitiveness and unsolicited advice from others that wedding planning brings, keep in mind you’re not having a wedding just for the sake of making a statement, you’re making a start of your marriage. Ultimately, it’s up to the both of you.

Wedding Planng Advice

Oh, and the next time someone asks me “what do you do?”, I’ll be sure to answer “I live my life”.

Feeling lost in the vast sea of wedding planning, or has the wedding planning starting to feel like a competition? We can help you establish views from a third party perspective, thus avoiding the drama. We’d love to connect!

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Expert Planning Advice: The Ultimate Guide To Selecting Your Wedding Palette

Expert Planning Advice: The Ultimate Guide To Selecting Your Wedding Palette

Rustic-chic. Gatsby glam. Ivory and Metallic’s. The journey toward the personal choice of Selecting Your Wedding Palette is full of unlimited potential.  While selecting hues seems simple, say far simpler than deciding your guest list, your choice of your color will evoke a feeling that will emotionally connect you to the energy of your day, and may not come as an easy decision.

While working with couples on their design and color scheme, we usually begin the process with asking about color in their everyday life: did they pick their car based on a certain color? Is there a particular room color in their home that they gravitate towards? A hue in their clothing that repeats itself? Knowing that one’s surroundings can inspire the senses, we’re able to pull from these day-to-day surroundings to interject into the design decor. Here is some other expert planning advice in getting you started in selecting your wedding palette:

Start Visually

No need to go crazy in search of fabric swatches endless Pinterest boards, really! Begin with a walk down the paint aisle at the local home improvement store, and reach for paint samples that speak to you. From there,  if you want to be really visual, you can usually have them mix-up an 8oz  paint sample or custom color you like, and try them out at home on a posterboard….or hit that fabric store with these colors in mind for another visual.


Think In Simplistic Terms

Simple does not necessarily mean “minimal” or “cheap-looking”. It’s a bit difficult to create a mood for a wedding with 3-4 different colors, metallic’s and full length mirrors everywhere and adding patterned-embroidered overlays on the tables—it will look scattered and overloaded. Always brainstorm first, giving yourselves the time to sit, discuss, and make a list of your wedding priorities. Are you imagining bright, visually-dominating colors? Mixed short and tall florals as your centerpiece? Or one particular flower you like? Then based on these visions, incorporate those hues and go from there. Is your space grand and visually-appealing on its own? Then instead, work your colors into your tablescape using plate chargers, chair covers and linens to allow the beauty of the room to captivate your mood.

Turn Your Wedding Into A Stylish Twist On The Traditional

Think out of the box when it comes to finding the right touch. It’s unexpected when you bring the indoors outside or when you bring the inside outside. For instance, we have couples who have selected their inside lounge seating areas with UV-protected “outside” cushions and pillows (Pier 1 comes to mind), or have used indoor furnishings, candelabras, or carpet, outside.


Did you have a hard time choosing your palette? Yes, choosing the wedding palette can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. We love taking on challenges, and the best way we know that is to have a client tell me “that’s impossible to do”. We’ll not only prove you wrong, our wedding design team will help in identifying and refining your wedding vision and color palette. Let’s connect!


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5 Questions The Right Wedding Caterer Must Ask YOU

5 Questions The Right Wedding Caterer Must Ask YOU

It’s been a fun week with here at Down The Aisle as we have been on the search with one of our clients for the perfect caterer for their wedding day. Who doesn’t love making decisions about menu options and trying decadent samples at a tasting? In going on these recent visits, it never ceases to amaze me how many options are in existence, and how much information is required in order to figure out a menu. Our couples seem to be going in the direction of a creative, artsy food presentation as well as offering cultural foods, locally-sourced fare, and mini-appetizer portions during the end of the reception.


When meeting with a caterer, some questions are obvious—such as will it be a plated entrée or cocktail style—but others are logistic in nature, and may not even cross your mind to consider, or bring up in conversation. What if you breeze through the question and answer session without your catering asking you some relevant and consequential questions? Below are 5 Questions The Right Wedding Caterer Must Ask YOU so you can peruse through your catering interview with confidence:

1)      What Time Will The Ceremony Start?

Why this should be asked: This helps to decide when the cocktail hour would begin, thus when the wedding reception would unfold, and how many hours total the caterers would require to be present. Some venues only allow access at a certain time and therefore the ceremony time may have to be pushed back/pushed forward.

2)      Where Will The Dancing Take Place?  

Why this should be asked: Knowing whether guests will be partying-it-up outdoors, on the patio, under a tent, in a separate room (ours was a separate alcove off the ballroom), dictates how much wait staff they need (especially to pass food) and what distance they’d need to serve from the kitchen in order to be sure it’s hot. This question also is important in knowing where the bar would need to be set up, as guests are usually expecting the bar to be within a short distance from the dancing.


3)      Will Guests Have Assigned Seating Or Open Seating?

Why this should be asked: This helps to decide how many and where to place the commonly used items such as glasses, flatware and napkins. Going the Open Seating plan while trending, is an arrangement that can jack-up the rental costs, as guests are constantly needing to take new items.

4)      What Style Of Wedding Are You Envisioning To Have?

Why this should be asked: Not only does having an idea if you’ll be going formal, laid-back and casual, or white tie help you in determining what menu to serve your guests but providing this detail to your caterer also helps them to determine the dress code for their staff to wear. At beach-y or backyard picnic style events, we’ve seen caterers wear polo shirts or suspenders with bowties, which won’t work at a formal event.




5)     Have You Already Placed An Order For Your Wedding Cake/Hired Your Pastry Chef?

Why this should be asked: Some wedding caterers go “full service”, meaning they provide the chairs, tables, linens, flatware, even lighting and the cake. Wait until you meet with your caterer—and have a tasting, cake too if it’s an option—before you hire your wedding cake baker, as costs are usually reduced when you order from your caterer.


Now your end – have you been asked these important questions? Wanna learn more ways to connect with your caterer or other vendors? Need help in finding the perfect wedding professional? Send us a response, we’ll give you a hand!

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Having A Tent Wedding? You’ll Want To Read This First

Having A Tent Wedding? You’ll Want To Read This First

We tend to think we—as professional wedding planning professionals—have many things under control when it comes to helping to plan one’s wedding. Well we definitely learned from our past weather debacles of Hurricane Irene, our freak northeast October nor’easter and Super Storm Sandy that you just can’t control or predict the weather. If there is anything that we guide our couples on when it comes to an outdoor ceremony or outdoor wedding reception, is to not only have a back-up plan, but to physically spend time planning out the details for it.

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony/reception combo, or stand-alone-reception, one of the most crucial suggestion that we offer to our clients, is to have “tent insurance”—where you reserve a tent with a tent company by placing a non-refundable deposit, then a couple days prior (usually 2-3) to the wedding, if bad weather is predicted, you will proceed with installing the tent. If the forecast looks clear for your day, then you decline the tent, with only being “out” the deposit amount. Keep in mind, if the tent is erected but never used, you will still expect to pay the full amount.

In our experience, a Tent Wedding is exceptional and rather unique in that it really is a blank canvas when it comes to décor. Sometimes we experience certain venues who do not allow anything hanging from the walls or the ceiling, while in a tent, this is not an issue, even being able to customize flooring, lighting, ceilings, interiors, even the pole style itself and entry-ways. The choices are really endless!

Here’s a little bit of Tent Wedding 101:

The Basics: Style Of Tents

The style of tent chosen dictates the décor and design elements of your wedding. There are basically three styles: Frame Tents, Tension, and Pole.

Frame tents use a framework of multiple poles to erect the tent, and the ceiling height is equal under all parts of the tent without poles that come into the interior of the tent. Frame tents are a great option as they can withstand the elements, can be erected on almost any surface and also work well in smaller dimensions; however, they can be a bit pricey due to the labor involved.

Tension –pole tents use a center pole(s) and a skeleton of grid-pipes along the ceiling, with the sides secured with tension ropes and stakes into the ground. Because of the tall center pole(s), tension-pole tents lend an elegant feel due to the up-sweep of the higher ceiling supported by sloping shorter poles. Another type of tension-pole tent is the “sail cloth tent” that give altered-height peaks and dips.

Pole tents While quite similar to frame tents, this cousin tent usually uses more than one center pole, allowing you to opt on different sizes of tents, from round, to oval, or rectangular.

What About The Elements – What Are My Options?  

As mentioned before, reserving a tent as a “just in case” makes an ideal choice to obstructing the elements, i.e., sun and rain.  We’ve found that many of our couples are guided into using a frame tent along a shoreline as they are more steady against the wind. Having a Tent Wedding also allows couples to not plan seasonally, meaning if they want an outdoor, “beach-y” type of wedding in winter or early spring—when sites are usually less expensive due to the off-season—the right tent and equipment will allow for that, such as side-flaps and heat. For summer weather, AC and fans are available. In addition, many tent companies offer full-service options, meaning that in addition to protection from the elements, they may offer tables, chairs, linens, generators, etc.

DTA Couple at Wadsworth Mansion – thanks to photo by Jasonlovesmaggie

So What Should I Keep In Mind In Reserving A Tent?

As we discussed, tents come in a variety of sizes and structure, therefore we advise that you select an experienced tent company to help with the decision making to ensure the right tent and size is selected. There is a science in estimating what size and dance floor would best suit your guests, whether a bar or equipment will be needed under the tent, so  we always encourage our couples to be sure they have their guest list (or a draft) drawn-up early on so that this guest number can be discussed at the meeting. Always be sure your contract itemizes exactly what’s included, from size, extras, installation and breakdown, to ensuring the company complies with local regulations and carries liability insurance. Lastly, if the installation team has never been to the wedding site—especially for an at home wedding—be sure that you schedule a site inspection (this should not be an extra cost), and again, ensuring this is included in your contract.


Overwhelmed by tent options or need suggestions for reputable and professional tent companies? Reach out to us, we’ll even help you figure out your guest list too!

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If I Could Plan It Again: Down The Aisle Brides Reflect On Their Wedding Day

Your wedding day comes with a (typically) long journey of inspiration. Yes, the wedding planning does seem to consume your every thought, even in the sleeping hours. While you don’t have to get too crazy and download the Sleep Cycle app (I mean you could if you’re into reading about sleep cycles and want to analyze your sleep pattern) to be sure you’re not over-analyzing your thoughts, we, however, are in the business of taking worry away—hopefully before it happens—and so we want to share our best strategies to transform you into a sea of calm. No matter how many times a bride thinks they’ve got it all set, universally there are areas she wishes she’d handled differently.

We reached out to our former couples (a big thanks to our intern for her help!), parents and bridal party, to ask what tips and blunders they’d share, and here are their sage words of wisdom:

Splurges…Don’t Be Afraid To Dream Big –

I knew we had wanted to dance all night long, so for us, the splurge was a band. We’re so glad we chose a band versus a DJ, the dance floor was packed all night!”  ~Groom A. V.


“Maybe I’m just old school, but I knew that the invitation is what gives guests that first impression. My daughter chose her ensemble, but I offered to cover the calligraphy…we got so many compliments and don’t regret it one bit! ~Mrs. F, mother-of-the bride

“Honestly, we liked having a more laid back wedding and going all out for the honeymoon on a two week stay in Hawaii” ~Bride S.S.


Past Blunders Are Today’s Regrets –

“I wish I had remembered to take a pic with my dad, me and my hubby on my wedding day. Kind of my past, present and future.” ~Bride B.D.


“I just couldn’t stop thinking about these fabulous (authentic) Christian Louboutin shoes that I just ‘had’ to have for my wedding. I paid a fortune for them, and they were off my feet faster than you can say “I do” the day of the wedding. I wish I had just went with flats!” ~Bride C.I.


“My only regret is that we changed our whole vision of what we wanted because it didn’t align with family opinions. Instead of taking the path less traveled, we took the path of least resistance, and have regretted it ever since” ~Bride G.M.


“I regret that I wasn’t clear with the minister when I wanted my dad to give me away…He stood next to me, not knowing what to do, for like 10 minutes. It was very awkward!” ~Bride J.P.


“ I wish we spent the money on a professional videographer. We decided it was unnecessary and wish we had video footage of the day and loved ones that are no longer with us” ~Bride R.T.


Keep…Or Toss? –

“ I knew I wanted to have a variation on the whole ‘tossing of the bouquet’ but didn’t know exactly what. Then as the date drew nearer, I knew I wanted to be sure my Mom knew how much I appreciated all the support and effort she did for us. So as a surprise, I pulled my Mom out on the dance floor, had the DJ play a song that was special to us growing up, and I presented my bouquet to her…Tears were everywhere!”  ~Bride K. L.


“Well we definitely ordered WAY to much cake, my parents ended up taking it and stored it in their second freezer until our first anniversary…and then we were greatly disappointed with the taste that we wondered what the point was in keeping it. Definitely toss it!”   ~Bride J.P.


“I’m glad I made the investment to preserve both, my wedding gown and my train. Years later when we had our first born, I hired a seamstress to make the baby’s christening outfit and a pillow for the nursery (and it stayed white!)” ~Bride C.H.


“I was hesitant to do the garter toss, but then being out there with a lot of my single friends and acting crazy was kinda fun…keep the garter toss!” ~Bridesmaid, L.W.

Down The Aisle – A Pro Is The Way To GO!

We had just finished grad school, and our budget was on the tighter side. We hired Down The Aisle to help us with the budget, and they helped us determine our top five priorities. Just getting our minds in that direction while they number crunched helped us so we didn’t overspend!”  ~ Bride J. D.


“With Christine’s help, we settled on our neutral color scheme: subtle hues of ivory, silver, grey and tan.  At first I thought it would not be impactful enough, but nothing looked more elegant than when we walked into our tent with masses of candles everywhere. So sophisticated and didn’t have to go overboard with any other décor!” ~Bride J.P.


“We were married in autumn, and we longed for an Enchanted Picnic style of a wedding. I had somewhat of an idea that I wanted it to be a laid back, outdoor casual look, but could not really form a direction to go in. Thankfully Down The Aisle’s Creative Design Concept took us from “I have no idea what I want” to an exceptional design for our day!” ~Bride L.R.


Recently Engaged? Interested in how we can help you define your inspiration, set your budget, or help you prevent regret on your day-of? We’d love to learn more about you, reach out to us!

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My Obsession: The Detailed Back Wedding Dress

My Obsession: The Detailed Back Wedding Dress

Just like finding “the one” who put the ring on your finger, every bride-to-be has “the one” when finding their wedding gown. The styles that have been popping up on runways and on red carpets everywhere, thanks to illusion lace, plunging V-lines, and open-back designs.


2016 Rosa Clara | via Colin Cowie

2016 Rosa Clara | via Colin Cowie


Working with light-weight linens doesn’t have to be just “tulle”. Using charmeuse, chiffon, and some types of lace, will give detailing in the back without adding bulk. Some have an illusion-back, a light sheer fabric adorned with crystals, beads or pearls that appear to be “floating”. Fluffy, full layered skirts, peplums, lace, beads, pearls and organza, I just can’t get enough of the details on the back of these gowns:

Detailed Back: Marchesa

My obsession with the detailed back wedding dress evokes visions of delicate necklines, framing silhouettes and sculpted come-to-life detail in Marchesa’s collection. Marchesa’s exquisite elegance brings oppulence to any bride’s desire. Always feminine, no detail is overlooked and every angle is jaw-dropping.

Detailed Back: Jenny Packham

Jenny Packham always steals my breath and the hearts of many brides. She does “enchantment” like no other! Her vintage-style presents dazzle with glam details, flowing silhouettes, and of course the detailed back wedding dress.

Jenny Packham Glittery Draped=Back Gown - Image by

Jenny Packham Glittery Draped-Back Gown |  Image by

Jenny Packham 'Dentelle' | Image by

Jenny Packham ‘Dentelle’ | Image by


Lace-Back by AniA Collection | Image by The Wedding Chicks

Lace-Back by AniA Collection | Image by The Wedding Chicks

Detailed Back: Pnina Tornai

This Israeli designer, Pnina Tornai, made a name for herself on the TV show ‘Say Yes To The Dress”. Her gowns are anything but ordinary…quite daring, actually!

Pnina Tormai | Image by

Pnina Tormai | Image by

Detailed Back: Claire Pettibone

Known for her intimately intricate bohemian-style gowns, American fashion designer Claire Pettibone creates the most whimsical and utterly beautiful sheer lace-back gowns.. To quote her, “a wedding gown has to be the most beautiful dress in a woman’s life, make her look and feel amazing, and capture her essence” (courtesy of I know I’d feel like a woodland-nymph bride in one of her couture gowns…just exquisite!

Claire Pettibone 'Viola' Fall 2012 | Image by

Claire Pettibone ‘Viola’ Fall 2012 | Image by

 Why not add a little visual interest for guests to stare at while walking down the aisle and taking your vows with a detailed back wedding dress? For more inspiration, visit our “Weddings – Detailed Backs” Pinterest board or give us a jingle and we’ll connect you to amazing stylists within your budget.


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The Top 10 Ways To Impress Wedding Guests

The Top 10 Ways To Impress Wedding Guests

Chris Ringuette, owner of Down The Aisle Wedding Planning & Design shares the Top 10 Ways To Impress Your Wedding Guests from sharing experiences of past DTA couples and their weddings.

Are you a CT/NY/MA bride looking for more ways on how to up your “wow factor” at your wedding? Reach out to me, I’ll share my insider tips for a personalized approach to design and style your day!

Happy Planning,

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