4 Unique Bridal Accessories to Make You Swoon

4 Unique Bridal Accessories to Make You Swoon

These days, having a bridal style that is totally unique and all your own is the way most brides are going. Whether it be the addition of a custom necklace to a family heirloom to a one-of-a-kind veil, having your own signature look is a key feature when choosing your bridal accessories. With that said, we are pretty sure you’ve seen almost everything out there when it comes to bridal accessories — countless veils, jewelry, shoes, etc., etc. But don’t assure yourself that you’ve seen it all just yet. We’ve got four unique bridal accessories to share with you today that are making us swoon and we know you will too! So sit back and get ready for unstoppable pretty.

The Bridal Cap

The bridal cap has experience off and on popularity over the years, but with the release of the box office remake of “The Great Gatsby” they have risen again on the popularity scale. Reminiscent of the 20s, jazz age style of the film, the bridal cap is all about glamour and femininity. If you are looking for a bridal accessory that is a definite showstopper, you can’t go wrong with a bridal cap.

bridal caps

Bridal Gloves

Although they haven’t been popular for many years, bridal gloves are one of the most unique bridal accessories that are making a comeback. They are perfect for almost any bride because there are so many different styles and options. From vintage to edgy, this bridal accessory is one of our favorites.

bridal gloves

Bridal Socks

One of the most unique ideas we’ve seen in terms of bridal accessories is the idea of wearing socks with your wedding shoes. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean the standard cotton socks you wear on your morning jog, but gorgeous, detailed socks. This look has a retro feel that is just out of this world when paired with vintage shoes and a short wedding dress.

bridal socks

Bridal Cuffs

For a more traditional look with a twist, we recommend incorporating bridal cuffs into your bridal accessories. Not much different from standard bracelets, bridal cuffs are one of those bridal accessories that just has the “WOW!” factor. Wear one bridal cuff for a more traditional style or wear two for a more glam, chic style — either way, the results are beyond pretty!

bridal cuffs


Tell us. Which of these unique bridal accessories is your favorite? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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You’re Engaged! What’s Next?

You’re Engaged! What’s Next?

So, you’ve just changed your status and posted the pic with a spouse-to-be on your arm and a sparkler on your left hand, so now what? We’re sharing a how-to guide for what steps to take after you get in engaged. Yep, we’re serious — in our book, it’s always good to be proposal prepared!

Photo By Jason Loves Maggie

Photo By Jason Loves Maggie

1. Enjoy the moment together.

We know that you’re dying to post a ring selfie and announce to the word that you’re gonna be a Mrs., but trust us when we say that you’re life won’t end if you don’t immediate take to social media. After the proposal, take a few moments to just be with each other and revel in the moments. This is a time you’ll never be able to get back, so make sure to really soak up the memories while they’re unfolding before your eyes!

2. Call your close friends and family first.

Once you guys are ready, go ahead and make the big announcement to your closest friends and family. This doesn’t mean send a mass text or post a generic “for all the see” post on social media — this means calling those that are closest to you and personally letting them know. Or, better yet, sharing the new in person. Those that are near and dear to your hearts will appreciate the kind gesture and it will make them feel special that they didn’t find out that you’ve gotten engaged through a Facebook or Instagram post.

3. Announce on social media when you’re ready.

Then, when you’re ready, feel free to post the details, the ring picture, the post-proposal pictures, and all that jazz to all your social media sites. We promise that within seconds flat, you’ll have the most comments and likes you’ve ever received in your whole online-present life.

4. Get the ring insured.

Obviously, we don’t expect you to call up your insurance company immediate after he drops to one knee, but we are serious when we say that having your engagement ring ensured is a VERY good decision. The purchase was a big one for your spouse-to-be, so make sure the investment is covered should you lose your ring, drop it down the sink, etc. Yes, this kind of stuff happens all the time.

Photo By Candace Jeffrey Photography

5. Treat yourself to a manicure.

In the months after you get engaged, you better bet that everyone and their brother is going to want to see your new bling. Prepare your hands for their big performance by treating yourself to a gorgeous manicure!

6. Start looking at potential dates. 

As wedding planners, we know that the date is key when it comes to budget, snagging all the vendors you want, scoring a great local venue, etc. So, start talking about potential dates of your wedding early. Pick out 2-3 potentials and go from there. Usually, you’ll find over time that one date works out much better than all the others.

7. Start brainstorming & browsing ideas. 

It’s never too early to start thinking about what you want your big day to do look like, so go ahead and browse on Pinterest, flipping through magazines, having brainstorming sessions with your fiancee and family, and envisioning what you want for your dream day! Having some idea of what you like early on will help guide you to the right vendors right off the bat, which is an amazing advantage to have when you’ve got a million details to figure out.

8. Set your wedding budget.

As soon as you and your fiancee are ready to start looking into booking a venue and hiring vendors for your wedding day, we suggest that you first sit down as establish a budget. Doing this will help narrow your search and will give you a realistic idea who and what you can afford to include in your day.

9. Hire a wedding planner.

Sure, we’re biased, but there are definitely real benefits to hiring a wedding planner as soon as you get engaged. First of all, it helps you figure out important details early and gives you immediate access to the planner’s recommendations for venues and vendors (we know what things cost to save you that research). Plus, hiring a wedding planner early in the game also helps you save money and have a stress-free experience all the way from “yes!” to “I do.”

10. Have an engagement party!

Finally, don’t forget to celebrate! If you aren’t the big engagement party type, keep things small – have an intimate backyard BBQ, invite your best friends and immediate family over for a dinner prepared by you and you fiancee, or go for cocktails as a group. Whatever you do, remember that getting engaged is a big deal — don’t get bogged down in wedding planning details and forget all about the reason for the ring.

There you have it, current and future brides-to-be! Are you looking for expert help to get you started, now that you’re engaged? Explore more about our services here


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4 Tips for Scoring a Perfect Wedding Cake

4 Tips for Scoring a Perfect Wedding Cake

Wedding magazines are full of them. Pinterest has more than we could ever fathom. And everyone has an opinion. So yeah, selecting a wedding cake design and style that’s right for your wedding day is a bit of a difficult task. The pretty options are endless, and if you’re like most brides, your budget can only handle one wedding cake, despite the fact that you’re head over heels for at least 8 different looks. As wedding planners, we know the conundrum as well as any — and have seen many of our brides vacillate over this detail throughout the last 5 years.

In fact, a bride-to-be recently reached out to us with a similar dilemma: “Should I go with one big cake, many small cakes, or cupcakes? Do I ever need a cake at all? Is it fine to have a dessert station instead?” she asked. Her question is a common one, and it often leaves brides feeling frustrated about what should be a fun part of planning (you do get to taste cake, after all!). So with her story and our past brides in mind, we decided it was time to put together our top 4 tips for scoring the perfect wedding cake for your day. Don’t get us wrong, there are many great tips out there, but our picks really get to the heart of solving this big wedding planning puzzle, so keep them in mind as you set out to select yummy treats — whether you go for that dessert station, an assorted cakes display, or one big beautiful wedding cake — for your upcoming celebration!

Tip 1: Hire a reputable baker/bakery.

Having a wedding cake that you love all starts with the baker. The better their reputation and their quality of work, the more likely you are to have a great experience and adore the final product. To begin your search, we suggest asking for suggestions from friends, talking with your wedding planner, and doing some searching online (be sure to read all the reviews you can). Once you find a few who have great ratings and work that makes you’re heart go pitter-patter, reach out to set up appointments. When everything is said and done, choose the baker/bakery who really clicks with your personality, fits your budget, and gets your vision!

Tip 2: Don’t forget that your cake is part of the decor.

It’s definitely okay for your cake to stand out a little among the wedding decor. But, problems usually come up when you go too far off in left field with your cake design. If you’re having a rustic wedding, a cake covered in pearls is probably not the design that’s right for you or a look that’ll you be happy with in the long run. So at the beginning of your search for a design you love, limit your search to options you know your budget can handle (however, it is perfectly okay to choose something extravagant and talk with your cake maker about how to make it work with your budget) and that really fit in with the theme or look of your day. You’ll be much happier with the end result and your cake won’t stick out for being out of place among the decor you’ve selected.

Tip 3: Consider the size of your wedding & portions.

When selecting a wedding cake that’s going to be great for your big day, it’s essential to keep the size of your wedding and portions in mind. If you’re having 250 guests, you may not want to go with cupcakes or a dessert bar (that’s a lot of cupcakes and various desserts to pay for). If you’re having a small wedding, having 3 different cakes or a big wedding cake is probably not right for you…unless you want to be eating cake for months. So before you start making plans and picking out designs, consult with your vendor and/or your wedding planner for ideas about what will work best for your guest count and the portion size you’re looking to have at your wedding.

Liji Jinaraj and Ladybug Cakes & Catering via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Tip 4: Don’t wait until the last minute.

Of all the mistakes we’ve seen brides make when picking out a wedding cake, this one if the more disastrous of them all. And it’s also the most crucial element for insuring that you’re really, really enchanted with your wedding cake. Why’s that? Well, if you don’t start early, it’s likely that you won’t be able to book the baker that you have your heart set on. From there, you’re rushed when it comes to design selection and available ingredients (it often takes time for special fillings and favors to be delivered to your cake maker). Then, on top of it all, you really won’t have time to establish a backup plan if what you really want for your day doesn’t work with your budget. So as you can see, the waiting until the last minute to hire a baker and make decision is a BIG no no if you want to love your wedding cake.


Got a wedding cake dilemma on your hands? Contact us for advice!


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The Top 7 Mistakes That DIY Brides Make And How To Avoid Them

The Top 7 Mistakes That DIY Brides Make And How To Avoid Them

There’s not doubt that DIY weddings are at the top of the list when it comes to wedding trends. But is being a DIY bride all it’s cracked up to be? Is it always fun? Is it always cheaper? Do DIY weddings always look gorgeous? The honest answer is no.

Not all experiences are the same and not all DIY weddings are created equal. Don’t get us wrong, just because we are a wedding planning company doesn’t mean that we don’t love a fabulous, hand-made affair. In fact, crafty projects are one of our favorite things, so we can easily see why so many brides are jumping at the chance to create one-of-a-kind and personal items for their day. There’s just something about being surrounded by your own work on your wedding day that’s special and fun.

However, as we mentioned, it isn’t always rainbows and blue skies when you choose to become a DIY bride. As the people who get the call when cool ideas don’t go as planned, we’ve seen clear patterns emerge when it comes to the most common mistakes that DIY brides make. Actually, 7 big uh-ohs have presented themselves over and over again in our history of working with DIY gone wrong. If you are opting to go this route with your upcoming wedding day, here’s the breakdown of those no-nos.

Mistake #1: Not testing out the finished product before the wedding. 

We cannot even begin to tell you how many times we’ve seen our DIY brides snag an adorable idea off Pinterest only to have the final product be a total mess on the day of the wedding. Therefore, it’s essential that you make sure that your DIY projects actually work before the big day arrives. Nobody wants to spend hours making cute lanterns, mason jar cheese cake favors, etc. and realize a few hours before the wedding that they were a waste of time and must be thrown out. So taste test, do a trial run, and make sure your creative ventures actually turn out right!

Candace Jeffery Photography

Candace Jeffery Photography

Mistake #2: Overestimating how much time you’ll have.

Planning a wedding is a HUGE time commitment, but brides often assume that it won’t be that difficult and that their months-long engagement is plenty enough time. This thinking immediately leads to problems, especially when it’s taken for granted that you’ll have all the time in the world to fold 1,000 paper cranes, paint 500 candle sticks, and bake 22 mini pies. The truth is that being a DIY bride requires more of your free time than you could ever imagine. A sure way to help avoid this mistake is by being realistic about what you can accomplish on your own and hiring vendors when you need help.

Mistake #3: Not thinking of bad weather backup plans. 

As planners, we are always thinking of what could go wrong on the day of the wedding and how to fix it as quickly as possible. When you haven’t planned countless weddings before your own big day arrives, it’s easy to forget about the “what if” details. One of the most catastrophic oversights that DIY brides make is to forego bad weather backup plans, especially when it will cost more money. Trust us, go ahead and spend a little extra for that tent or backup indoor venue now before rain wrecks your dream day.

Candace Jeffery Photography

Candace Jeffery Photography

Mistake #4: Forgetting important details.

As we mentioned above, first time brides tend to forget about minuscule details. And it makes sense. Your agenda is full of meetings, your to-do list is overflowing with wedding plans, and you also have a life outside of your wedding, so, of course, it’s going to be easy to miss something. Our advice is to as least hire a day-of coordinator to help you on the day of your wedding. This way you can relax and enjoy your wedding and he or she can help you uncover any important factors you might have looked over during your pre-wedding prep (like, how are the items getting back home, and who they are going back with).


Mistake #5: Assuming that DIY is always cheaper. 

Let’s us debunk this idea now: DIY isn’t always cheaper than hiring a wedding vendor. All the little materials can add up over time and, many times, it would have just been less expensive to hire someone to print those invitations rather than you shelling out hundreds of dollars to do them yourself. If you are set on making something yourself, do a quick price comparison first before you opt out of hiring a pro. Another factor to consider is that your vendors will know how to work with your budget and stretch it as far as it will go; this is because they have inside connections and info that you may not, also the materials are usually of better quality preventing you from making errors. Sometimes, hiring a vendor is just better in the long run. Sometimes, it isn’t. It’s up to you to make sure you are getting the most for your money.

Candace Jeffery Photography

Candace Jeffery Photography

Mistake #6: Not reading the fine print on contracts.

Our brides inevitably have a lot of questions when it comes to the details on the vendor contracts. Thankfully, we’ve been down that road a time or two and know exactly what to look for and negotiate out before our brides sign. As a DIY bride, you will not have that luxury, so it’s up to you to make sure you comb over every sentence of these important documents before you commit yourself. You’d be amazed how many hidden fees and pesky rules are tucked away in the small print.

Mistake #7: Using friends or family members instead of hiring vendors.

Just because your friends and family love you doesn’t mean that they want to be your busy little wedding workers. In fact, it really takes a lot of fun out of the wedding for them because instead of soaking up your day and spending time with you, they are busy putting together bouquets, serving food, etc. Additionally, even if a friend or family member volunteers to help, it could lead to some serious problems, such as fights, unmet expectations, and amateur work. Unless the person is an experienced professional, you are better off passing on the offer and hiring an expert.

Candace Jeffery Photography

Candace Jeffery Photography

Don’t make one of these tragic mistakes, so plan carefully, give yourself plenty of time, and know when to hire and when to DIY. In the end, you’ll be a happier bride because of it.

Have a question about one of the mistake that DIY brides make? Not sure if you should hire or DIY? Contact us for advice!

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His and Hers Wedding Reception Cocktails

His and Hers Wedding Reception Cocktails

Should We Serve Alcohol?

The decision whether or not to serve alcohol at your wedding reception can be a difficult decision to make. And once you make up your mind, the more questions that follow: “Are we killing the fun of the reception?” “What kind of drink options should we serve?” “Can we afford a bar?” “What will the guests think?”


via Lynne Brubaker Photography via Easton Events

His and Hers Wedding Reception Cocktails

Needless to say, making the call to serve alcohol is a tough one, but if you do make the decision to serve drinks at the reception, there are plenty of different options. A personal favorite of ours is to serve his and hers wedding reception cocktails. That’s right, your favorite cocktail and his favorite cocktail. Not only do you get to enjoy your favorite personal drink during the reception, the choice to serve only his and hers wedding reception cocktails can be beneficial in so many ways.


Our Labor of Love Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Cut Down On Your Cost

As always, cost is a major factor in any wedding planning decision. Serving alcohol can be very expensive, especially when you offer many options or have a large wedding. Serving his and hers wedding reception cocktails can cut down on the expense by cutting the need for various types of alcohol and ingredients. With personalized cocktails, you can offer two options and cut down on cost without it being blatantly obvious that you wanted to limit the size and scope of the bar. Nobody will notice if it appears to be just a special element of the reception and it will help cut down on those guests that tend to over indulge.


Joileala via 100 Layer Cake

 Show Your Personality

An additional benefit is that his and hers wedding reception cocktails give you another outlet for incorporating your personalities into the event. Guests will love that they can enjoy your favorite drink and learn more about each of you during the reception. Plus, his and her cocktails can allow you to get really creative! From adorable drink stations to delicious and surprising drink combinations, the room for adding creative details to your signature drink is endless.

So get creative, start experimenting, and find your signature cocktail for your wedding reception. There is only fun to be had in the process!  Can’t get your creative juices flowing? We can help! Contact Us for ideas!

~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

Advice from Down The Aisle: 5 Reasons You Don’t Need Wedding Programs

Advice from Down The Aisle: 5 Reasons You Don’t Need Wedding Programs

There is a question that Down The Aisle has received by almost every bride we’ve ever worked with – “Do I need wedding programs?” It’s a fabulous question and one that has been address many times over the years by the top wedding gurus in the business. Their answer?

For most of us who work in the world of weddings, the short answer is “no” or, “it depends.” We know it seems quite controversial to say this, but right off the bat, we came up with five reasons why you don’t need wedding programs. Here’s why:

1. They are just an extra expense 

If you’ve priced wedding programs lately, then you are well aware that they are a huge drain on your wedding budget. Even if you DIY, the material, ink, and construction process can begin to wear down your wallet and your patience as well. If you are trying to be conservative with your funds, then this is area where you can save and not have to be concerned with thoughts that you might be missing out on a very important wedding detail. The truth is, they cost way more than they are worth.

2. They usually end up in the trash 

It’s true that some guests keep the wedding program as a special memento of their attendance at your wedding day. Most people, however, leave them in their seat or toss them in the trash as soon as the ceremony is over. Why waste your time, energy, and most importantly money on something that your guests really won’t give a second thought? Plus, the trees will thank you!

3. It is easy to use an alternative 

If you want to have something that functions as a program, but doesn’t waste paper and your much-needed marriage reserve, then you can easily find thousands of wedding program alternatives at the click of a button. Thanks to sites like Pinterest, you can discover that a chalkboard sign, a upcycled mirror or even a printed tapestry can take the place of handing out programs to each individual guest.

 4. Guests are already familiar with the usual sequence of events 

Unless you are taking a more offbeat approach to your wedding ceremony and the events that happen therein, or you are having a very long and ornate religious wedding ceremony, there is no need to inform your guests what will happen from the time you walk down the aisle to the time you say “I do.” Your guests have been to enough weddings to be familiar with what will most likely occur, so don’t worry about them being lost. Plus, a great way to avoid any problems (should the unlikely event that they arise), you can simply have the officiant explain as you go. For example, perhaps you are including a sand ceremony in your day. At the moment this ceremony is to take place, simple have your officiant announce what you will be doing and why it’s special to you both.


5. They are another thing to worry about —

From agonizing over the exact wording (just like you did with the invitation) to appointing a person to make sure everyone received a wedding program, it becomes clear that having wedding programs at your day really just adds to you list of things to do and worry about. Take our advice, let them go and embrace the freedom of doing things your way!


Wedding programs are a wedding tradition that stills hands around for very few good reasons, so let’s change things up! Say goodbye to the wedding program for one and for all! And as always, if you have questions about how to plan your day or any of the ideas we’ve discuss, contact us for more details and all your wedding planning needs!

~Blog Contributed by Audra Jones

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Seating Layouts

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Seating Layouts

Weddings are becoming more than just a ceremony by which couples officially exchange vows; they are a way for a couple to share their story, their personality, and their personal style. With daily inspiration from a multitude of sources, it can be difficult to incorporate details that are unique to your personality. So with that in mind, Down The Aisle is here to bring a subtle way to spice up your outdoor ceremony seating that won’t cause visual or inspiration overload.

Suggestions for Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Seating Layouts:

The ceremony layout is a big part of the overall wedding decor that often doesn’t garner enough attention, especially since many brides opt for a wedding held in a chapel (where layout cannot be rearranged) or go for the traditional, evenly spaced rows of chairs. However, there are many alternative wedding ceremony layouts.


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Seating Layouts

Here are a few ideas and details to consider:

Number of Guests

When looking for an alternative wedding ceremony layout option, it is always important to keep the number of guests and, therefore, seating in mind. Intimate, cozier seating works perfect for a smaller ceremony.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Seating Layouts

Photo By Britt Nielsen|Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

Location & Sound

A common problem that guests complain about at weddings is unable to hear the exchange of vows. Believe it or not, guests do want to hear what is said and share the special moments of your ceremony. The inability to hear truly dampens the whole experience. So when considering an alternative wedding ceremony layout, consider your environment and check for placements that may decrease the chances of sound carrying. A circular arrangement can help improve sound issues and stand out for their gorgeous look.


The view is also a major concern for guests, and your photographer. It’s important to be aware of the sight line of each guest and especially of how the aisle may or may not limit the ability of your photographer to capture great photos. The layout to avoid? Anything with a column, pole, or even a huge flower arrangement will ruin the view (and photos). 

Photo by Illuminance | Attribution-2.0-Generic (CC-BY-2.0)

Wedding Party Size

When there is a large wedding party to consider, it may be difficult to opt for a more close and intimate chair arrangement without crowding. For a smaller wedding party, almost any outdoor wedding ceremony seating layout is possible, but for a larger group, a semi-circle or traditional formation may be more ideal.

As you see, there are many factors to consider when playing with layout details, but no need to fret we can help you with all your questions and needs. For more inspiration, check out our “Circle Ceremonies” and “Style For Your Aisle” boards on Pinterest.

~Blog contributed via Audra Jones



Tips from Down The Aisle: 7 Wedding Traditions That You Can Skip

Tips from Down The Aisle: 7 Wedding Traditions That You Can Skip

Don’t let this title let you think otherwise — we do love many of the classic wedding traditions, but we’re of the opinion that a couple should have their wedding day their way. So, if the bride and groom feel uncomfortable with the sometimes awkward (and, at worst, cheesy) traditions and superstitions that have become a mainstay for weddings throughout the years, like the garter removal and toss, the bouquet toss, the cake cutting, etc., then we think it’s A-okay to skip these ceremonial add-ons.

In fact, a lot of professionals and brides alike now share the opinion that many of these traditions of old have had their time and should be skipped if the couple of honor feel so inclined. And, if you’re worried about what your guests might think — don’t. Although they aren’t likely to admit it, most guests will welcome the absence, especially the single ladies and gents that get put on the spot.

So, if the idea of including any of these next 7 wedding traditions into your big day makes you feel uneasy or don’t really fit into the vision you have for your dream day, skip them. Oh, and don’t forget that you can pick and choose — keep the traditions you love and toss out the ones you don’t.

1. The Bouquet Toss

Not only does this wedding tradition put all your single friends on the spot, many feel awkward about gathering into a group and competing with other women for your flying bouquet. If you want to spare the single ladies in your life, skip it altogether or include come up with a plan to include all your female guests. Our favorite alternative is gifting your bouquet to the couple in the room who has been married for the longest amount of time or providing every woman in the room with a single stem flower.

Stuart Corbishley via Flickr

2. The Garter Toss

The garter toss is probably the most awkward of all wedding traditions, especially the part when the groom sticks his head under the bride’s dress to remove to garter. If you want to avoid potential embarrassment for you and your guests, go ahead and leave it out of your plans. The single men in the room definitely won’t mind.

3. The Cake Cutting

Cutting the wedding cake as a couple isn’t all that weird, but if you’re just not keen on the idea of including the tradition in your day, don’t feel like you have to. A fun alternative is to have the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom cut the cake instead. Or, if you don’t want to make a big deal about the cake at all, simply have your caterer cut and serve, do cupcakes instead, or you can always have just a photo of the two of you “cutting” the cake, but there’s no announcing of it. As long as there is cake or plenty of desserts, your guests won’t complain at all.

Photo by Neil Landino Photography

4. Having a Bride’s Side & Groom’s Side

Tradition states that the groom’s family is seated on the “right” while the bride’s is on the “left”. Why not shake things up (no one’s going to notice!) by having ushers escort guests to a “seat, not a side”, or have a cute sign to advise the guests?

5. Female-Only Bridal Party & Male-Only Groom Party

Although the bride’s wedding party usually consists of female-only bridesmaids and the groom’s wedding party usually consists of all-make groomsmen, this tradition is becoming less and less standard for modern brides and grooms. If you’ve got a guy bestie you want to include on your side, go for it! If he wants to include his sister on his side, don’t hold back! There’s no reason that the perspective “parties” have to be divvied up by gender, and we encourage you to do what works best for you, regardless of what others might think.

6. Not Seeing One Another Before The Ceremony

Over the past few years, we’ve seen many couples choose to forgo not seeing each other before the ceremony, and instead having a “first look”, where (often in private) you see each other for the first time, before the actual nuptials. We’ve seen parents/Dads too, join in this fun (new) tradition. Coming up with a creative way and place to meet each other, of course with your hired photographer ready to go, is half the fun!

Catherine Justin Eye Wrap_Catherine-Justin

7. Wedding Favors For Guests

Wedding favors are a wonderful way to thank your guests for joining you on your big day, but there are many ways show your appreciation without spending a small fortune on traditional wedding favors that your guests may never use. Send-off snacks or making a donation in your guests’ honor works just as well. Or, if your budget can’t handle any more strain, let your cake be the favor instead.

Well, brides-to-be, what wedding traditions will you be leaving off your timeline? Share below or contact us for more tips about alternative solutions!

~Blog contributed by Audra Jones


Unique Wedding Details: A Ring Warming Ceremony

Unique Wedding Details: A Ring Warming Ceremony

Unity and blessing ceremonies are a hugely popular detail in the modern weddings we see today. However, after so many unity candle and sand ceremonies, the idea can seem overused and lose its unique quality. Sure, there are many other types of ceremonies that you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony, and they have their merits. And yes, there is usually something out there to fit the personality and style of each and every couple. So to mix things up a bit, we suggest trying a ring warming ceremony. If you are wondering what exactly that may be, let us explain. The idea is pretty simple really. Someone, usually the wedding officiant, makes a statement at the beginning of the wedding ceremony explaining that the wedding rings will be passed around to each guest and extends an invitation for each and every person present to hold the rings for a moment and send good thoughts, prayers, or wishes to the bride and groom for their marriage. With each and every person present having the opportunity to share in your joy and become an important part of your love, the ring warming ceremony is truly a beautiful and intimate detail to include. However, there are downsides to the ring warming ceremony. For example, couples are often afraid that the rings will be dropped while they are being passed around and sometimes it can take way too long for the rings to make it to each person before the ring exchange needs to happen. So how do you solve these problems? To avoid the traumatic and embarrassing “ring drop,” couples often tie the rings to a string, a pillow or box. This takes out all the risk of a mass ring search during the middle of the ceremony and adds another cute detail to this special moment. When it comes to the other potential faux pas, the answer isn’t such a quick fix. You can either leave out the ring warming ceremony if you are hosting a very large wedding or include it in another way. These days, many couples who decide to hold a ring warming ceremony often ask the guests to warm the rings before the ceremony even begins by displaying the rings near the guest book or at a ring warming station with an explanation for their display. The decision is up to you, but the sentimentality of the ceremony is a detail that we can’t get enough of these days! Check out some photos below!

ring warming ceremony

Bee the Buzz Event via Wedding Bells

For their ring warming ceremony, this couple had a string that looped around to each guest. Each person just simply had to slide the ring to the next person! No potential for a ring drop here!

ring warming ceremony before the wedding

Kandice Hadley via Flickr

ring warming ceremony

Elijah and Jackie Parker via Offbeat Bride

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~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

Summer Wedding Perfection: The Fruit Bouquet

Summer Wedding Perfection: The Fruit Bouquet

Looking for that one last detail to take your summer wedding to perfection? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered!
Nothing makes us think of summer more than fresh flowers and pops of vibrant, fresh fruit, so why not incorporate both into your wedding bouquet and rock a fabulous fruit bouquet?   These fruit bouquets are not only deliciously gorgeous, they are eco and budget friendly as well.

We absolutely love the idea of having fruit slices mixed in with the whole pieces in your fruit bouquet! This allows you to take advantage of the nice texture of fruit inside and out! The insides of those lemons look almost like flowers themselves, but with a surprising pop.

Flickr Photo by Lianne Nichols (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Flickr Photo by Lianne Nichols (CC BY-NC 2.0)


Oh, and did we mention that it makes your bouquet smell even more awesome? The combination of the fruits and the flowers is heavenly.

For your perfect fruit bouquet, simply pick out your favorite fruits and enjoy! For tips on choosing the best fruit bouquet for your summer wedding soiree, simply contact us!


~Blog contributed by Audra Jones