Colorful Wedding Inspiration Board: A Watercolor Wedding

Colorful Wedding Inspiration Board: A Watercolor Wedding

Spring has finally arrived, friends! And we couldn’t be more excited to start planning some gorgeous, colorful weddings for this warm weather season. To get our ideas flowing and to bring some bright wedding inspiration your way, we’ve put together a ultra-fabulous watercolor wedding inspiration board. We found ourselves swooning over pastel wedding color palettes over the last few weeks, but we couldn’t decide which gorgeous shade to share with you today, so we decided to share them all!

Watercolor has been a growing wedding trend over the last few years, but we think that this year this modern approach to incorporating pastel hues into your Connecticut wedding day will become an increasing favorite. Paired with a more subtle background color, such as gray, white, or cream and the watercolor brights really shine and luckily with this stunning palette selection you truly cannot go wrong with lots and lots of color.

So enjoy this watercolor wedding inspiration board and start daydreaming about your upcoming “I dos!”

watercolor weddings

watercolor inspiration board by Down The Aisle, Connecticut Wedding Planning & Design

As always, please reach out to us for advice, ideas or a custom wedding inspiration board of your own! We are here to help!

~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

Photo Sources: Top Left: Amanda McMahon Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs // Top Center: Apryl Ann Photography via Green Wedding Shoes // Top Right: Valentino shoes via Tailor & Kelle // Middle Left: Untamed Heart Photography via Green Wedding Shoes // Middle Center: Julie Lim Photography via Ruffled // Middle Right: Melody Gibbs via Style Me Pretty // Bottom Left: Mikkel Paige Photography via Wedding Chicks // Bottom Center: Rylee Hitchner via Once Wed // Bottom Right: Rizza Riz Photography via Style Unveiled

Fabulous Wedding Feathers

Fabulous Wedding Feathers

Lately, we’ve had more and more brides coming to us with visions of adding feathers to their big day and, frankly, we love it! Feathers are such a versatile accent to add to your wedding day because they can be incorporated in many ways from the dress to the invitation. Oh, and additional icing on the cake, wedding feathers really can work with virtually any wedding style. You can dress them up for a sophisticated look or go with natural feathers for a more rustic, earthy look; either way, the results are gorgeous and fun. However, you must be careful with wedding feathers because it is way too easy to go from pretty to Las Vegas tourist show with just one feather too many and by choosing the wrong ways to include feathers or choosing the wrong type of feathers.

Our advice, use wedding feathers as an accent, not the main decor item. This way you can use them in pretty ways that are surprising and unique without scaring people with wedding feather mania. Also, make sure the feather type and style matches with your wedding day style. Adding traditional brown feathers to your elegant ballroom wedding might seem a little out of place, so try going with a more whimsical, dressy feather, such as white ones or ones with pops of color. However, the best advice we can offer is to have fun and let your imagination run wild! See our favorite feather styles and uses below!

The Dress

feather wedding dressesWe love that each one of these stunning wedding dresses features feathers in fun and different ways. From the skirt to all over feathers, a feather wedding gown is truly gorgeous!

The Flowers

feather accented wedding flowers

In the same way that feathers are very versatile in terms of their use with dress style, feather accented bouquets and boutonnieres can represent any style, era, or look. Each of the styles presented above have their own flair and that’s what makes using feathers so fun!

The Stationery

feather wedding stationery


The Decor

feather wedding decor


We are super in love with that feather seating chart and those feather drink stirrers! There is no need to say it, but feathers make awesome decor accents!

The Cake

feather wedding cakes

What are you thinking? Are feathers for your wedding? Let us know and we’ll help you choose the perfect feather look for your big day!

~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

Fun Idea: The Recipe Book Wedding Favor

Fun Idea: The Recipe Book Wedding Favor

Wedding favors are one of the hardest wedding planning decisions for no good reason. Brides easily get bogged down in finding a perfect favor that is creative, cost friendly, and cute, which can seem silly, but it truly can be difficult to meet all three criteria when deciding on what to hand out to guests as they walk out the door.

As wedding planners and as the often wedding attendee, we’ve seen many many wedding favor ideas, but an idea that has recently hit the top of our list as a personal favorite is the recipe book wedding favor. Here’s why: 1). They are super cute. 2). They are a great way to add a personal touch. 3). Guests love them. 4). They are relatively inexpensive in terms of wedding favors 5). They are totally customizable. 6). This list could go on forever. Really though, recipe book wedding favors are not only fun and personal, they are useful, which guests always appreciate after receiving book after book of matches and so on. Check out some really adorable examples of recipe book wedding favors and our explanation for why we love each one!

recipe book wedding favor

We really love this ice cream cone inspired recipe book wedding favor because it is hand-made and totally creative! Each page has it’s own flair! A fun idea for your recipe book wedding favor could be to feature only one type of food, such as cupcakes or casseroles.

recipe book wedding favor


This recipe book wedding favor is really simple and includes details about the wedding from which it came. Every time your wedding guest uses the recipe book in the future, they will always be reminded of the fun day that inspired the book.

recipe book wedding favor

This one is really laid back and personalized! We love that they also double up in function by also serving as escort cards for the guests. Talk about cost effective!

recipe book wedding favor

A monogrammed recipe book wedding favor is stylish, yet sophisticated. We love that it includes everything you need to know without being too wordy.

recipe book wedding favor

These recipe book wedding favors are so lovely and vintage looking in their style. They are simple and small, which makes making many of them affordable.

What are you doing for your wedding favor? Could a recipe book wedding favor be in your future? For tips on making your recipe book or having it made, contact us for more details!

~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

Colorful Wedding Inspiration Board: Fuchsia, White, and Pink

Colorful Wedding Inspiration Board: Fuchsia, White, and Pink

Even though it’s the month of “love” and all eyes will be on red (Valentine’s Day!), pink is another great love color too! All these gorgeous flowers have us in the mood for some colorful inspiration and today we can’t get enough of fuchsia, white, and pink. We love how these colors mix vibrancy with more neutral tones to create a color palette that truly pops for a wedding without overdoing it. Because we are bursting with inspiration and creativity over this wonderful color combination, we decided to share with you a wedding inspiration board! We hope you enjoy this fuchsia, white, and pink wedding inspiration board as much as we do!

fuchsia, white, and pink wedding inspiration board

Have you fallen in love with a color palette of your own? Let us know and we will create a wedding inspiration board for you!

Considering A Groom’s Cake? We’ve Got The Pros & Cons

Considering A Groom’s Cake? We’ve Got The Pros & Cons

A question that is often brought to us by our brides is, “It is necessary to have a groom’s cake?” The short answer is no, but for many, particularly in the Southern half of the country, the groom’s cake is a long standing tradition of valued importance.

Elsewhere, the inclusion of a groom’s cake has come and gone in waves over the the years with times of huge popularity and times of “it’s just an extra expense.” So obviously, the short answer doesn’t always suffice; there are pros and cons in every situation and that applies to the groom’s cake decision as well. So let’s tackle those pros and cons and give you better insight into whether or not a groom’s cake is for your future hubby, and you. Along the way, we will include photos of some of our most favorite groom’s cakes. A little inspiration never hurts!


Pro: The groom’s cake gives the groom something that is all his on a especially “bride-centered” day. Let’s face it. The wedding day and all the events leading up to the big day can often be very focused upon the bride — her dress, her decor, her ideas, etc., etc. and in many cases (of course, it’s not true for everyone) the husband-to-be can feel left out. Often the cake reflects his personality, his tastes, his hobbies or interests, so his groom’s cake is a great way to allow him to put his special mark on the day. Plus, this is a fun way to add a little quirkiness to the wedding day!


Con: It really is an extra expense. As people that are concerned with wedding planning and all the fine details that go into planning an event, the budget is always a huge consideration. So when it comes down to choosing between a groom’s cake or using the extra money to get a venue that’s more comfortable, the groom’s cake will always take a back seat. So it’s important to consider the cost of the groom’s cake and it’s importance to you and your groom when planning for the event.


Pro: The extra cake gives your guests two options. Often the groom’s cake is a completely different cake flavor with different icing (traditionally a darker, more rich cake), so if you have a guest that isn’t fond of your cake choice, you have offered two options. Oh, and another pro in this situation is that you can go small with the wedding cake if you include a groom’s cake. This cuts down on costs and give you plenty of cake to go around!



Additional Tip: Couples that want to be economical often send a slice of the groom’s cake in cute packages home with guests as their wedding favor. This saves time and money. 

Con: The groom’s cake decorating choices don’t always go well with your decor choices. The last thing you may want in the middle of your elegant, very feminine wedding decor is a glaringly out of place armadillo cake (Steal Magnolia’s, anyone?). So this is definitely a topic of concern when deciding on the inclusion or exclusion of a groom’s cake. However, you can go more traditional with the cake. There are more toned down options out there.


Pro: Many couple’s use the groom’s cake for a rehearsal dinner dessert. This solves the problem of providing dessert for the rehearsal dinner, the issue of the clashing cake/wedding decor, and allows him to have his own special cake.


Con: Traditionally, the groom’s cake is a gift from the bride to the groom. Sometimes he knows about the cake in advance and helps design it, but other times it can be a complete surprise. If the groom’s cake is a surprise gift, then it can be an additional wedding planning stressor in an already very stressful time.



So after the pros and cons, what do you think? Is a groom’s cake for you and your fiance? If questions still linger, feel free to contact us for extra advice and tips. We’ll also share who does the best groom’s cakes!

~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

A Taste of France: Croquembouche Wedding Cakes

A Taste of France: Croquembouche Wedding Cakes

As a wedding planning company, we have seen many weddings that incorporate styles and themes of various types over the years. However, we got really excited when one of our newest clients requested a croquembouche style cake for her wedding day.

Having seen almost every cake style possible, this one truly caught us by surprise and we were googling the fun French word in seconds. Scrolling through tons of gorgeous photos, we were absolutely taken with the unique style, the history, and the all around beauty of the croquembouche wedding cake. Traditionally the cake of French aristocrats and royalty, this delicious and stunning design gained widespread popularity throughout the country after a famous chef started creating designs for the locals, especially for big events like weddings, baptisms, etc. Created using various pastries, such as profiteroles (choux puffs) or macaroons, that are stacked and wrapped with caramel, ribbons of spun sugar, hazelnuts, almonds, chocolate, etc., this unique design is a great way to add a alternative look to your wedding day confection table. Although it is currently not as common or as popular as the traditional wedding cake, we hope that this modern luxury-meets-historical-French-flair design makes a big splash in 2014. So, without further ado, here’s to croquembouche wedding cakes and a brand new year of weddings! Feast your eyes on pretty!

wedding cake

Croquembouche Wedding Cake

Love the addition of flowers to this look! It gives it a sweet whimsical feeling, don’t you think?

Croquembouche Wedding Cake

Croquembouche Wedding Cake

Croquembouche Wedding Cake

This style incorporates the traditional look of spun sugar and makes for the perfect accent to the overall look.

Croquembouche Wedding Cake

Croquembouche Wedding Cake

The variation from pastries to macaroons really makes this style pop! We can’t wait to suggest this style to our macaroon loving brides!

Croquembouche Wedding Cake

Croquembouche Wedding Cake

What do you think? Is a croquembouche wedding cake just the sweet detail you’ve been looking for? Let us know and we’ll help you find the perfect style for you!

~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

4 Unique Bridal Accessories to Make You Swoon

4 Unique Bridal Accessories to Make You Swoon

These days, having a bridal style that is totally unique and all your own is the way most brides are going. Whether it be the addition of a custom necklace to a family heirloom to a one-of-a-kind veil, having your own signature look is a key feature when choosing your bridal accessories. With that said, we are pretty sure you’ve seen almost everything out there when it comes to bridal accessories — countless veils, jewelry, shoes, etc., etc. But don’t assure yourself that you’ve seen it all just yet. We’ve got four unique bridal accessories to share with you today that are making us swoon and we know you will too! So sit back and get ready for unstoppable pretty.

The Bridal Cap

The bridal cap has experience off and on popularity over the years, but with the release of the box office remake of “The Great Gatsby” they have risen again on the popularity scale. Reminiscent of the 20s, jazz age style of the film, the bridal cap is all about glamour and femininity. If you are looking for a bridal accessory that is a definite showstopper, you can’t go wrong with a bridal cap.

bridal caps

Bridal Gloves

Although they haven’t been popular for many years, bridal gloves are one of the most unique bridal accessories that are making a comeback. They are perfect for almost any bride because there are so many different styles and options. From vintage to edgy, this bridal accessory is one of our favorites.

bridal gloves

Bridal Socks

One of the most unique ideas we’ve seen in terms of bridal accessories is the idea of wearing socks with your wedding shoes. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean the standard cotton socks you wear on your morning jog, but gorgeous, detailed socks. This look has a retro feel that is just out of this world when paired with vintage shoes and a short wedding dress.

bridal socks

Bridal Cuffs

For a more traditional look with a twist, we recommend incorporating bridal cuffs into your bridal accessories. Not much different from standard bracelets, bridal cuffs are one of those bridal accessories that just has the “WOW!” factor. Wear one bridal cuff for a more traditional style or wear two for a more glam, chic style — either way, the results are beyond pretty!

bridal cuffs


Tell us. Which of these unique bridal accessories is your favorite? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

Advice from Down The Aisle: Planning Your Winter Wedding Day

Advice from Down The Aisle: Planning Your Winter Wedding Day

Winter weddings are one of our all time favorites. From the holiday spirit to the snowy landscapes, winter weddings possess an inexplicable feeling of magic being in the air. When done just right, few things can top of perfectly styled winter wedding day. However, they can also go horribly wrong when they turn into a bad rendition of  “Christmas exploded all over my wedding.” So in order to keep it from looking like Santa and his elves planned you wedding day, let Down The Aisle give you some tips and tricks for avoiding winter wedding madness.

winter wedding


Travis Richardson via Sterling and Nicole

Throw Tradition Out The Window

Somewhere along the way in wedding planning history, it became common practice to treat winter weddings like they are a way to decorate for the holidays twice. Before you ever let the idea that your winter wedding has to be holiday festive enter your mind, throw it out. Winter weddings that speak to holidays are truly gorgeous, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t think and decorate outside of the box. You don’t have to use red, gold, silver,  or green. Treat your winter wedding like you would if it was planned for any of season — stay true to your style and you vision and rock any color palette or theme you’d like.

winter wedding place cards

via Fork Spoon Bacon

Remember The Weather

It’s true that snow on a wedding day can bring the day alive. However, it is important to remember that snow is pretty, but it is also very cold and can get nasty pretty quickly. When planning for your winter wedding, be sure consider the weather with every decision you make: Will you freeze in your wedding dress? Will outdoor photo be possible? Will you guests be miserable throughout your outdoor send off? Weather is an important factor to consider when it comes to the details, don’t forget it and always have a back up plan. For our winter weddings in CT, our day-of team always keeps hot beverages on hand, hand warmers, and whatever else we can do to keep our couples and the wedding party from freezing during the outdoor photo shoot!

winter wedding tablescape

Laura Jane Photography via Style Me Pretty

If Holiday Themed, Stay True to Less Is More

Just because we believe in throwing the idea that winter weddings have to be holiday themed out the window doesn’t mean we don’t love a holiday themed winter wedding. In fact, we couldn’t love them more if we tried. However, we do believe that holiday themed weddings should follow a less is more philosophy. This way the wedding speaks to both the spirit of the holiday season AND your wedding day. If you go overboard with ornaments, candy canes, and fake snow, the purpose of your wedding day can be overshadowed. Nobody wants their wedding to look like holiday-decorated department store, so incorporate the theme, but don’t let it dominate (the pictures we’ve included throughout this blog speak to the more elegant version we are referring to here).

winter wedding ideas

Robin Proctor Photography via The Knot

Be Considerate of Your Guests

Winter weddings are the least popular among couples and their families because of all the hassle that goes along with the cold, unpredictable weather. You may be thrilled that it is snowing outside the windows of your venue, but bad weather can make guests feel insecure and uncomfortable, especially if they traveling long distances back home. When planning for your wedding consider options like providing transportation to the venue, having extra mittens and scarves on hand, and reserving a hotel block. Another important thing to remember when it comes to choosing a winter wedding date is that you may receive a lot of declined invitations due to holiday plans and reluctance to travel during the winter months. Our best advice in these situations is to be understanding and prepared to make many changes along the way.

We hope that these few tips get to started planning you winter wedding day and, as always, you are always welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have! For now, happy planning and happy holidays!

Colorful Wedding Inspiration Board: Pink & Gold Glitter

Colorful Wedding Inspiration Board: Pink & Gold Glitter

Sometimes you just need a little sparkle in your life. After these past few weeks of earlier darkness, that’s definitely our motto over here at Down The Aisle…it has surely brightened our day! With all this feel good to go around, we thought it would be perfect to share a bit of glitz and glam with our readers and brighten your day as well. For this shades of pink and gold glitter wedding inspiration board, we wanted accents and details that would really pop, but remain elegant. Often when using glitter details, it is easy to go a bit overboard (it’s happened to us too!), and then your fabulous event can turn out looking like a princess birthday party.

Elegant Pink And Gold Glitter

This wedding inspiration board errs on the side of sophistication, elegance, and glitter done in moderation and shows you exactly how you can use glitter elements without becoming tacky and overdone. Our suggestion when using glitter is to focus on accent pieces like the chair decoration or escort cards below. With small details like these the glitter is noticeable and gorgeous, but not flamboyant. For using glitter with larger items, go for things like the tablecloths, the cake, or your bouquet. Another detail that can be problematic when incorporating glitter into your wedding day decor is what color to pair the glitter with. Our suggestion is to stick with a color palette that is feminine and uses at least one bold color and one softer color; think reds, pinks, or blues. These color options are great choices because they compliment the glitter without being overshadowed.

So get ready to turn your day around with a little sparkle! This wedding inspiration board will surely make your day and get you inspired!

pink+glitter inspiration board

See? What’s not to love about a little glitter here and there? Glitter done right can definitely take a look to a whole new level! For tips on using glitter with your color palette or for a custom wedding inspiration board of your own, feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas!

~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

Share Your Story: Include a Bride and Groom Fact Sheet!

Share Your Story: Include a Bride and Groom Fact Sheet!

Think back to the very first day you met your fiancée. Remember those butterflies? Remember how you got excited every single time he looked at you? Remember how amazing it felt? Of course, you do. Every couple has a story — some of them are crazy, some of them are romantic, some of them seem almost impossible. However, one thing that is true for every couple’s story is that it is worth sharing, especially on the day when you vow to spend your lives loving each other. So we want you to share your story with your guests at your wedding so that they can be a part of your journey from first meeting to wedding day. How do you do that? It’s quite simple really if you just include a bride and groom fact sheet in your big day. Whether it is a section of your program, part of your table number decor, or a sheet of its own, a bride and groom fact sheet will be loved by your wedding guests. Even those who’ve heard your story before will appreciate learning knew things and feeling like they can relive your story with you and enjoy the day even more knowing where you and your fiancée’s love began. So go ahed, share your story and show your guests why you cannot get that silly grin off your face each time your look at him. Check out the bride and groom fact sheet ideas below!

bride and groom fact sheet