Gorgeous Bridal Shoes for Any Style!

Gorgeous Bridal Shoes for Any Style!

Every bride knows that picking out her wedding dress is one of the most important decisions she’ll have to make in her wedding planning journey. However, many forget that choosing bridal shoes to accompany your gown can be just as important of a decision. They must fit with the gown’s style, the wedding details, and, of course, fit the bride’s personality. With so many details to keep in mind, finding the perfect pair of bridal shoes can be no easy task. So let us bring you inspiration for every bridal style and you’ll definitely find a pair that you can’t live without for your wedding day! Trust us, you’ll be ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing the whole way!

Traditional Bridal Shoes

traditional 3

traditional 2

traditional 1

Vintage Bridal Shoes

vintage 3

vintage 2

vintage 1

Beach Bridal Shoes

beach 2


beach 1

Although you can wear shoes for your beach wedding, it usually leads to annoying problems like sand in your shoe. Our suggestion for a  beach wedding is to wear foot jewelry like those featured above. They are pretty, feminine, and add something extra to going barefoot.

Oxford Bridal Shoes

oxfords 3

oxfords 2

oxfords 1

Oxfords are awesome shoes to rock for almost any occasions and they have definitely gained popularity across the U.S. in the past few years, especially for a more laid back and non-traditional wedding day accessory. Dress them up for a more elegant look or dress them down for a more relaxed style — either way, we love bridal oxfords!

 Glam Bridal Shoes

glamour 2

glamour 1

glamour 3

Flat Bridal Shoes

flats 1

flats 2

flats 3

If comfort is key to your wedding day style, then flats are definitely the way to go. But don’t think that just because they are flat they lack style and sophistication, our favorites are all about sass!

Something Blue Bridal Shoes

something blue 3

something blue 2

something blue 1

Cowgirl Boots Bridal Shoes

boots 3

boots 2

boots 1

For a country or rustic inspired wedding, cowgirl boots are definitely the way to go!

Sandal Bridal Shoes


sandals 3

sandals 2

Boho Bridal Shoes

boho 3

boho 2

boho 1

Boho brides, there are options for you too and we must say that we love the diversity of choices and styles that accompany a boho wedding look! From goddess inspired foot jewelry to fringe boots, these looks are perfect for a unique wedding style!

We are dying to know which bridal shoes are perfect for you! Share your thoughts with us here or contact us for help picking our your perfect style!

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Think Pink! — A Look at the 2014 Vera Wang Bridal Collection

Think Pink! — A Look at the 2014 Vera Wang Bridal Collection

2014 is just around the corner and wedding gown designers around the globe have unveiled their gorgeous new collections for the upcoming bridal season! After viewing thousands of stunning dresses, we can proudly say we are excited to see our brides don some of these stunning dresses that featured lots of beautiful detailing, subtle bling, and unique silhouettes. However, one collection definitely stood out from among the rest as the collection didn’t feature a single white dress, but different shades of pink from dress 1 to 14. And we don’t mean soft pastels like the dress that Jessica Biel floored us in earlier this year, but bright pinks! Well known for her playful use of color and fabulous details, Vera Wang has shocked the participants of bridal fashion week and brides for years. True to her creativity and knack for creating stunning gowns, she definitely did not disappoint this year with her drop dead gorgeous pink collection! Check out the 2014 Vera Wang bridal collection and swoon with us!

pink bridal gown pink, strapless wedding dress hot pink wedding dress 2014 Vera Wang Bridal Collection 2014 Vera Wang Bridal Collection 2014 Vera Wang Bridal Collection 2014 Vera Wang Bridal Collection 2014 Vera Wang Bridal Collection 2014 Vera Wang Bridal Collection 2014 Vera Wang Bridal Collection 2014 Vera Wang Bridal Collection 2014 Vera Wang Bridal Collection 2014 Vera Wang Bridal Collection

 What do you think of her pink bridal collection? Would you say, “yes!” to one of these dresses? Share your thoughts with us or contact us for help with the latest trends for the 2014 bridal season!

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Photos via verawang.com



Fabulous Welcome Gifts for Out of Town Wedding Guests!

Fabulous Welcome Gifts for Out of Town Wedding Guests!

If you are planning a destination wedding or expecting guests from out of town, then taking extra steps to show your appreciation can really make your guests feel special and loved. One of the best ways to welcome your guests to your wedding day or weekend is to surprise them with a personalized, unique, and fun welcome gift! Whether big or small, a welcome gift just adds a little something to their arrival and shows that you are happy that they are able to spend this very important day with you and that their attendance is special to you. And who doesn’t want to feel special? Nobody, of course! So today we are breaking down the steps to creating a perfect welcome gift for your guests!

1) Make it Personal

Welcome gifts are lovely, but without a personal touch, they don’t have the same sentiment attached to them. So it is important to address the guest by name and include a note made especially for them. This one small thing shows that the gift isn’t just a formality, but that you really want to express that you are excited to have them at your wedding day and that you are truly appreciative of the effort they made to share the day with you. Trust us, a welcome gift just isn’t the same without the personal touch.

Another fun way to make the gift personal is to use it as an opportunity to share the details of you and your fiancé — how you met, the proposal story, etc. They will love that they are included in your story and that you wanted to share your relationship with them!

wedding welcome gift

2) Introduce the Area

Obviously, the guest is out of town and most likely they have no idea what there is to do or see in the area you’ve chosen for your day. So use the welcome gift to acquaint them with the location. Include a map, a list of your favorite places to visit, brochures for great restaurants, etc. This adds to that personal touch we mentioned before and helps your guests enjoy their time in the area. Nobody wants to stay in a hotel every moment that they aren’t at your wedding, so help them make the most of their stay!

destination wedding gift

3) Share Treats & Eats!

Everybody loves treats, so include some fun snacks in your welcome gift! Whether they are your homemade favorites or famous snacks and drinks from the area, they make a great (and yummy!) addition. This is a great time to show off you and your hubby-to-be’s personality, to share some delicious food, or just put a smile on a guest’s face!

wedding guest gift


4) Pretty Packaging

Be sure to give your welcome gift a pretty package. Sure, the look shouldn’t matter as much as the thought that goes into it, but nice packaging shows attention to detail and, again, that the guest enjoying the gift is important to you. So go ahead and deck out the gift in your wedding theme, colors, or an entirely unique look! Any way that you choose, a cute package always builds a little bit of excitement!

girly welcome gift


5) Include Details

Yes, they received an invitation in the mail just like everybody else, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include the details in the welcome gift. Small things like directions to the ceremony and/or reception, the type of clothes to be worn, the time, etc. should be included to help the out of town guests. After all, they’ve traveled (often long distances) and they are most likely not familiar with the area, so give them a little extra help!

custom welcome gift

6) Get Creative!

There are definitely items that help out a guest when you include them in the welcome gift, but that doesn’t mean you need to follow a mold. Make the welcome gift you put together unique to you and your fiancé! So include things that are important to you, that are special to you, and that really show off your personality and style as a couple! For example, you can include your favorite brand of slippers or an umbrella with your favorite quote. The wedding is about sharing your love with your guests,  so get creative and enjoy!

What items will you include in the welcome gift for your guests?

Still not sure? We are here to help! Contact us for more tips, more ideas, and welcome gift etiquette!

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Ready, Set, Go! Reception Games

Ready, Set, Go! Reception Games

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Almost all of us have attended a wedding where you may or may have not sat around for an hour or so pretty bored while you wait for the photo sessions to end and the reception to begin. There can definitely be awkward moments of small talk and wondering around the reception venue while you wait for the real fun of a wedding to start. So, of course, as a bride you don’t want to inflict the same pain on others, and it’s easy to forget small things like these with so many other details to consider for the wedding day.

Reception Games

So consider this quick and easy remedy for the reception that will keep guests, both adults and children, thoroughly entertained during the down period between the ceremony and the reception. Reception Games. Yep, you read that correctly — games for your reception. You might initially think that reception games can be childish and cheesy, but we assure you that they are not only fun, but add so much character and detail to your reception whether it be a game of giant chess, bingo, horseshoes, I spy, or checkers. More and more, brides and grooms are adding games to the cocktail hour to lighten things up, get guests talking, and to start the fun before they even arrive. Just look at some of the cute ideas below! The display can be entirely custom and you can go outside or inside with the reception games you choose. What could you lose from incorporating your favorite games? Right. Nothing. Guests will love them and so will you. So pick out your favorites and and ready, set, go! Play games!

reception games

For more fun reception games, contact us! The ideas are endless!


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Ideas from Down The Aisle: Monogrammed Wedding Food

Ideas from Down The Aisle: Monogrammed Wedding Food

As we are sure you’ve noticed by now, monogram madness is everywhere. From purses to cars to weddings, displaying your initials has become a huge trend lately that doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. And why would it? There are so many things you can do with monograms! In the wedding world, monograms are often a huge part of the wedding decor not only because they are great statement pieces but because they reflect a transition into a new phase of life for many couples as either one or both halves of the pair usually gain a new last name. By incorporating the new initials into the wedding day, couples can easily signify their bond as newlyweds. And frankly, we love how creative you can get with monograms these days. Our personal favorite idea of all time? Monogrammed wedding food! Yes, we are sure you’ve seen tons of cookies and cakes and confections with monograms on them, but that’s not what we mean today, our monogrammed wedding food favorite is in a unique category of its own. We know you’ll love this unique twist on this fun trend! You have to see for yourself!

sealed chocolate stamp wedding food

Ali Harper via Once Wed

We absolutely adore these two monogrammed desserts because they are completely unique and adorable! The first one is sealed with hand-done chocolate stamps for a sophisticated look that is just beyond gorgeous. The second dessert gives a whole new meaning to putting a monogram on your wedding cake as the monogram is done with intricate hand-done icing work. These two definitely give monogrammed wedding food a new and fresh look!


via Bold American Events

These unique ideas aren’t just for wedding desserts, these two stunning examples demonstrate just how gorgeous and elegant monogrammed wedding food can be when the monogram is created using a searing technique. The seared monogram definitely adds that special touch to really make the food have the appeal of being selected by the couple personally. We truly love the personalized touch!

What do you think? Will one of these monogramming techniques be found on your wedding food? With Down The Aisle, ideas like these and much more can be a part of your wedding day details! Contact us for more unique ideas!

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Super Pretty Wedding Cake Toppers

Super Pretty Wedding Cake Toppers

We’ve all seen the traditional wedding cake toppers. You know, the sometimes creepy dolls that can be acting out anything from a bride and groom kissing to holding hands to strangling each other. Yes, that does exist and to each his own. After all, no two couples or wedding styles are the same. However, those traditional wedding cake toppers aren’t for every bride or every wedding, so these days brides are saying goodbye to the traditional wedding cake toppers and are opting for more creative and pretty styles to hold that special place on the top tier of their wedding cake. From monograms to banner to flowers and more, the ideas are truly endless. As wedding planners, we love these new styles because it creates another avenue through which a wedding day can be even more personalized and unique to the bride and groom. Plus, what’s not to love about exploring new ideas and creativity? Join us for some wedding cake topper fun and check out some of our favorite ideas below! Trust us, finding a wedding cake topper style you like will be a piece of cake.

wedding cake toppers

In love with a wedding cake topper yet? Hold on, we’ve got more!

wedding cake toppers

Ah! All these gorgeous wedding cakes and cake toppers have us itching to do some wedding planning! So contact us to get started planning your special day by contacting us. We promise we’ll have even more goodness in store for you!

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Beyond the Photos: Fun Wedding Day Mementos

Beyond the Photos: Fun Wedding Day Mementos

Sure, your wedding photos are the most perfect way to capture the details and beautiful memories of your wedding day. They are mementos that last a lifetime, they can be displayed, shown to others, and referred to when you want to relive the wonderful moments of the day. But creating wedding day mementos from can go beyond your photos and give details from the day texture and tangibility. Oh, and did we mention they are awesome for displays and stories as well? Don’t get us wrong, wedding photos are one of our many many favorite things, but don’t cut yourself short by relying only on your wedding photos to commemorate arguably one of your most favorite life moments ever. Really. What’s not to love about perserving small details that will always bring memories and a smile to your face? Absolutely nothing! So here are some ideas for fun wedding day mementos that you can add to your post-wedding idea list!

Turn Mementos into Christmas Decor:

christmas ornament wedding mementos

Take your bouquet, your wedding invitation or even your dress and make gorgeous ornament mementos for Christmas time! These are beyond gorgeous and are a great way create wedding day mementos for your home and the holidays!

Create a Shadow Box:

wedding memento shadow boxes

We can’t get enough of the unique ways you can use shadow boxes to create fun wedding day mementos. Each of these incorporates different ideas and individual tastes!

Reuse Items for the Home:

reusing wedding decor in the home

Be kind to the environment and make use of some of your wedding items — from wine bottle corks to your cake stand, get creative and include elements from your wedding in your home together! They make for awesome decor and adorable wedding day mementos!

Remembering Place:

wedding day mementos

Did it rain on your wedding day? Did you get married on the beach or a beautiful farm? Then save a small portion of the location by collecting a bit of the rain, dirt or sand!


Want additional tips or ideas for how to preserve items from your wedding day? Then give us a shout! We’d be happy to share ideas with you!


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Tips from Down The Aisle: The Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Tips from Down The Aisle: The Rehearsal Dinner Dress

When it comes to wedding planning, the dress that is always your mind is the wedding dress. It’s the big reveal, the one dress you’ll only wear for one day of your whole life, the one that everyone is excited to see. But there’s a second dress that often is forgotten about in the wedding planning frenzy — the rehearsal dinner dress. Although it doesn’t rank in importance as high as many other wedding details, the rehearsal dinner dress becomes very important the moment you realize you never bought one. But with remembering to purchase the dress comes a lot of questions: What kind of dress should I wear? Does the color matter? How formal should the dress be? and many more.

So before you panic, here are some tips on making the rehearsal dinner dress purchase.


simply click on each image for source

  • Does it have to be white?

This question actually comes up a lot when it’s time to buy the rehearsal dinner dress. Somewhere along the way, the concept of wearing a white wedding dress (which of course you don’t) got transferred over to the rehearsal dinner dress. But before you go frantically shopping for a white dress, stop yourself! Rehearsal dinner dresses can be any color that you like — from your wedding colors to your favorite color to rainbow. The options are endless, but remember the season and the type of rehearsal dinner when deciding on the color.

  • When should I buy the rehearsal dinner dress?

Ideally, it is best to buy the rehearsal dinner dress when you finalize the details of the rehearsal dinner. Makes sense, right? That way you don’t buy a dress that is too casual or too formal or that doesn’t compliment the rest of your plans. However, the rehearsal dinner dress can definitely wait until closer to the wedding date. Ideally, two weeks before. This way, you can have plenty of time to search for a dress without stressing and you have more time to buy a different dress if something goes wrong.

  • What kind of dress should I buy?

The type of dress depends on many things, such as the venue, the level of formality, the season, etc. If it is a formal rehearsal dinner in the middle of fall, then you definitely don’t want to waltz in wearing a cotton sun dress. So the most basic rule of thumb is to go with a dress style that compliments the venue and style of the rehearsal dinner, and you!

  • Does it have to compliment my wedding dress?

Nope, not at all! The rehearsal dinner dress is often used as a way for a bride to show off a different side of her style and personality. If your wedding dress is very romantic, try showing off the more bold and edgy side of your style. For this occasion, feel free to rock a completely different style.

  • Does it even have to be a dress?

Absolutely not. If your rehearsal dinner is a casual BBQ in the backyard or a small gathering with close family and the wedding party, then feel free to mix it up. Remember, the wedding and the rehearsal are all about you and your hubby-to-be, so if you aren’t up for a dress, your favorite jeans and a cute top are always a great choice for a more casual event.


We hope this helps you with some long unanswered questions about the rehearsal dinner dress, but if we missed something, let us know! We are happy to answer any lingering questions you may have!


~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

At Home Weddings – Frugal or Foolish?

At Home Weddings – Frugal or Foolish?

At home weddings are often hailed as the great alternative to having to endure the costs of renting a wedding venue. However, when you dig a little deeper, is having an at home wedding and foregoing the traditional wedding venue truly a frugal move or is it more of a foolish mistake? We’re here to investigate and give you the inside scoop on the pros/cons, the unexpected needs, and the true story behind hosting an at home wedding, whether it be for the whole event, the ceremony, or just the reception.

Permits, You Might Need One

Certain areas and districts require an inspection and a permit before you can have your backyard or at home wedding due to safety hazards, parking issues, and noise potential. So be sure to check before you start planning for your big day. Also, don’t be caught off guard if you have to pay a fine for the inspection and/or the permit as they are often utilized in some cities.

Everything is in One Place

One huge benefit of having your wedding at home is that everything is in one place. There is no worries about securing a place for a ceremony and/or a reception because it’s all right there from start to finish. This can help cut out the hassle of worrying about both spaces.

at home wedding by revert photo

Revert Photo via The Sweetest Occasion

You’ll Have to Rent Almost Everything

Unless you have a very small wedding guest list in mind for your at home wedding, then renting anything and everything from tables and chairs to a dance floor to a generator is a definitely possibility. Keep these rental costs in mind when formulating the number of guests you’d like and when planning for the budget. In the long run, it might not be cheaper than renting a venue.

You Can Set Up Everything the Day Before

Often wedding venues only allow you a set time in the space from start to finish, but with an at home wedding you don’t have that limitation. You can set up a lot of things the day before and help reduce some of the day of stress. With lots of major things already prepared, then you can spend more of the day of the wedding focusing on enjoying the day.

backyard at home wedding reception

Lang Photographers via Ruffled

Talk with Your Insurance (Yes, seriously.)

Homes can often taken a serious beating when you have that many guests going in and out throughout the day and the risk of someone getting hurt is always a potential problem, so check with your home owner’s insurance about these risks before you begin planning. They can let you know all the details and options before the big day arrives.

There is More Vendor Flexibility

A big downside of venues is that they often have an in-house caterer and preferred vendors, with an at home wedding, you don’t have to deal with those constraints. You can choose the vendor you like at a cost that works for you without having the hassle of bypassing the venue. This is a great way to cut costs and have the wedding you want.

backyard wedding ceremony

Grise Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Compare the Ratio of Guests to Bathrooms

To avoid any septic tank issues or a long lines of guests dying to get a turn in the restroom, consider your ratio of guests to the number of bathrooms in your home before you choose to host your at home wedding. If the guests far outweigh the number of available restrooms, then you’ll have to consider the possibility of renting portable options. We know, we know…portable bathrooms aren’t exactly the most beautiful wedding decor, but luckily they’ve gotten a lot more stylish and clean over the years. So put decor issues aside, but remember that this is an additional cost to add to your wedding day budget.

Any Date You Want is Available

Instead of battling a hundred other brides over the wedding date you want, you can have your wedding any day you want when you host your wedding at home. This allows you to give yourself as much or as little time as you desire for the planning stage and gives you the opportunity to have your wedding in the season you’d like best.

Check with your Wedding Vendors First

Many vendors aren’t able to accommodate an at home wedding, so check with your vendors before booking them. Especially make sure to check with your caterer as they often need special kitchens to prepare all the food. So before losing money and wasting time, make sure your vendors are good to go with your at home setup.

Deal with Fewer Rules

Because of certain policies, venues often restrict couples on what they can and cannot do at the venue. With an at home wedding, you can do as you please once you get everything cleared with local permits and ordinances. Have dinner under the stars, decorate as you please, let the kids run around, the rules are up to you!


Misti Layne via Ring Spotters

Watch the Weather

Just as with any outdoor venue (if you’re considering a backyard location), the weather is always a threat. So make sure to have a plan B just in case of rain, heat waves, or chilly days happen to come your way. In this case, tent rentals, fan rental, or outside electric heaters should be consider for a backup plan. Again, this poses the idea that more unexpected costs might come your way.

Be Totally Unique

When you host your wedding at home, whether it be at your friend’s, your family member’s, or your own backyard, you have the opportunity to have a completely unique wedding. Of course, no two weddings are ever the same, but when you have the unique space to call home to your wedding day you have a space that hasn’t been used by countless other brides throughout the years. At home weddings are also known for being more intimate and personal, which is always a great bonus.


So there you have it — the ups and downs of hosting you special day at home. As we pointed out, there are tons of unexpected costs associated with having an at home wedding that range from permits to many, many rentals. So in the long run, the cost may be the same or even more than renting a venue. However, you have a lot of freedom to have your wedding any way you want when you choose an at home space. So watch you budget, weigh the pros and cons, and pick which option works best for you. Whether you choose to have an at home wedding or a venue hosting affair, the results will be beautiful either way! And, of course, we are always here to answer questions. So contact us with any worries, ideas or questions!

Outdoor Weddings: Cute Wedding Coolers

Outdoor Weddings: Cute Wedding Coolers

Well, it’s officially hot outside as we hit the summer peak. With all this warm, sunny weather, we just want to sit back and drink an ice cold lemonade and enjoy the beautiful summer atmosphere. Oh, and, of course, this weather has got us thinking about summer weddings, especially outdoor summer weddings.

Outdoor weddings in the summertime are really beautiful, but they also have the really ugly con in that they can also be miserably hot if your big day just happens to fall on one of those sweltering days (barn wedding anyone?). No one wants their guests to spend their wedding day praying for air conditioning, so why not combine our current craving (an ice cold drink) and your summer wedding by including a cute outdoor wedding cooler into your decor? The benefits are endless. For example, they allow guests to self-serve so there is not need to hire someone to serve drinks, they are really adorable and versatile, the costs isn’t astronomical, and it helps cut down on the hot day blues. Did we mention they are really cute? Okay, okay, we’ll stop. Just see for yourself why we love this idea!

canoe coolerrustic wedding cooler

bathtub wedding coolerbird bath wedding cooler

retro wedding coolerfun wedding cooler

centerpiece wedding coolersailboat wedding cooler

rustic box wedding coolerold truck wedding cooler

What do you think? Could a wedding cooler be perfect for your outdoor reception? If so, contact us and well give the inside tips on how to incorporate the perfect style for you!

~Blog contributed by Audra Jones