The Wedding Registry: The Date Night Registry!

The Wedding Registry: The Date Night Registry!

Traditionally, couples all over the country use the wedding registry as a way to request items that they will need once they are married and combining households, such as kitchen utensils, bedding, etc., etc. However, more and more brides and grooms are branching out with the wedding registry and requesting unique and savings savvy items like donations to important needs, such as a house fund or a donation to the college fund for their future children. Clearly, there are long standing rules about what is and is not a proper wedding registry request, but those rules are changing and being broken more and more…and for good reason.


And, if you know us, you know that we love a unique and fun wedding registry idea! So with this post we are sharing one of our favorite ways to err slightly on the side of tradition, but with a twist! Drum roll please! Wedding registry gifts that double for great post-nuptial date ideas! Once you tie the knot, that obviously doesn’t mean that you stop needing great date ideas. These six wedding registry picks of ours double as a great gift, but also a fun ways to spend time together as husband and wife. Check them out!

6 wedding registry gifts that can be used as fun date ideas!

We know, we know. You probably are looking at those images and wondering if we have lost our minds. Don’t count them out yet though, let us explain why they make for awesome date ideas!

1. The Ultimate Picnic Basket, $67 –

Not only is this picnic basket completely adorable, it can be used for a fun picnic date in the park, by the river or even in the backyard! Pack up a sweet lunch and have a fun day together! We love this registry pick because it is so versatile and can be used for years to come.

2. The Gardening Set, $39.99 –

Talk about useful! This gardening set is perfect for making a garden together or planting your favor flowers on a pretty spring day. This gift is great because you wouldn’t necessarily consider it at first glance, but when considering all it’s uses and the potential for doing something fun and unique together it really shines.

3. The Ticketmaster Gift Card, Varies –

We love love love this wedding registry gift ideas because it is customizable and allows the guest to choose how much they spend. Plus, it’s great for you because you can use it to go see your favorite band or sports team together. It’s simple, no fuss, and fun.

4. The Beer Making Kit, $40 –

This beer making kit from The Brooklyn Brewshop is definitely a one-of-a-kind gift idea. One their website, you can choose from many different flavor options, which makes it easy to find something you both will enjoy. This gift would make for a great date night because it’s completely original and you get to enjoy the results!

5. The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Membership, Varies –

A CSA is a partnership with your local farmers that allows you to receive freshly grown fruits and vegetables while supporting your local agricultural scene. Simply pay a flat fee and receive weekly or monthly deliveries of what your farmer is currently growing that season. We chose this CSA from Local Harvest because they have a great tool that allows you to input your zip code and find your local participating farmers. This is an amazing wedding gift because it helps with food costs and gives you fresh ingredients for a fun night of cooking together with the new package! Really, what’s not to love about helping our your community and receiving great food in return?

6. The 6-in-1 Game Set, $22 –

Game nights are always fun, but if you registering for multiple games can be a pain. We adore this game set because it comes with 6 great games all in one, tidy case. This makes it easy the guest purchasing the gift and for you. Register for this one and you’ll have fun games nights for a lifetime. Plus, when the kiddies come along, they can enjoy it too!

Which gift caught your eye for a fun date night? Click here to share your personal favorite or an idea of your own!

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Thinking Outside of the Envelope: Wedding Invitation Alternatives

Thinking Outside of the Envelope: Wedding Invitation Alternatives

Hello from Down The Aisle!

It has been a rainy and dreary week for us up here in Connecticut, so today we are all about lifting your and, therefore, our spirits with some fun wedding inspiration. As we often see when working with our brides-t0-be, when there are so many details to take care of in preparation for the big day, it is easy to become bogged down and to forget to have fun, t0 enjoy the wedding planning process, and to get creative. So sit back, take a deep breath, and join us in thinking outside of the envelope as we talk about our top 10 wedding invitation alternatives. We have no doubt that these will definitely help you get those creative wedding ideas flowing.

Wedding Invitation Alternatives

1.alternative wedding invitation2.alternative wedding invitation

3.alternative wedding invitations4.alternative wedding invitations

5.alternative wedding invitations6.alternative wedding invitations

7.alternative wedding invitations8.alternative wedding invitations

                      9.alternative wedding invites 10.alternative wedding invitations     


See? We told you that these wedding invitation alternatives would brighten your day! If you are inspired by these ideas and are ready to think outside of the envelope for your own wedding invitation but aren’t sure where to start, then contact us for advice on your wedding invitation alternatives today!


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Ideas from Down The Aisle: Asking the Bridesmaids

Ideas from Down The Aisle: Asking the Bridesmaids

So the moment has come where he has finally popped the question and you are beyond excited. You’ve had ideas running through your head for days on color palettes, locations, dates, which of your girlfriends you will ask to be your bridesmaids and how. Of course, the option still stands to just simply ask, but these days brides are getting more and more creative with fun ways to ask their best friends to be a part of their big day.

When it comes to asking the bridesmaids, three tips can make the asking process a whole lot more fun and personal.

Get creative

Think of the joy you felt when your fiance proposed and imagine how wonderful it is to be asked to be a bridesmaid in an equally as creative and spectacular fashion.

Make it personal

These girls are most likely your best friends, so relive fun memories, including your favorite picture together, and make it about your friendship together over the years.

Surprise them

Whether they are expecting to be a bridesmaid in your wedding or not, surprises the maids by asking them in an unexpected way. Surprises when asking the bridesmaids always make for great stories and unforgettable memories.

Now that we’ve got a few tips down, we want to share some of our favorite ways of asking the bridesmaids! We hope these ideas inspire you to find a great way for asking your best girls!

asking the bridesmaids

asking the bridesmaids 2

asking the bridesmaids 3

We’d love to hear about your ideas for asking the bridesmaids! So share your ideas with us today!

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5 Wedding Registry Alternatives

5 Wedding Registry Alternatives

Oh, the love-hate relationship with the wedding registry. Don’t get us wrong, creating a wedding registry can be one of the most fun parts of planning for your wedding. What’s not to love about gifts? Despite the fun of receiving wedding gifts and adorable wedding cards, registries are one of the most common problems that brides and grooms face.  They also come with a whole lot of questions: Where should we register? Is it okay to ask for money? What if we don’t need anything for our home? How many things should we register for and how much should they cost? This lists goes on and on. Thankfully, wedding planners and the internet is full of answer concerning the etiquette of gift registries. But what about those couples that don’t want to have a traditional wedding registry? Don’t worry. There are options and here are our top 5 picks for wedding registry alternatives.

1. The Universal Registry

giftregistry360 (universal) One of the most common problems couples experience with wedding registries is that they want to register with more than one store. Commonly, with a traditional registry, more than three locations is overdoing it, but with GiftRegistry360, you can register items from any store all in one convenient location. So that great toaster you want from Target can easily be paired with that really useful hammer you saw at Home Depot. This wedding registry alternatives takes all the hassle out of registering at multiple locations.

2. The Future Home Registry


If a future home together is your post-nuptial dream, then Hatch My House is your perfect registry waiting to happen. With this unique and practical registry option, you can ask guests to donate to your house fund. This takes all the awkwardness of asking for money away and helps you build toward a goal.

3. The Charity Registry



The I Do Foundation was created for couples who wish to forgo typical wedding gifts and instead want to make a difference in the world. With this wonderful registry alternative, you can kindly ask question to donate to the charities of your choice in your honor. We love this registry because it’s a beautiful way to share your wedding day with others.


4. The Honeymoon Registry



Is a dream honeymoon on your list? Then Honeyfund is for you. This creative wedding registry alternative allows guests to contribute to your honeymoon fund by booking you an extra night at the resort, purchasing you a bottle of wine to enjoy on your honeymoon, and much more. It offers a variety of options at different prices ranges. Instead of just adding money to your honeymoon fund, they get to pick specific items, which allows the contributions to be more personal and fun.


5. The Wish List Registry


Similar to the Hatch My House registry, Upon Our Start is a registry that’s all out wishes and goals for the future. If you wish to remodel your living room or buy blooms for your garden, then here guests that contribute to the wish of their choice. With their contributions to your wish registry, you forgo tangible gifts and instead receive multiple donations that can help your future wishes come true.

Have a different wedding registry alternative idea in mind? Need advice? Then contact us with any registry questions or desires!

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Spring Bridesmaid Dresses

Spring Bridesmaid Dresses

pantone spring colors

Each year, Pantone sits down with every color swatch you could ever begin to imagine and outlines for the wedding world their predictions for the most popular colors for each season and the year as a whole. What results is a frenzy of awe and inspiration for brides and wedding professionals alike as the colors chosen always give way to fresh color palettes and new ideas. Of course, we here at Down The Aisle can’t help but be inspired by these fun colors. However, it can be difficult to find items for your wedding that aline with or compliment the colors chosen, especially when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. So today, we are bringing you our favorite picks of spring bridesmaid dresses from that highlight each color on Pantone’s spring wedding chart. We love Dessy for this post because they have partnered with Pantone for the past few years to help brides accomplish the looks they want with Pantone colors and they do so with stylish bridesmaid dresses. So sit back and get ready for some non-stop gorgeousness!


Lela Rose Style LR182

Dusk Blue

Dessy Collection Style 2868

Tender Shoots

Alfred Sung Style D448

Grayed Jade

Alfred Sung D482

Lemon Zest

Alfred Sung Style D604

African Violet

Dessy Collection Style 2862


After Six Bridesmaids Style 6609

Monaco Blue

Lela Rose Bridesmaids Style LR161

Poppy Red

Twist Wrap Dress- Long in Flame


Social Bridesmaids Style 8126

Scroll over each dress for collection name and style number.

What’s your favorite Pantone color selection for this spring? Share your ideas with us and we can help you plan a perfect spring wedding!

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Gatsby Themed Wedding Decor: The Wedding Cake

Gatsby Themed Wedding Decor: The Wedding Cake

For weeks, the buzz has been all about the new, bold and modern cinemagraphic take on the classic American novel, The Great Gatsby. Since the first whisper of the movie’s production, the wedding world has gone wild with fantastic ideas and inspiration for Gatsby themed wedding décor, and it’s easy to say that we’ve caught a little bit of the Gatsby fever. Gatsby themed style shoots are everywhere and brides across the county are falling in love with the unique headpieces, the slim silhouettes of the gowns, and the all around glamour of a 20s inspired wedding. All the décor and excitement is a breath of fresh air, but today we are swooning over the retro, art deco inspired cakes that this new trend has brought our way.

Gatsby Themed Wedding Decor: The Wedding Cake

Of course, an ultra 20s inspired wedding of flash and pomp may not be for you, but there are so many ways to take elements of this very versatile look and make it completely yours by incorporating modern and unique twists. This is exactly what brides are doing everywhere, but the newest 20s inspired cakes are what really stand out as combining the best of modern techniques and roaring 20s edge.

To see what we mean, check out our top five picks for this week. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with these Gatsby themed wedding decor fabulous cakes.

Cake 2

via Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes

This cake is fun because it doesn’t instantly make you think of Gatsby themed wedding decor, but has elements that speak to the age. The square shape and the geometric pattern are edgy and show that glamour can be subtle.

Cake 3 Consumed by Cake

via Consumed by Cake

Vibrant gold palettes are most often associated with the 20s era, but this cake stands out in silver. We can’t get enough of the pearl and diamond details!

Cake 4

Brittany Nicole Photography via Style Me Pretty

 This cake speaks the time without over the top flash and details. The great textures and the pop of color show that a cake can be glamorous without sparkle.

Cake 5

via Style Sweet CA

Details, details, details in this Gatsby themed wedding decor! We can’t get enough of the fabulous details of this 20s inspired cake. From the peals to the feathers and geometric shapes, this cake embodied the era with great color and character.

For more ways to pull together your Gatsby themed wedding decor, contact us today! We’ll chat solutions free of charge!

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His and Hers Wedding Reception Cocktails

His and Hers Wedding Reception Cocktails

Should We Serve Alcohol?

The decision whether or not to serve alcohol at your wedding reception can be a difficult decision to make. And once you make up your mind, the more questions that follow: “Are we killing the fun of the reception?” “What kind of drink options should we serve?” “Can we afford a bar?” “What will the guests think?”


via Lynne Brubaker Photography via Easton Events

His and Hers Wedding Reception Cocktails

Needless to say, making the call to serve alcohol is a tough one, but if you do make the decision to serve drinks at the reception, there are plenty of different options. A personal favorite of ours is to serve his and hers wedding reception cocktails. That’s right, your favorite cocktail and his favorite cocktail. Not only do you get to enjoy your favorite personal drink during the reception, the choice to serve only his and hers wedding reception cocktails can be beneficial in so many ways.


Our Labor of Love Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Cut Down On Your Cost

As always, cost is a major factor in any wedding planning decision. Serving alcohol can be very expensive, especially when you offer many options or have a large wedding. Serving his and hers wedding reception cocktails can cut down on the expense by cutting the need for various types of alcohol and ingredients. With personalized cocktails, you can offer two options and cut down on cost without it being blatantly obvious that you wanted to limit the size and scope of the bar. Nobody will notice if it appears to be just a special element of the reception and it will help cut down on those guests that tend to over indulge.


Joileala via 100 Layer Cake

 Show Your Personality

An additional benefit is that his and hers wedding reception cocktails give you another outlet for incorporating your personalities into the event. Guests will love that they can enjoy your favorite drink and learn more about each of you during the reception. Plus, his and her cocktails can allow you to get really creative! From adorable drink stations to delicious and surprising drink combinations, the room for adding creative details to your signature drink is endless.

So get creative, start experimenting, and find your signature cocktail for your wedding reception. There is only fun to be had in the process!  Can’t get your creative juices flowing? We can help! Contact Us for ideas!

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