Sure, your wedding photos are the most perfect way to capture the details and beautiful memories of your wedding day. They are mementos that last a lifetime, they can be displayed, shown to others, and referred to when you want to relive the wonderful moments of the day. But creating wedding day mementos from can go beyond your photos and give details from the day texture and tangibility. Oh, and did we mention they are awesome for displays and stories as well? Don’t get us wrong, wedding photos are one of our many many favorite things, but don’t cut yourself short by relying only on your wedding photos to commemorate arguably one of your most favorite life moments ever. Really. What’s not to love about perserving small details that will always bring memories and a smile to your face? Absolutely nothing! So here are some ideas for fun wedding day mementos that you can add to your post-wedding idea list!

Turn Mementos into Christmas Decor:

christmas ornament wedding mementos

Take your bouquet, your wedding invitation or even your dress and make gorgeous ornament mementos for Christmas time! These are beyond gorgeous and are a great way create wedding day mementos for your home and the holidays!

Create a Shadow Box:

wedding memento shadow boxes

We can’t get enough of the unique ways you can use shadow boxes to create fun wedding day mementos. Each of these incorporates different ideas and individual tastes!

Reuse Items for the Home:

reusing wedding decor in the home

Be kind to the environment and make use of some of your wedding items — from wine bottle corks to your cake stand, get creative and include elements from your wedding in your home together! They make for awesome decor and adorable wedding day mementos!

Remembering Place:

wedding day mementos

Did it rain on your wedding day? Did you get married on the beach or a beautiful farm? Then save a small portion of the location by collecting a bit of the rain, dirt or sand!


Want additional tips or ideas for how to preserve items from your wedding day? Then give us a shout! We’d be happy to share ideas with you!


~Blog contributed by Audra Jones


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  1. Emily Hall

    These ideas are great! I have so many of my wedding decorations stuffed in my closet, along with extra invitations and wedding favors! I admit – I am a HUGE pack rat and can’t ever get rid of anything, but I especially haven’t wanted to throw out stuff from my wedding day! I’ll have to look into these ideas rather than hoarding everything in my closet. Thanks for sharing!

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