“I had so many questions on how to make the timeline. Since we had our ceremony and reception at two different places with the venue having a morning event, I was worried about what order things go where, and I was getting overwhelmed when trying to do it on my own. Best choice was to work with Chris for 3 sessions! Her expertise helped determine the allocation of time for each vendor as well as factoring in the set up. Seriously, I was stressing myself into a panic for weeks, and she wrapped this up for us in a matter of a few days.   ~ Vanessa P.

Although you’re planning your own wedding, you don’t have to go it alone. Our hourly consulting sessions are flexible enough to give you expert support when you need it, without the commitment of bringing a planner on board.

Many couples have confessed to us that, somewhere along the way, they felt stuck on decisions, clueless about how to evaluate vendors, unsure of where to locate resources and torn between other people’s desires and their own.

Coordinating weddings is what we do full-time and we can help you avoid costly mistakes, making sure you’re on the right track, sort through etiquette issues, tackle the toughest decisions and keep family members happy while still getting what you want.

Talk to Christine, our professional and expert wedding planning consultant! Contact me for a one-on-one phone session. Our Hourly Mentoring Sessions are offered at $90/hr.


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