Want To Know The REAL Stress Behind Wedding Planning?

Want To Know The REAL Stress Behind Wedding Planning?

The reality, here, is that I love weddings. I do (no pun intended). But boy, I thought parenting was tough—whew!—but being a wedding planner may just be more challenging, even Forbes agrees, as they listed “Event Planner” as #8 in their Top 10 Most Stressful Careers of 2015.
I’m sure I’m in the minority when I announce “I love my job”, but where else could I assign my Type A mindset to a 24/7 (no 9-5 day here!) job? Being in the wedding planning industry means that I apply my highly conscientious, goal-oriented personality to each and every couple’s wedding, i.e., counting each chair at each event to ensure each table has the right allotted chairs for each guest, and that there’s enough silverware, glasses etc. per guest (I’m also that parent who made another whole batch of made-from-scratch muffins just so there was one more  to bring for the teacher, too).  I’m sure I annoy others from time-to-time with my Type A tendencies, but at least in the workplace, others know they can put their trust in me to get things done, and that I’m determined in achieving outcomes.

Photo Credit: London Wedding Planning

Photo Credit: London Wedding Planning

So  believe me, I definitely am the type who loves to delve deep with my couples, when we’re getting into the planning and bringing the vision to life. But even from my perfectionistic mindset, do you want to know the REAL stress behind the wedding planning? It’s thinking that EVERYTHING in planning the wedding is important.

These days, there’s a lot of decisions that go into the wedding planning process, but I hope you’re in agreement with me when I say that it’ll be irrelevant in five years, to recall what shade of ribbon your mother-in-law wore in her wristlet, whether you served salmon instead of shrimp cocktail for an entree, or whether your bridesmaids join the groomsmen arm-in-arm down the aisle or just go solo (all true story “worries). If you haven’t gone through the wedding planning before, everything you read, see on Pinterest, or hear from friends seems attainable and once again, important. I’m here to remind you that it’s not. Believe me when I say, paying an extra hour to extend your reception so you’ll have more time to mingle and dance with your guests is well worth your investment than paying for a luxury-vintage headpiece that you may wear for four hours.

So when you’re up in the wee hours of the morning wondering about where to have the cocktail hour, or if the exotic flowers you have in mind are in-season, delegate the worrying to us, we’ll help get you started in all the “true” important areas of you day!

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2015 Wedding Trend: The Personalized Wedding Proposal Videography

2015 Wedding Trend: The Personalized Wedding Proposal Videography

At the beginning of each year, after the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, I begin to wonder with amazement, what trends will hit the wedding industry. Here we are, mid-June with half of the year of 2015 over—simply mind blowing—and while any wedding planner like myself would love to discuss what fabric is hot on the runway or which color is taking the lead in the centerpieces, right now my thoughts are on the technical side of things: specifically, Videography. While I realize we live in a “must have it now” type of routine (keeping in mind, I grew up in the age where the stench of flash cubes lingered long after the button on the camera was pressed, and I had to send in my film to be developed), most couples are not reaching for the “GoPro” camera to record their wedding day, unless of course they’re skydiving.

While Videography is certainly not a “touchy-feely” moment up there with selecting the paper suite, wedding gown and wedding florals, it is definitely something most of our couples have been opting for. As a matter of fact, number one answer to a recent Facebook poll we did on  “name the top thing you most regretted about your wedding planning”, was not selecting a videographer for the wedding day (I know that’s one of my personal top regrets). Seems like the majority of couples choose their wedding day photographer early in advance, but Videography seems to get “booted to the back of the line” when it comes to booking a skilled videographer team. I’m here to make you think differently about that choice with personalized wedding proposal videography!

Much fanfare is spent on dialing up the “wow factor” for the wedding day, but let’s not forget that as a precursor, there is usually a proposal in which someone is asking those famous 4 words…why not execute the drama, there?  While flash mob proposals may make for an unforgettable video, the current trend in popping the question is keeping it personal, but still recording it “live”.  A friend and local wedding film producer, Matt Van Ness from MV Film Productions, recently shared with me how he accomplished this with a lovely couple who appeared in Matt’s film under the guise that they were models for images and film for a “stylized wedding shoot”. While shooting a scene in the English Garden backdrop at Wickham Park, the bride-to-be turns around to find her boyfriend-soon-to-be-finance on bended knee under the canopy. What a tear-jerker! Matt is an anomaly in this business, having started his business while still in high school! While he and his team have talent and and offer extraordinary film footage, their customer service is unparalleled in the industry. Watch the film below or click here to view it in a separate window/tab:

Want to chat more about Videography proposals or find out how we can help you find the right industry professionals for your big day? Take a sec and give us a holler, we promise we’ll holler back!

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The Top 25 Things Brides Forget On Their Wedding Day--YOURS FREE when you schedule your get acquainted session!

The Top 25 Things Brides Forget On Their Wedding Day–YOURS FREE when you schedule your get acquainted session!

4 Simple Ways to Save Big on Your Wedding Bar

4 Simple Ways to Save Big on Your Wedding Bar

Weddings are often costly. As wedding planners, it’s our job to do more than just help our brides-to-be create beautiful decor for her big day — it’s our business to make sure her dreams come true within the parameters of the available budget. In fact, we’d say that making sure our clients get the most (and the best) for their money is one of our top priorities, if not number one on our list.

We have a lot of experience working with all sorts of different budgets — from “the sky’s the limit” to “budget-friendly, please” — and we’ve faced many challenges over the years when it comes to making magic happen when the wallet doesn’t match the wish-list. That said, we’ve spent more hours than you can imagine whipping up nifty tricks for saving money in the most savvy ways possible. And, you’d be amazed to learn how cutting back in the least important areas of the budget (Keep in mind: Don’t ever skip on things that are important to you or vendors. Both are key to ensuring you love your day and have a stress-free experience!) can save you thousands in the end.

No, we aren’t advocating you ditch those amazing design plans or skip out on investments that are absolute must-haves (ahem… a great photographer), we’re saying that there are plenty of ways to save money on your wedding when you put your mind to it. One of our favorite methods for saving our brides a pretty penny? Scaling back at the bar. If we could see your face right now, you’re probably looking at your screen with a look of pure confusion on your face: “How can I throw an excellent reception without plenty of booze and bubbly?” Excellent question – scaling back on what you shell out for alcohol doesn’t equate to foregoing the bar altogether or limiting your guests to a one-glass-only reception, it means using the budget wisely to create a fabulous bar at a frugal price. Here’s our favorite inside secrets for doing just that:

1. Skip the Champagne Toast

For some reason, many brides are under the impression that you “must” have a champagne toast. That couldn’t be any more false. The decision to have a champagne toast with all of your guests is entirely up to you. If you don’t want to pass out glasses of champagne for a short toast, then let your guests toast with they hand in hand. Or, you can skip the toast altogether, it’s your call and your opinion on the matter is the only one that matters. However, if you do want to include a champagne toast in your wedding day, there’s another money-saving trick you can use. Instead of filling the glasses completely full or half-way full, have the catering staff fill the glasses 1/3 of the way. All the guests need is one sip, so this is a great way to enjoy the toast and drastically cut down on how many bottles of bubbly you buy!

2. Serve Only Signature Cocktails, Wine and Beer

Another common believe that we’ve encounter across the years? The only way to have a great reception is to host a ritzy, open bar stocked with every brand of wine, liquor, and beer on the market. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Open bars are great if you can afford to spare any expense, but if you’re not eager to spend a fortune on liquoring up your guests, then offer a bar that includes only the signature cocktails, wine, and beer of your choice. It’s great options to get the party going without breaking the bank, and it makes sure there are options for the liquor-lover, the wine-enthusiast, and the beer-guru!


3. Only Offer Liquor during the Cocktail Hour

Staggering what you serve throughout the wedding day is another excellent and discreet way to cut costs at the bar. At the cocktail hour, serve liquor, wine, and beer. But, when the reception and dinner rolls around, serve wine with dinner and break out the beer when it’s time to dance! This will ensure that you’ve given your guests plenty to sip on, but will tighten how much to ultimately spend on pricey liquor.

4. Shorten Your Open Bar Hours

Finally, there’s always the option of shortening the amount of time the bar is open. Not only will this guarantee that you save at least a few hundred dollars on alcohol, it will give you the certainty that your friends and family have plenty of time to sober up before leaving the wedding festivities!

Need more photo-happy Bar inspiration? Check our our Pinterest “bar” board….Interested in organizing your wedding bar needs and trimming back on your bar budget? Reach out to us — we’ve got tons of ideas to share! 


~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

I Have A Venue Coordinator, Do I Need A Day Of Coordinator Too? Difference Between Venue and Day of Coordinator

I Have A Venue Coordinator, Do I Need A Day Of Coordinator Too? Difference Between Venue and Day of Coordinator

So you have the venue chosen and it comes with the “venue coordinator” who will assist with your wedding decisions, but would it be necessary to also have a wedding planner or day-of coordinator (stay tuned to learn the differences between those two)? We’ll help you sort out whether you’ll need a day of coordinator outside of your venue coordinator.

This is one of the most common questions we’re asked by brides and others outside the industry: “is there a difference between venue and day of coordinator”. The answer is a resounding YES. While they are both a valuable asset to the planning process, their responsibilities vary greatly, especially on the all-important wedding day.

Wedding Planner/Day Of Coordinator Christine With A Bride

Wedding Planner Christine With One Of Our Brides 

The Venue Coordinator

The venue coordinator is an employee of the venue you have chosen, and therefore they work for the venue. During the planning process, the venue coordinator will draw up the contract between the venue and couple. They set up your menu tasting and work with you to finalize your hors d’oeuvres, meal choices and bar menu. They also work with you to determine your table setup (number of tables and chairs, place settings and linens) and reception arrangement (location of cocktail hour, bar setup and band/DJ location).

On the wedding day itself, the venue coordinator works to ensure all these details are followed and the venue has delivered on their contracted services. Often times, the venue coordinator departs after the meal is served, with some returning at the end of the wedding to make sure tear down occurs and the venue is properly locked up. Keep this in mind if you are looking for help or support throughout the rest of the wedding.

An important detail to note is that many venues are unable to guarantee you’ll work with a specific coordinator on your actual wedding day. Numerous brides, including myself, have experienced this with their own wedding. In some instances, the couple works with one coordinator throughout the planning process, but receives another on the day of the wedding. This is common with larger venues that host multiple weddings on the same day. In other instances, the coordinator you’ve started planning with has left the venue and is replaced with someone you’re not familiar with—another thing to keep in mind if you’re looking for continuity on your wedding day.

DTA Team - Chris and Jaime

DTA Team – Chris and Jaime


The Wedding Planner/Day Of Coordinator

The wedding planner/day of coordinator is your personal consultant, and therefore works for the bride and groom. They focus on every detail to ensure the flawless execution of your vision on your wedding day. From the initial planning stages to coordination on your actual wedding day, your wedding planner is with you every step of the way and present for all the decision-making that happens.

Most planners offer a variety of services, from full service planning (from the initial planning stages through the wedding day), to day-of coordination (begins 6 to 8 weeks prior to the wedding date), to a la carte services (specific aspects of the wedding). Therefore, their involvement and responsibilities do vary based on the services you’ve hired them for.

Full-service wedding planners are working with you from the very start, helping determine your vision for your wedding and a comprehensive wedding budget. They provide recommendations for the venue, caterer, photographer, videographer, florist, band, transportation and all other vendors, and subsequently review all contracts. Then in the final weeks leading to the wedding, they shift gears to become the “day of coordinator) as they develop a detailed timeline for the day, coordinate your rehearsal and confirm all details leading up to the day with your vendors.

On the wedding day, the planner coordinates all day-of details and arrival times of the vendors while overseeing the accurate setup of the venue, from table settings and floral arrangements to personalized details and DIY decor. They oversee the time management of the day to ensure the smooth transitions from the ceremony through the reception including photography, cocktail hour, first dances, meal service, cake cutting, etc. Just as importantly, they are there to minimize the stress of the day, helping and supporting you throughout the entire day and addressing any issues that arise so you don’t have to.


DTA Team

The Bottom Line

Both the venue coordinator and wedding planner are an essential part of your special day, but it’s important to understand their differences and what each is and isn’t responsible for to avoid possible frustration and disappointment on your day. If hiring a wedding planner seems like the right option for you, contact us for a complimentary get-acquainted session. We’re here to help!

~Blog contributed by Jaime Hrubala, Associate Wedding Planner/Coordinator with Down The Aisle


Expert Tips On The Importance Of Inclement Weather Wedding Planning…And Not Just The Rain!

Expert Tips On The Importance Of Inclement Weather Wedding Planning…And Not Just The Rain!

Here in the Springtime of the North East, it is constantly a mix of rain, drizzle, and even hail. While each wedding we’re involved in brings about its own various worries, I can say with confidence that every couple we work with worries about the weather. Sure, a cloudy and rainy day may not be your first overall desire for the plan of the day, but if there’s a plan in place, it can allow for you and your guests to be comfortable, while allowing for some glorious photography, and stylish rain gear.


Heart-shaped Puddle Captured by Chris Ringuette

Heart-shaped Puddle Captured by Chris Ringuette


Photo By Philip Dehm Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Photo By Philip Dehm Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Being a wedding planner in New England, we’ve pretty much seen it all, having planned weddings  through Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy, as well as the freak “Snowtober” storm Alfred we got right before Halloween back in ’11. Here are some expert inclement weather wedding planning tips which will allow you to appropriately plan around Mother Nature:

Always Have A “Plan B” For The Ceremony (And Not Just Outdoor Ceremonies)

Planning for an alternate location for an outdoor ceremony and photos goes without saying, but did you know that you should also prepare and plan for an alternative ceremony location for non outdoor ceremonies too? You never know when a burst pipe, broken air conditioner or last minute construction (yep, we’ve been through all 3 of these!) can deter your church or ceremony site.  Just in case, you also may want to consider booking a tent as “tent insurance”—a tent reserved on deposit “just in case”, and determined 1-2 days before the wedding whether or not you’ll use it.

Prepare To Keep Your Guests Comfortable

In similar fashion as the above tip, always, always plan to keep your guests comfortable, either cool, warm or dry. We have the know-how to help you with planning for outdoor weddings—be sure to have plenty of umbrellas around, or better yet, offer valet parking; offer fans (hand-held or electric), blankets or pashminas (these make fabulous favors!), and shade too. For indoor festivities, be sure the space offers heat and air conditioning (and that they work!), and be sure that either of these can be offered at a last minute request, if needed (note: there may be an additional fee involved). Lastly, if having a tent, be sure that your tent comes with sides which can be closed (we all know rain likes to come-in slanted!). If you haven’t hired a day-of coordinator, be sure to designate an individual who will be available to close the sides (and knows how to operate them!).

View More: http://jasonlovesmaggie.pass.us/cheryl-dave

Down The Aisle Team Closing Tent Sides


Don’t Forget Your Suppliers

With us by your side as your planner/coordinator, you can rest assured that not only will we be in touch with your suppliers/vendors the week or two prior to the wedding, but the lessons we learned from hurricanes and snowstorms, we also confirm details for alternative arrangements should the florist not be able to get the flowers delivered in time, the caterer having to seek another type of fish because the market supplier couldn’t deliver during a storm, or making alternative transportation plans when roads are not passable. Be sure that when confirming the details, you are checking on how inclement weather issues can be sorted out.

Whether we’re helping with your weather planning intricacies, or coming up with ways to keep your guests comfortable, we’re here to guide you. Reach out to us, we’ll share in solution planning for all potential weather-related wedding mishaps!

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Fabulous Bridesmaid Gift Ideas That We Love!

Fabulous Bridesmaid Gift Ideas That We Love!

Well, hello there, brides-to-be! We hope you’re excited because today we’re diving into a topic that’s not only near and dear to our hearts (as former bridesmaids many times over…and counting), but that tackles an age old question we’re constantly asked, “What should I do for bridesmaid gifts?” Over the years, we’ve seen tons and tons of ideas that we love, seen many bridesmaid gift fads come and go, and seen some brides seriously miss the mark when it came to giving her ‘maids presents they’d enjoy for years to come. That said, we thought it was about time that we put together our own collection of our personal favorite bridesmaid gift ideas.

As soon as we started brainstorming, we quickly realized why so many brides struggle with this task — it’s so difficult to choose when there are so many fabulous choices! But, we forced ourselves to narrow it down to just 8 bridesmaid gifts that we would personally love if we were bestowed the honor of being a bridesmaid anytime again soon. So, go on and check out the results of our week-long search to scout out the best bridesmaid gifts in the land — from personalized gifts that are always appreciated to gifts that just keep on giving, we think you’ll find that a bridesmaid gift idea you love for each and every girl on your list!


1. Personalized Tumblrs via Lone Star Decorated; 2. Customize Bridesmaid Clutches via Mod Dot Textiles; 3. Monogrammed Compact Mirrors via We Love To Create; 4. “Hello” perfume by Harvey Prince; 5. Engraved Flask via Magic Wood Shop; 6. Floral Print Personal Planner via Our Little Messes; 7. Customizable Nail Polishes via Pretty Please Nail Polish; 8. Monthly Makeup Subscription Box via Boxycharm

Need some extra help putting a personal touch on your bridesmaid gifts? Contact us for ideas, advice, and styling advice!

Colorful Wedding Inspiration Board: Pink, Mint & Gold Weddings

Colorful Wedding Inspiration Board: Pink, Mint & Gold Weddings

There is a wedding color trend that is topping the charts right now and must say that we are absolutely smitten. Feminine, glamorous, whimsical, and more, this color trio of pink, mint green, and gold is gorgeous to behold, especially you apply it to a fabulously styled wedding day. We love how perfectly these three hues complement each other and seem to just naturally belong side by side. The best part? It’s a stunning wedding palette for any season, but we are really swooning over the idea of using these colors for spring weddings! To show off just why we are so enchanted by these this pretty palette of colors, we’ve taken the oh-so-fun liberty of putting together and wedding inspiration board full of eye candy and many incredible ways to utilize pink, mint, and gold in your day!

We can’t wait to start incorporating these shades into our styling arsenal for Connecticut weddings this year!

We hope you enjoy our wedding inspiration board!


We don’t want to pat ourselves on the back, but isn’t this wedding inspiration board just to die for? If you like what you see and are bursting with ideas, reach out to us to share your plans and for help with your wedding planning journey!

~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

Photo Sources: Top Left: River Kiss Weddings via Etsy // Top Center: Twilia’s Photography via Every Last Detail // Top Right: Kristyn Hogan via 100 Layer Cake // Middle Left: Sara Lucero via Glamour and Grace // Middle Center: White Spark Photography via The Sweetest Occasion // Middle Right: Kelly Benton Photography via Ruffled // Bottom Left: Corinne Krogh Photography via Ruffled// Bottom Center: Taylor Lord Photography via Brides of North Texas // Bottom Right: via Cakes Decor

Wedding Planning When Parents Are Divorced Or Remarried

Wedding Planning When Parents Are Divorced Or Remarried


So you are at the point of the wedding planning process where you are ready to dive-in to making the guest list come alive—the invitations. We’re not going to lie, it’s not one of the most smoothest or glamorous parts of the wedding planning, especially when there are multiple parties chipping-in with the wedding expenses. Having divorced parents, remarried parents, or parents who are dating new partners does seem to complicate things, particularly with regard to invitation wording, who escorts the bride down the aisle, and the first dances.

Of course in writing this blog, I can’t help but think back to the recent movie The Big Wedding . In the movie, the long-divorced parents of the groom, played by Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton, pretend to still be happily married when their adopted son’s ultra-conservative biological mother (played by Susan Sarandon) decides last minute to attend the wedding (the late Robin Williams also makes a cameo).


Photo courtesy of www.craveonline.com












While this may not pan-out in the real world, we can help provide some assistance in the complex world of wedding planning with divorced parents, significant others, remarried parents, or parents who are dating new partners. We’ve got just the tips to help you with etiquette in this area:

Invitation Wording

Photo courtesy of Tulaloo  stationery www.tulaloo.com

Photo courtesy of Tulaloo | www.tulaloo.com

Traditional Wording When Bride’s Parents Are Still Married and Hosting:

Mr. and Mrs. David Rogers
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Jessica Lynn etc…

Invitation Wording When Parents Are Divorced

One of the most common questions we’re asked is, how do I word the invitations when our parents (or both sets) are divorced? Here are some common examples:

Rule of Thumb: The bride’s mother is always listed on the invitation first (if groom’s parents are divorced, his mother’s name is first before his father and step-mother)

Listing Bride’s Parents – Both Divorced, One Remarried and Both Co-Hosting:

Mrs. Darlene Rogers (or Mrs. Darlene Cody Rogers, if she prefers to use her maiden name too)
Mr. and Mrs. David Rogers
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Jessica Lynn Rogers
Bruce Andrew Collins etc…

Listing Bride’s Parents – Both Divorced and Remarried and Both Co-Hosting:

Mr. and Mrs. Ashford Landry  (bride’s mother and new married name)
Mr. and Mrs. David Rogers (bride’s father/step-father)
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Jessica Lynn Rogers
Bruce Andrew Collins etc…

If both set of parents are hosting, and there’s a step-parent involved, also hosting, then it would be:

Mrs. Darlene Rogers (bride’s mother)  (or Mrs. Darlene Cody Rogers)
and Mr. and Mrs. David Rogers (bride’s father and step-mother)
along with (or “and”)
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Collins (Groom’s parents)
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of
Jessica Lynn
Bruce Andrew etc…

Biological Parents AND Step-Parents: Escorting The Bride And First Dances

It is common practice that someone “gives the bride away”, but that decision is a personal one, and shouldn’t be made with what “tradition” dictates—that it must be the father-of-the-bride.

If there is discord between your father and/or step-father, you could certainly put the drama to rest by not selecting either of them, and instead chose another well-respected relative (uncle, brother, or even your mother) or a close friend of the family. For those who are close to both their father and step-father, why not include them both? You could have both of them—one on each arm—escorting you down the aisle; or you can have one walk you down, and the other can “present” you to your groom, or lift your veil. We’ve even had a bride who had a father escort half-way down the aisle, and the step-father escorting the remaining part of the aisle. This could certainly work for the groom and his mother/step-mother as well.

The Bride Is Escorted By Her Mother

The Bride Is About To Be Escorted By Her Mother


























When it comes to the father/daughter and mother/son dances, the same approach can be taken: you can include both sets by either dancing two separate songs (upon request, DJ’s can shorten songs so it’s not an 8-10 minute process), or dance to one song but alternating partners. Either way, in whatever form it’s taken, the decision to include both a parent and step-parent/life-partner will allow all those involved to feel a part of a momentous occasion.

Ready to get some clarity surrounding your wedding etiquette with divorced parents? Contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can pull it all together!

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Holiday Survival Guide For The Bride-To-Be

Holiday Survival Guide For The Bride-To-Be

It starts with Black Friday…The holidays can be a time of wonder and marvel, but then it could also be a true test of our inner strength. Juggling the demands of added pressures from our families or work to “do more” (bring-in festive “healthy” treats for the kids’ school), can easily put us over the edge. The holiday season can surely reconnect us, but the disrupted schedules, travel, cooking, decorating, and last minute shopping stress can bring on stress faster than a sugar rush from a cookie swap indulgence. Hmmm…sounds familiar, right? Because it sounds a lot like wedding planning!

Whether you’re newly engaged this holiday season, months into your planning, or days before your wedding, each level brings its own amount of stress similar to the holidays. We have the Holiday Survival Guide!

001a_Snowflake Invite


Don’t Over Indulge Just Because The Moment Grabs You – The holidays are a time for gathering with friends and loved ones, and with that brings the feeling of “why not just one more…”. Whether that be the extra cookie (or two) you added on your plate, the extra guest (or two) added to your list, or the extra thousand (or two) you just added to your dress budget, all of these can become intensified when you’re feeling spiritual/giving/festive. If you want to stay within your budget, you may want to postpone some of your wedding-planning decisions until after the new year when you’ve passed the temptations and gained insight.


Fill Your Cup To Fill Up Others – Yes, it’s the truth that we’ve all heard many times, but at the holidays, we may get to the gym less, sleep less, and re-connect with ourselves less. Whatever way you feel most relaxed and at ease, be sure to take the time for yourself so that you don’t get burnt out. Chances are if you’re exhausted and you have a mile long to-do list for your wedding tasks, your fiancé will certainly appreciate your calm demeanor when you’ve had some “you” time.


Setting The New Tradition: Where To Spend The Holidays – Deciding on which side of the family to spend the holidays with, is always a tricky subject for newlyweds, however, it’s really not that different for those who are engaged. When the invite to attend Aunt Margaret’s soiree is put out there, set the precedent now by not giving the tried-and-true answer of “let me get back to you, I need to talk with my fiancé first”. This sends the message that you’re a combined team now, and won’t just say “yes” to the first invite. Read more on “How To Decide Where To Spend The Holidays”.


The Holidays Are Everyone Else’s Holiday Too – You’re surrounded by many, and you may want to spend time chit-chatting the latest planning news—the new bridesmaids color you’ve found, or details on the tasting you just went to—just keep in mind that while your family is interested in learning the newest details and they are interested, it’s still the holidays for everyone else. Consider catching everyone up in a “New Year’s” letter/email update.

While the holiday season is the slow time for wedding professionals, it’s yet a busy time in meeting prospective clients. Give us a shout, and we’ll connect you with the best talent, to help you skip the January rush!

Happy Holidays!
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4 Tips for Scoring a Perfect Wedding Cake

4 Tips for Scoring a Perfect Wedding Cake

Wedding magazines are full of them. Pinterest has more than we could ever fathom. And everyone has an opinion. So yeah, selecting a wedding cake design and style that’s right for your wedding day is a bit of a difficult task. The pretty options are endless, and if you’re like most brides, your budget can only handle one wedding cake, despite the fact that you’re head over heels for at least 8 different looks. As wedding planners, we know the conundrum as well as any — and have seen many of our brides vacillate over this detail throughout the last 5 years.

In fact, a bride-to-be recently reached out to us with a similar dilemma: “Should I go with one big cake, many small cakes, or cupcakes? Do I ever need a cake at all? Is it fine to have a dessert station instead?” she asked. Her question is a common one, and it often leaves brides feeling frustrated about what should be a fun part of planning (you do get to taste cake, after all!). So with her story and our past brides in mind, we decided it was time to put together our top 4 tips for scoring the perfect wedding cake for your day. Don’t get us wrong, there are many great tips out there, but our picks really get to the heart of solving this big wedding planning puzzle, so keep them in mind as you set out to select yummy treats — whether you go for that dessert station, an assorted cakes display, or one big beautiful wedding cake — for your upcoming celebration!

Tip 1: Hire a reputable baker/bakery.

Having a wedding cake that you love all starts with the baker. The better their reputation and their quality of work, the more likely you are to have a great experience and adore the final product. To begin your search, we suggest asking for suggestions from friends, talking with your wedding planner, and doing some searching online (be sure to read all the reviews you can). Once you find a few who have great ratings and work that makes you’re heart go pitter-patter, reach out to set up appointments. When everything is said and done, choose the baker/bakery who really clicks with your personality, fits your budget, and gets your vision!

Tip 2: Don’t forget that your cake is part of the decor.

It’s definitely okay for your cake to stand out a little among the wedding decor. But, problems usually come up when you go too far off in left field with your cake design. If you’re having a rustic wedding, a cake covered in pearls is probably not the design that’s right for you or a look that’ll you be happy with in the long run. So at the beginning of your search for a design you love, limit your search to options you know your budget can handle (however, it is perfectly okay to choose something extravagant and talk with your cake maker about how to make it work with your budget) and that really fit in with the theme or look of your day. You’ll be much happier with the end result and your cake won’t stick out for being out of place among the decor you’ve selected.

Tip 3: Consider the size of your wedding & portions.

When selecting a wedding cake that’s going to be great for your big day, it’s essential to keep the size of your wedding and portions in mind. If you’re having 250 guests, you may not want to go with cupcakes or a dessert bar (that’s a lot of cupcakes and various desserts to pay for). If you’re having a small wedding, having 3 different cakes or a big wedding cake is probably not right for you…unless you want to be eating cake for months. So before you start making plans and picking out designs, consult with your vendor and/or your wedding planner for ideas about what will work best for your guest count and the portion size you’re looking to have at your wedding.

Liji Jinaraj and Ladybug Cakes & Catering via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Tip 4: Don’t wait until the last minute.

Of all the mistakes we’ve seen brides make when picking out a wedding cake, this one if the more disastrous of them all. And it’s also the most crucial element for insuring that you’re really, really enchanted with your wedding cake. Why’s that? Well, if you don’t start early, it’s likely that you won’t be able to book the baker that you have your heart set on. From there, you’re rushed when it comes to design selection and available ingredients (it often takes time for special fillings and favors to be delivered to your cake maker). Then, on top of it all, you really won’t have time to establish a backup plan if what you really want for your day doesn’t work with your budget. So as you can see, the waiting until the last minute to hire a baker and make decision is a BIG no no if you want to love your wedding cake.


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~Blog contributed by Audra Jones