With most planning couples we work with, there comes a time where there’s a bit of fear—fear that you might be doing “it” wrong…fear that you’ve chosen the wrong style gown, that the centerpieces may not be the right fit, or that the menu you’ve selected should be more formal/less formal/more hors d’oeuvres/less hors d’oeuvres—the list goes on and on.

In our most recent tasting appointment with one of our brides, “Sally” was nervous and was left wondering: what if the tasting-station menu she’s been imagining wasn’t enough for the guests to feel full? What if her future in-laws didn’t like the already-chosen-and-deposited venue? What if the open-seating floor plan arrangement wasn’t accommodating? Sure enough, all of these items made it into the discussion during the tasting and the tour of the venue.


Mmmm! Sampling Tasty Treats.

Mmmm! Sampling Tasty Treats.



Tasty! Sally's Idea Of A Pot Roast Upon Hand Mashed Potatoes Served In A Sundae Glass.

Tasty! Sally’s Idea Of A Pot Roast Upon Hand Mashed Potatoes Served In A Sundae Glass.

But the most common fear I hear from our brides, is that the wedding won’t be the epitome of what they envision in their mind. Despite many books, posts and well-meaning family members who recite “don’t let the true meaning of marriage overshadow the wedding planning”, when there are so many design tasks and logistics to tackle, the fear of wedding planning is inevitable.

Sally Weighing Options In The Dining Area

Sally Weighing Options In The Dining Area

Just as there is no perfect marriage, no two couples plan the same way, and there is no “right” way to plan a wedding—just what works for you. We’ve had one bride who was a newly-promoted school principal who knew the minute she was engaged, that she wouldn’t have a single moment of time to do any of the research, so we did all the legwork for her. We met one bride at a bridal fair who hired us on the spot because she realized she’s a procrastinator (and confided to us that college was stressful because it was full of all-nighters and last minute term papers), so our customized planning timeline and budget sheets were a God-send, which decreased the fear of wedding planning.

Fear Of Wedding Planning Solution: Down The Aisle’s Budget Worksheet


With Mother Nature and People (guests) both playing the unpredictability card at your wedding, it’s best to take the approach that you will not be able to be in control of everything, and this means that not everything may go perfectly; however, nothing trumps preparation, and with this list of top wedding planning tips from the area’s top wedding planners compiled from Liz of Makeup Artistry by Liz—one of our favorite make-up artists—you’ll be rest assured that the fear of planning planning will be minimized.

Overwhelmed with your wedding planning? Have no idea where to get started or how to create that “wow” factor? Down The Aisle can help! What separates us from others is that we have a realistic, systematic approach to creating a customized wedding that’s centered around the joy that brought the two of you together—because of this, our brides experience a stress-free wedding planning experience, which allows them to let loose and relax on the day of. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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