For weeks, the buzz has been all about the new, bold and modern cinemagraphic take on the classic American novel, The Great Gatsby. Since the first whisper of the movie’s production, the wedding world has gone wild with fantastic ideas and inspiration for Gatsby themed wedding décor, and it’s easy to say that we’ve caught a little bit of the Gatsby fever. Gatsby themed style shoots are everywhere and brides across the county are falling in love with the unique headpieces, the slim silhouettes of the gowns, and the all around glamour of a 20s inspired wedding. All the décor and excitement is a breath of fresh air, but today we are swooning over the retro, art deco inspired cakes that this new trend has brought our way.

Gatsby Themed Wedding Decor: The Wedding Cake

Of course, an ultra 20s inspired wedding of flash and pomp may not be for you, but there are so many ways to take elements of this very versatile look and make it completely yours by incorporating modern and unique twists. This is exactly what brides are doing everywhere, but the newest 20s inspired cakes are what really stand out as combining the best of modern techniques and roaring 20s edge.

To see what we mean, check out our top five picks for this week. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with these Gatsby themed wedding decor fabulous cakes.

Cake 2

via Yummy Cupcakes & Cakes

This cake is fun because it doesn’t instantly make you think of Gatsby themed wedding decor, but has elements that speak to the age. The square shape and the geometric pattern are edgy and show that glamour can be subtle.

Cake 3 Consumed by Cake

via Consumed by Cake

Vibrant gold palettes are most often associated with the 20s era, but this cake stands out in silver. We can’t get enough of the pearl and diamond details!

Cake 4

Brittany Nicole Photography via Style Me Pretty

 This cake speaks the time without over the top flash and details. The great textures and the pop of color show that a cake can be glamorous without sparkle.

Cake 5

via Style Sweet CA

Details, details, details in this Gatsby themed wedding decor! We can’t get enough of the fabulous details of this 20s inspired cake. From the peals to the feathers and geometric shapes, this cake embodied the era with great color and character.

For more ways to pull together your Gatsby themed wedding decor, contact us today! We’ll chat solutions free of charge!

~Blog contributed by Audra Jones

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