We’re not shy to admit we offer great service… But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our past clients are saying:


“Our Stress Level Went Away A Week After Calling, It Saved Our Marriage!”

“Hiring Down The Aisle helped in every single aspect, it was absolutely incredible! Chris and the team set everything up at the venue for us, and made sure everything was on schedule–I didn’t have to worry about A THING! If anyone is feeling overwhelmed about 1 month before the wedding, and don’t know how to deal with anything anymore, you have to call…because our stress went away, in like, a week of calling. We’d recommend them 110% for day of coordination, it saved our marriage!”

~Dr. and Dr. Brandsdorfer


” Chris and Jaime are the perfect combination of calm, patience, confidence and execution—if you want a calm day, we’d confidently recommend Down the Aisle!”

View More: http://gallery.pass.us/andy-and-jill“We cannot thank Down the Aisle enough! My parents, husband and I hired them about a year and a half prior to our wedding for full-day service and boy, are they worth their weight in gold! Chris and Jaime are true professionals, and helped us to narrow down vendors, create a budget and help us zero-in on exactly what WE wanted. In today’s world of social media, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds because there are so many options, that deciding on a choice is not easy. The more we worked with Chris and Jaime, the more thankful we became. You truly do not foresee the little details, and minutiae that have the potential to be absolutely painstaking to deal with, especially as an out-of-state, full-time working couple! When we compared notes after they joined us at vendor meetings, we realized we missed so much info! They kept us organized and on track throughout the whole process, but also on the day of the wedding. They were even prepared with umbrellas in the event of rain and created a “plan B” if we did not have sun. Their timeline ensured everyone was where they needed to be. This was a huge weight off our shoulders because we both have big families, and we were able to enjoy the day while they took care of rounding everyone up for photos, and made sure my grandfather was handling the heat okay. It is an understatement to say we couldn’t have done it without them.  Chris and Jaime are the perfect combination of calm, patience, confidence and execution—if you want a calm day, we’d confidently recommend Down the Aisle. Because of them, our wedding will always be a beautiful and blissfully happy day.”

~Jill and Andy

“Even just creating the timeline is hard enough. Most people will probably be going through all this stuff for the first time, not knowing or thinking of tracking the little things”

day of coordination“Before hiring Down The Aisle, we were struggling with figuring out the logistics of the day and then who would follow through with what. Even though there was an event manager at the venue location, hiring month-of coordination was able to help with all the other factors involved prior to the actual day of the wedding. The benefits of working with Chris and Jaime was having the reassurance that things would go as planned from the start, and that we had a point person to help figure things out if help was needed. Even just creating the timeline is hard enough. Most people will probably be going through all this stuff for the first time, not knowing or thinking of tracking the little things. Chris and Jaime were there to solve any little things, and they do come up (our church last minute did not approve of a song choice we had selected for the ceremony, and they figured it out and surprised us so we could hear it as we exited the church instead). We had such a wonderful time, and they made everything run smoothly!”
~Lauren & Milan

“Without her, I doubt we ever would have figured out all of the logistics for the day of, or some last minute fixes that we never anticipated”

Kadian & Jake (2)“Christine and her team were indispensable in helping us bring to life our wedding just as we imagined it. From day one she helped us understand what her team could take off our plate, and started helping us progress the process in a quick yet smart way. She worked within our budget needs, and explained why it was so important to have a day of coordinator, which at the time we were on the fence about. Without her I doubt we ever would have figured out all of the logistics for the day of, or some last minute fixes that we never anticipated (like getting our chuppah to stand up right!). Her advice and suggestions were great and only improved the overall experience. She also had a great eye for details, taking what was a very intricate set-up and executing it perfectly. Her and her team were just the right mix of supportive and friendly while also focused on making sure things were on time and running smoothly at The Interlaken Inn. In a sea of swirl and craziness, she was the calm that let us focus on enjoying our day instead of worrying about what was happening and if it would all turn out right.”

~Kadian & Jake

“I was set on day-of only services but after meeting with Christine, I knew that I wanted her expertise to handle my entire wedding”

Relaxed“When I first met with Christine I was set on day-of only services.  After meeting with her, I knew that I wanted her and her expertise to handle my entire wedding with her full-service package.  Christine took what I had envisioned and made it a reality.  Christine gave me options from caterers, bakeries, music, florists to makeup/hair and venues.  Her unique and creative ideas for our day were inspirational.  Once our vendors were chosen, we didn’t have to worry about a thing.  Christine coordinated everything reviewing the contracts, giving us a timeline of payments due, managing our budget, and making sure everything was perfect.  Without expecting it, she even packed and brought all of our wedding gifts to our hotel room at the end of the wedding night. Being a working woman, as most of us are, the stress of planning a wedding can be overwhelming along with our daily lives.  By working with Down The Aisle that stress was removed.  Our wedding day was perfect thanks to her and her team so that I could relax and totally enjoy my day.  She put together the wedding that I dreamed of and she made my vision come true.”

~Cheryl & Dave J.

“She made my daughter’s day perfect, which meant no stress for me!”

“We had the pleasure of hiring Daniela in the planning of my daughters’s wedding and shower events. Franklinblog13  She is professional, creative, attention to detail and flexible. The wedding day, which can be stressful, chaotic, and overwhelming, actually was very calm and smooth. Daniela was overseeing all of the behind the scenes events.  She was available for everything and anything we may have needed through out the planning process, and made my daughter’s day perfect, which meant no stress for me! I would HIGHLY recommend Daniela to you if you are in need of an excellent and competent event planner!”

~Mrs. Giuliana Niro

“The weeks leading up to the wedding were so stress free and they took over all the communication between vendors so I could just sit back and relax.”

“I met Christine a year and a half before my wedding. I had all the vendors booked, but because my place was not all inclusive, I needed someone to coordinate everything the day of so I didn’t have to worry. The moment I saw Christine in the coffee shop, with her black tablecloth and candle, I knew I wanted to work with her. Although her services didn’t begin until 3 months before the wedding, she was constantly sending us thoughtful cards in the mail – after our first meeting, on the day of our one year countdown and even during the holiday. Christine listened to every crazy idea we had and if the idea wasn’t going to work or needed tweaking, Christine was there to offer her professional opinion. The weeks leading up to the wedding were so stress free thanks to her. She took over all the communication between vendors so I could just sit back and relax. She was even so patient when I goofed and we had to make some very last minute adjustments! There were also so many small details that we would of overlooked if it wasn’t for her. The day of was flawless! Christine and her assistant were so amazing. They were professional, they were on top of everything making sure we kept to our timeline and most importantly, they were not intrusive. If something went wrong, we didn’t know about it! If we needed something, they were there to get it. They both took care of everything so we could savor every moment of our day. If it was not for Christine, I don’t know what I would of done. My wedding was amazing because of her. My husband and I will always be so grateful for all her hard work.”

~Robin & Paul W.

“At first we wondered if we should spend the extra money on hiring a Day-Of Coordinator…”

257We would like to say thank you to Christine and Emily for making our wedding day one to remember! At first Kim and I wondered if we should spend the extra money hiring a day of coordinator, but we decided to and it paid dividends. Christine and Emily were very thorough in obtaining all if the pertinent information from all of the vendors and made sure everything was in place. Down the Aisle was there with us every step of the way to ensure that our wedding day was special. Kim and I would recommend using Down the Aisle for your wedding needs! We could not imagine how our day would have turned out without them. Christine and Emily brought up things that Kim and I did not even think of which in turn gave us the kind of comfort we needed to ensure that our day went as planned. Thanks again Down the Aisle!”

~Kim & Kirby B.

“Christine took care of our worries before we even had time to worry about them!”

Melissa Mario Sitting“We could not be happier with our experience with Down The Aisle. Although I’m a carefully detailed (read: anal) person and could handle all the planning on my own, I knew that I would want someone there on the day to be sure it all ran smoothly. I loved the personalized attention Christine gave us, she stayed with me and my bridal party throughout the day, making sure our timeline was adhered to, that the photos we wanted were taken, while an assistant handled the set up and the other professionals. Christine took care of our worries, before we even had time to worry about them. Thank you again for making our day completely stress free, and I’d definitely recommend your services to anyone who needs a day of coordinator!”

~Melissa & Mario R.

“I was SO calm, completely at ease…I pictured it a certain way, and it was better!”

“It was absolutely amazing, all of our guests raved about everything all night. It’s all I heard, was how ‘wonderful’ everything was. I pictured it a certain way, and it was even better! I was so calm, I felt completely at ease knowing everything would be taken care of behind the scenes and I wouldn’t need to know about it. If someone’s on the fence about hiring a day-of coordinator or wedding planner, I would strongly suggest it—I don’t think my mother knows what she didn’t do that day; I was glad to see her dancing and hanging-out with friends, not worrying about wrapping up at the end of the night.”

~Kara & Andrew D.

“You did a great job! 222 people were complimenting me all night…”

“My daughter got married today, and it was wonderful! I’ve been listening to 222 people complimenting me on everything. Everyone really enjoyed the whole event. I appreciate Down The Aisle—you did a great job and I would recommend them to Anyone! Thank you for making it a great event”.

~Mr. Dolan, Father of the Bride

“It was the best day of our lives…A Day-Of Coordinator is essential—it took away the stress!”

“Everything from start to finish was wonderful—in getting everything set up. And it was great to have everyone take our vision and completely execute it perfectly. It’s essential, even if you want to do so much of it yourself, and put your own personal touches on it, it’s so key to have a day-of coordinator to oversee everything and be in communication with your vendors. It took away the stress, we didn’t have to think of anything, and we knew our guests were in good hands and having a good time. We definitely would recommend Down the Aisle!”

~Megan & Michael A.

“The entire day was stress free…from the set up, to the end.”

“Before hiring Down the Aisle, we struggled with knowing if we were doing everything that we needed to do. Whether it was meetings, emails, or by phone Christine was always available to answer our questions; knowing we could get a quick and experienced answer put our mind at ease. Some of our vendors were not so clear on arrival times and getting their insurance information to the venue. Christine helped coordinate the vendors’ arrival and made a detailed timeline out that was easy for everyone to follow. She made calls on our behalf which saved us lots of time and energy in the last few days leading up to the wedding. It were the small details, like placement of the favors, flowers, gifts, sign in books, restroom baskets, not having to worry about our guests wondering around lost or the ceremony props being in the right spot…everything was done without us having to worry about it. We could literally just show up, get dressed, and get married. People have asked us how did the wedding day go? We’d answer—and without hesitation—our wedding day was smooth, not a beat was lost. The entire day was stress free, from the set up to the end. And we wonder can it be this perfect? Our answer is yes and it was, when you have people like Christine and her team who really care about your day and who are there to help.”

~ Jennifer & Brian H.

“You were all so wonderful to work with, so considerate of what WE wanted!”

Kissing“It’s been a beautiful journey, having you here by my side to keep me SANE! You know how Seth was skeptical at first about involving a wedding planner, but in the end we both felt it was the best decision (Seth was the one who noticed that you put all the last minute touches just as we discussed at our final session!) You were all wonderful to work with, so considerate of what we wanted. And always responded so promptly to our questions, taking the time to explain things thoroughly to us. We are both so excited that our day was beyond our expectations, and it’s all thanks to you and your talents! Thanks again, Chris!”

~Jenna and Seth P.

“Our day wouldn’t have turned out as perfect as it did without Christine…”

Stephanie & Phil“Christine is absolutely incredible! I was completely lost when it came to planning my wedding because my now husband is in the military and was away for long-term training throughout most of the planning process. Christine jumped right in literally from start to finish, and gave us the help and support that we needed to make our day absolutely perfect. With the full-service package, she helped us plan for about 10 months, and was also our day-of coordinator, and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better! With late night e-mails, phone calls, venue appointments, and tons of great advice, Christine was there through it all, and we could always count on her if we had any questions or problems that popped up, or if we just needed some guidance. The amount of time and effort she puts into really understanding and researching what you want for your wedding is incredible, and it really makes for a very personal experience. Christine was invaluable to us, our day definitely wouldn’t have turned out as perfect as it did without her!”

~ Stephanie & Phil P.

“Before deciding on a coordinator, I was trying to do everything myself…”

Jessica R“Before deciding on getting a day-of coordinator, I had so many questions on how things should go and in what order and I was trying to do everything myself with my Mom’s help. I was overwhelmed and needed someone to keep me grounded and organized. You offered peace of mind, helped me relax. I could count on you to vent to, to cry to and who could give me professional advice—not advice from family who put their own interests into play. My mind was everywhere, and having you with me to attend my final meeting was a relief. With your help, I had my dream wedding, to me everything came out perfect, and I did not get stressed out one bit the day of!”

~Jessica R.

“I didn’t have to worry about anything!…”

Karen & Kevin“We received many compliments on the décor and flowers. I didn’t have to worry about anything the day of the wedding. Everything was taken care of and where it was supposed to be. Your dedication to making sure our wedding was flawless is greatly appreciated.”

~ Karen M.

“We were able to trust that everything was ok on the day-of…”

Jenn & Travis M“For one of the most important days of our lives we couldn’t have chosen a better person the help take the burden of organization and planning than Christine. She allowed for our wedding to proceed with smoothness and ease. Christine took on the challenge with grace, which allowed us to enjoy the moment and not have to worry. Her skills and ideas for our wedding came with great compliments from our friends and family. With the stress that leads up to any wedding, we were able to trust that everything was ok on the day of. Christine proved to be a vital tool in allowing us to have a picture perfect wedding and enjoy those memories for the rest of our lives. Thank you Christine!”

~ Jenn & Travis M.

“Christine and her team bring professionalism, fun and an artistic vision to every wedding…”

Eric Foley“Working with Christine and Down The Aisle is always a great pleasure. Christine and her team bring professionalism, fun and an artistic vision to every wedding they get their hands on. As a photographer, having someone like Christine on site for the event always makes our job that much easier. Your wedding shouldn’t be stressful, it should be the most joyous time of your new lives. If you’re working with Christine and the team at Down The Aisle, your wedding will be just that too!”

~Eric Foley, Owner of Eric Foley Photography

“Christine loves what she does, and is great at it…”

Wedding Reception“We are the managers at The Lily Lake in Wolcott, CT and wanted to take the time to praise Christine on a wonderful job with Jenn and Travis’ wedding. As the on-site coordinators for a wedding venue, we find it sometimes difficult working with hired wedding planners because of job duties/descriptions being crossed by both of us and the facility policies. That being said, Christine was a lot of fun and a great relief! Jenn had lots of beautiful ideas that we could not have pulled together without Christine’s dilligence, imagination, and hard work. She truly loves what she does and is great at it. We would recommend her to any bride for help on her wedding day!”

~Heather, Tricia, and Chris

“We had a tight budget that we needed to stay within…”

Jenn D“My Husband and I were married in April 2011 in Florida. Christine couldn’t have been a better planner, she was so helpful and organized. We had a tight budget that we needed to stay within and she helped us maintain our budget. She designed our DIY invitations and not only were they affordable, but they came out great. We wanted the Tropical theme and she did just that. My Husband also wanted to write his own vows and with Christine’s help, they were so heartfelt. I was in awe that day and he had all the guests in tears! Christine helped make our day special from the first day of planning to the actual day of the wedding. I would recommend her to everyone, especially those on a budget. Thanks again Chris!”

~Jenn D.

“All the little details truly made our day special…”

Jana H“We are incredibly grateful for everything Chris did to help us plan our New Year’s Eve wedding. We didn’t want anything ‘over the top’ but a very simple, personal wedding that reflected who we were. Chris really listened to us and understood what we wanted. All the little details that I never would have thought of truly made our day special. We felt so comfortable and relaxed with Chris, that we were actually able to enjoy the day. Her creativity, vision and resourcefulness were priceless assets that made the entire process exciting and stress free but most of all, as a small business owner, I’m grateful that we were able to stay within budget but yet have everything that was important to us. Thank you, Chris, for such a memorable, perfect day!”

~Jana H.

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