Registering is often times one of the things a newly engaged couple looks forward to the most! This may be your only time to get everything you’ve ever wanted, so you want to make sure you get it right. Currently I’m interning with Down The Aisle as a social media and marketing intern, but I’ve been a bridal registry consultant for over three years now (at Bed, Bath, & Beyond) so I’ve learned a thing or two about the process.

I’m here to share the top 5 bridal registry tips every bride should know:

Stefani As A Bridal Registry Consultant For Bed Bath & Beyond

Stefani As A Bridal Registry Consultant For Bed Bath & Beyond

1. Make an Appointment

While appointments are not required, it is only beneficial for you and your consultant if you make one – especially if you’re coming in on the weekend when it’s the busiest! This way, a consultant in the store will be prepared for you. When couples don’t make appointments, there is a good chance that the consultants on staff that day could be with another customer, meaning you might need to wait.

2. Be Open With Your Consultant

We are here for one reason, and that is to help you and make your wedding planning process less stressful! Therefore, it helps us when you are open and share things about your life: your background, if you currently live together, what your goals are for your registry, etc. That way, we get to know you more and are able to build a trusting relationship. It also enables us to better share our expertise on products we think you may need, and to give recommendations.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Register for Expensive Things

If there is one thing I always tell my couples, it’s to register for the things you have always wanted! This is your special day, and likely the only time you are going to do this, so don’t be afraid to put something on your registry because it has a higher price point. Your wedding guests want to buy you nice things, and often people come together to buy a more expensive gift. So go ahead – scan that top of the line $600 AllClad cookware set, or that gorgeous $150 Riedel wine glass set!

4. Get your Future Hubby Involved

It is very beneficial for a groom to be there for this process as well. Of course I have seen grooms come in who are just as excited as their brides, but I’ve also seen the other end of it – isn’t enthused at all and has no opinions on what to register for. As a bride, you are going to be sharing all the gifts you receive with your soon to be husband, so it’s important he likes them too! Encourage him to come, even if only for a little. He gets tired after you’re only in the store for 30 minutes? No problem – make an appointment to come back and bring your maid of honor or Mom to finish up!

5. Have Fun!

Who doesn’t want to go around and scan everything they have ever wanted, so that others can buy these gifts for you?! No one I know. Have fun with this! It shouldn’t be a strenuous process. Going a little scan crazy? You can always go online and delete excess items or add new things you may have missed. This also isn’t a process to complete in one day. It can be overwhelming, so you can come in to add things as many times as you like!
Interested in learning more or need help with your planning? Let us know – we’ve got your covered!

~Stefani Sholtis, Social Media & Marketing InternStefani signature


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