Mason jars as wedding decor is a popular trend among brides. They are most desired among brides who love the rustic wedding themes and new vintage themes which also seem to be trending.

Here are a few top ways to incorporate mason jars in your wedding:

Photo by Sara Kelly Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)


  • Mason Jars can be a fun DIY project you can work on with your bridesmaids, or family members. Mason jars are a great way to save, as they can be picked up at local craft stores, or online in bulk.
  • They can add a little bit of creativity to your wedding. It’s amazing how many ways mason jars can be used for beautiful decor at your wedding!
  • Use them at your ceremony or your reception, or both. They can be used at your ceremony or reception to light the aisle or room with candles, or to decorate the aisle or tables with flowers on fish hooks or hanging from ribbon.
  • The most obvious choice is to use them as a vase, especially at the end of the aisle. But they work great for candles or for straws.
    Top Ways To Incorporate Mason Jars In Your Wedding

    Photo Credit: Gwendolyn Pellegrino Photography



Mason jars as wedding decor provide countless options for every couple. Down The Aisle has endless suggestions on our Pinterest board, check them out!  


~Submitted by Emily Wagner, Intern/Assistant Coordinator




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