The reality, here, is that I love weddings. I do (no pun intended). But boy, I thought parenting was tough—whew!—but being a wedding planner may just be more challenging, even Forbes agrees, as they listed “Event Planner” as #8 in their Top 10 Most Stressful Careers of 2015.
I’m sure I’m in the minority when I announce “I love my job”, but where else could I assign my Type A mindset to a 24/7 (no 9-5 day here!) job? Being in the wedding planning industry means that I apply my highly conscientious, goal-oriented personality to each and every couple’s wedding, i.e., counting each chair at each event to ensure each table has the right allotted chairs for each guest, and that there’s enough silverware, glasses etc. per guest (I’m also that parent who made another whole batch of made-from-scratch muffins just so there was one more  to bring for the teacher, too).  I’m sure I annoy others from time-to-time with my Type A tendencies, but at least in the workplace, others know they can put their trust in me to get things done, and that I’m determined in achieving outcomes.

Photo Credit: London Wedding Planning

Photo Credit: London Wedding Planning

So  believe me, I definitely am the type who loves to delve deep with my couples, when we’re getting into the planning and bringing the vision to life. But even from my perfectionistic mindset, do you want to know the REAL stress behind the wedding planning? It’s thinking that EVERYTHING in planning the wedding is important.

These days, there’s a lot of decisions that go into the wedding planning process, but I hope you’re in agreement with me when I say that it’ll be irrelevant in five years, to recall what shade of ribbon your mother-in-law wore in her wristlet, whether you served salmon instead of shrimp cocktail for an entree, or whether your bridesmaids join the groomsmen arm-in-arm down the aisle or just go solo (all true story “worries). If you haven’t gone through the wedding planning before, everything you read, see on Pinterest, or hear from friends seems attainable and once again, important. I’m here to remind you that it’s not. Believe me when I say, paying an extra hour to extend your reception so you’ll have more time to mingle and dance with your guests is well worth your investment than paying for a luxury-vintage headpiece that you may wear for four hours.

So when you’re up in the wee hours of the morning wondering about where to have the cocktail hour, or if the exotic flowers you have in mind are in-season, delegate the worrying to us, we’ll help get you started in all the “true” important areas of you day!

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