Weddings that give back allows the couple to feel that although they are having a whole day dedicated towards them, they can also give back at the same time. Being charitable in some way on your special day is simple and easily attainable. There are many unique ways to give back.

Weddings that give back will make couples feel even more amazing on their wedding day. With these simple, affordable ideas, you can contribute to a worthy charitable cause on your big day.

Reuse Your Flowers

Call a local nursing home or hospital and ask if you can donate your reception flowers after the big day. Appoint your wedding consultant, trusted friend or family member to transport the flowers and spread some cheer.

Reuse your flowers

Charitable Favors 

Select favors that have a purpose. Represent a charitable organization with a ribbon on your favors or dedicate your favors to a worthy organization. Another great idea is instead of doing favors, donate that money to an organization and say so on a card in lieu of the favors at each place setting.

Create Care Packages

Gift baskets are popular in bathrooms for out of town guests, or in each restroom that will be used at the reception. But what do you do with the unused leftover remains? Consider making some extras for troops overseas–they usually are in need of the same types of things, and would greatly appreciate receiving them.

Charitable Shoes

Some shoe companies offer more than just a pair of shoes for you. For example, TOMS is an organization which for each pair of TOMS that are purchased, a pair are donated to a child in need of shoes in over 50 countries worldwide. So grab some charitable shoes for you and your bridesmaids…and even for the groom and groomsmen!

Volunteer Vacations

Consider spending your honeymoon volunteering for a charitable project or organization. Volunteering for your honeymoon doesn’t have to be completely selfless and it may offer a great experience for all newlyweds. Another plus is volunteer vacations often allow for the couple to see more of the destination and culture through different types of experiences.

Weddings that give back provide opportunity for the couple to come together on something they truly both believe in. It also gives couples something to feel good about on or near their special day.

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